My 5 Top Rated Pickleball Paddles – Comparison & Reviews

Holbrook SoHo Ideal for both beginners and experienced players seeking a budget-friendly, versatile, and stylish pickleball paddle.

Affordable Excellence

Lightweight Control

Stylish Aesthetics

Tactile Grip

Versatile Performance
Short Handle
Limited Brand Recognition

Comparatively Unknown
Single-Session Impressions

Handle Size
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 HEAD Radical Elite Composite  Ideal for novice pickleball players looking for a balanced paddle offering both power and control.

Ideal for Beginners

Lightweight Design

Comfortable Grip

Value for Money

Consistent Performance
Limited Control
Questionable Value

Not for Advanced Players
Minimal Technological Advancements

Brand Premium
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 Brooklyn Pickleball Co  Beginners looking for an affordable, lightweight paddle with a focus on control and aesthetics.
Affordable Entry-Level Option

Aesthetic Appeal

Lightweight & Maneuverable

Comfortable Grip

Decent Ball Control
Lack of Spin
Limited Power

Durability Concerns
Thin Grip

Slippery Grip
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 JOOLA Essentials  Ideal for budget-conscious beginners and intermediate pickleball players.
Great Value

Durable Build

Convenient Carry Case

Comfortable Grip

Sleek Design
Inconsistent Quality
Limited Power

Small Grip
Handle Length

Mixed Feedback
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 Franklin Sports Pro – Signature Series Pro  Casual and beginner players seeking affordability and improved control.
Affordable Entry Level

Excellent Grip Texture

Lightweight and Maneuverable

Comfortable Handle

Extended Length Option
Durability Concerns
Handle Breakage

Limited Advanced Features
Grip Size Limitation

Varied Longevity
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Holbrook SoHo

Best for: Ideal for both beginners and experienced players seeking a budget-friendly, versatile, and stylish pickleball paddle.

Affordable Excellence: High-quality paddle under $100, offering fantastic value for both beginners and advanced players.
Lightweight Control: Lightweight design with precision control, suitable for players looking to improve their game.
Stylish Aesthetics: Eye-catching design and graphics add a touch of sophistication to your gameplay.
Tactile Grip: Textured surface and ergonomic grip for enhanced confidence and control during matches.
Versatile Performance: Balances touch for soft game and speed for hard shots, catering to a wide skill range.
Short Handle: Handle may feel slightly short for those with larger hands, potentially impacting comfort.
Limited Brand Recognition: Holbrook is relatively unknown, raising concerns about long-term durability and brand reputation.
Comparatively Unknown: In a market with well-established brands, some may hesitate due to the paddle’s relative obscurity.
Single-Session Impressions: A few users praised it after only one game; more extended use could reveal different results.
Handle Size: Short handle may not accommodate players with large hands comfortably.


The Holbrook pickleball paddle has quickly become a crowd favorite among both beginners and seasoned players alike. With a price point under $100, it’s evident that the affordability does not compromise quality. Many customers were initially swayed by the glowing reviews, and they did not regret their choice.

The paddle’s standout feature is its lightweight design, offering excellent control while still accommodating those who prefer a more powerful swing. Its ability to take some power off shots and allow for subtle spin adjustments has greatly impressed players. The textured surface across the entire paddle face ensures a consistent ball contact for precision shots.

The aesthetic appeal of the Holbrook paddle hasn’t gone unnoticed. The stylish design stands out among the competition, making it as visually appealing as it is functional. The paddle’s grip has earned high praise, providing a tactile feel that enhances players’ confidence and control during games.

Buyers have also appreciated the paddle’s versatility, as it performs admirably in both soft and hard game situations. The balance between touch and speed makes it an ideal choice for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re new to pickleball or a seasoned enthusiast, the Holbrook paddle strikes a perfect middle ground, enhancing your gameplay without breaking the bank.

Overall, the consensus from buyers is clear – Holbrook has delivered a high-quality, stylish, and affordable pickleball paddle that has exceeded expectations. Its excellent design, control, and performance make it a standout choice in the market, prompting many customers to invest in multiple paddles. If you’re in search of the best pickleball paddle, according to satisfied users, the Holbrook paddle is the one to get.

HEAD Radical Elite Composite

Best for: Ideal for novice pickleball players looking for a balanced paddle offering both power and control.

Ideal for Beginners: Perfect for new players seeking a balanced mix of power and control.
Lightweight Design: Easy to maneuver for quick reactions and reduced fatigue during play.
Comfortable Grip: The paddle’s handle offers a secure and comfortable hold for extended gameplay.
Value for Money: A cost-effective entry-level option for those exploring the sport.
Consistent Performance: Provides a reliable and consistent performance, especially for learners.
Limited Control: Some users may find its control lacking due to a smooth surface and small sweet spot.
Questionable Value: Pricier compared to basic paddles, raising concerns about price-to-quality ratio.
Not for Advanced Players: Experienced players may outgrow its capabilities and seek higher-end options.
Minimal Technological Advancements: Lacks advanced materials seen in other sports equipment, potentially limiting performance improvements.
Brand Premium: A portion of the cost may be attributed to the brand name rather than unique features.


Based on the reviews of verified buyers, the HEAD Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle seems to have generated a mixed response among users. While some customers were satisfied with their purchase, others expressed reservations about the paddle’s performance and value for money.

Several customers found this paddle to be a suitable choice for beginners. It offers a decent combination of lightweight design and a comfortable grip. These users appreciated the consistent results they achieved with this paddle, with enough power for their shots without compromising control. The paddle appeared to have a good “sweet spot,” making it ideal for those new to the game.

However, not all buyers shared this positive sentiment. Some users noted that the paddle might not provide the best control, with a surface they found too smooth and a relatively small sweet spot. They felt that the cost might be more reflective of the brand name rather than the quality of the product. They suggested that beginners could start with a more budget-friendly paddle and upgrade later when their skills improved.

On the other hand, there were those who couldn’t discern a significant difference between this paddle and cheaper alternatives. They pointed out that pickleball paddles are not as technologically advanced as some other sports equipment, emphasizing that they are essentially “glorified pieces of wood” without the advanced materials found in tennis racquets or table tennis paddles.

In summary, the HEAD Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle seems to serve as a suitable entry-level option for beginners, offering a mix of power and control. However, some users questioned its value and performance compared to cheaper alternatives. Ultimately, the choice to purchase this paddle might depend on one’s specific needs and expectations in the world of pickleball.

Brooklyn Pickleball Co

Best for: Beginners looking for an affordable, lightweight paddle with a focus on control and aesthetics.

Affordable Entry-Level Option: Ideal for beginners on a budget seeking a basic paddle.
Aesthetic Appeal: Stylish design with compliments from fellow players.
Lightweight & Maneuverable: Easy to handle, especially for newcomers to pickleball.
Comfortable Grip: Soft grip offers a pleasant and secure hold.
Decent Ball Control: Suitable for those prioritizing control and finesse in their game.
Lack of Spin: Smooth face limits the ability to add spin to shots.
Limited Power: May require more effort for powerful shots, not for those seeking power.
Durability Concerns: Some users reported chipping and wear issues.
Thin Grip: Handle may be uncomfortable for players with larger hands.
Slippery Grip: Grip can become slippery during gameplay, affecting performance.


Based on the reviews from verified buyers, the Brooklyn Pickleball Co. paddle offers a mixed experience for users. Many buyers found it suitable for beginners, but there were also notable concerns. The paddle’s design received positive feedback, with some users appreciating the aesthetic appeal and the compliments it garnered on the court. However, the product’s performance seemed to vary among users.

For beginners, this paddle appears to be a viable option, offering a lightweight build and a comfortable grip. It is often regarded as a solid entry-level choice, especially when compared to wooden paddles. The paddle’s light weight and control make it easy to handle, providing an enjoyable experience for newcomers to the sport.

Despite the positive aspects, some buyers raised concerns about the paddle’s lack of texture on the face, which hinders the ability to add spin to the ball. The face’s smooth surface and the paddle’s lightweight nature may not be ideal for players seeking more power and spin in their shots. Additionally, a few users found the grip to be thin and slippery, potentially impacting their performance.

It’s worth noting that some buyers experienced durability issues, such as chipping on the paddle’s surface after minimal use. The paddle’s lack of “pop” or the need to swing harder to move the ball were concerns for others, suggesting that it may not meet the expectations of more experienced players.

Overall, the Brooklyn Pickleball Co. paddle appears to be a suitable choice for beginners and those on a budget, especially if they prioritize design and aesthetics. However, for players seeking greater spin and power, or those with specific grip preferences, there might be better options available at a slightly higher price point.

JOOLA Essentials

Best for: Ideal for budget-conscious beginners and intermediate pickleball players.

Great Value: Affordable and offers excellent quality for beginners and intermediates.
Durable Build: Can withstand regular use, making it a long-lasting investment.
Convenient Carry Case: Includes a handy bag for easy storage and portability.
Comfortable Grip: Provides a comfortable and sweat-resistant grip for extended play.
Sleek Design: Features an attractive, modern design that appeals to many users.
Inconsistent Quality: Some buyers received used or damaged paddles when expecting new ones.
Limited Power: Not ideal for those seeking a paddle with strong hitting power.
Small Grip: The grip size may be too small for users with larger hands.
Handle Length: The handle is shorter than preferred by taller players.
Mixed Feedback: Some users found the paddle challenging to control or adapt to initially.


Based on the reviews of verified buyers, it’s clear that this paddle and ball set is well-received by a range of players, making it a versatile choice for beginners and intermediates. The inclusion of a carrying case for easy storage is a notable convenience that helps keep everything organized and together.

For many, this set serves as an ideal starting point for pickleball enthusiasts. It offers a balanced mix of qualities that cater to different skill levels. While some users initially found the ball didn’t come off the paddle as fast as expected, they quickly adapted after a few matches. The paddle’s durability is praised, with some individuals using it consistently for several years without issues.

The lightweight design, sleek appearance, and comfortable grip make this paddle a popular choice among users. Some noted that the grip was slightly small for their preferences, but adding grip tape resolved the issue. Others appreciated the smaller size, finding it well-suited for their hands.

However, not all reviews were entirely positive. Some buyers received used paddles that were scratched and dirty, despite being advertised as new. Additionally, a few users found the paddle hard to hit with and mentioned the lack of “pop.”

The set’s inclusion of a bag with a hook is a welcomed feature for many, enhancing its overall value. On the other hand, a couple of customers reported not receiving the bag as advertised, which was a disappointment.

Despite the mixed feedback on grip size and paddle handling, the majority of reviews emphasize that this is an excellent choice for beginners and intermediate players. The affordability and quality of the paddle are highlighted, even when compared to more expensive options. However, it’s important to note that a few users experienced durability issues, with one mentioning that their paddle broke within six months of use.

In summary, this paddle and ball set seems to strike a balance between affordability and performance, making it a solid choice for newcomers to the sport of pickleball. The positive feedback from many satisfied buyers highlights its potential as a reliable and cost-effective option for a wide range of players.

Franklin Sports Pro – Signature Series Pro

Best for: Casual and beginner players seeking affordability and improved control.

Affordable Entry Level: Ideal for newcomers looking to step up from basic paddles.
Excellent Grip Texture: Provides better control and spin, enhancing play.
Lightweight and Maneuverable: Easy to handle, reducing player fatigue.
Comfortable Handle: Ergonomically designed for extended gameplay.
Extended Length Option: The 16mm grip suits larger-handed players.
Durability Concerns: Grip texture may wear out faster with frequent use.
Handle Breakage: Reports of handles breaking after extended play.
Limited Advanced Features: May not meet the demands of high-level competitive players.
Grip Size Limitation: The 13mm grip may not suit players with larger hands.
Varied Longevity: Longevity depends on play intensity and frequency.


The Franklin Pickleball Paddle has garnered a range of opinions from buyers, but there’s a consensus that it offers a notable improvement over cheaper alternatives. Many users appreciate the grit on the paddle face, finding it conducive for generating spin and enhancing their game. The lightweight and comfortable grip make it a favorite among those looking for a paddle that fits well within their hands.

While some individuals had reservations about the durability of the paddle, with a few reporting issues like the grit wearing off relatively quickly or the handle breaking after some use, it’s important to note that the paddle’s performance appears to be subject to the frequency and intensity of play. For those who played sporadically or are newer to the game, the paddle provided a notable boost in their skills.

The choice between the 13mm and 16mm grip size seems to hinge largely on one’s gender and size, with the former typically suiting most women and the latter catering well to men. Additionally, the paddle’s extended length was appreciated by some for its contribution to better digging and improved power in shots.

Overall, the Franklin Pickleball Paddle appears to offer a commendable option for those on a budget or just starting out in the sport. Its textured surface provides good spin, and its weight and grip have found favor among many users. However, some have voiced concerns about its long-term durability, indicating that it may not be the ideal choice for advanced or frequent players.

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