Oneshot Aero Infinityshot Graphite Pickleball Paddle review

The Oneshot Aero Infinityshot Graphite Pickleball Paddle presents an exciting addition to the world of pickleball equipment, boasting innovative features that promise an enhanced playing experience. At a price point of $220, this paddle certainly positions itself as a premium option. Delving into its specifications, it features a polypropylene core with a thickness of 14.5 millimeters, a 5.5-inch handle length, and a grip circumference measuring 4.25 inches. The textured graphite face adds an element of sophistication while the weight falls within the range of 7.9 to 8.2 ounces. A notable design element is the edgeless edge guard, infused with injected thermofoam to minimize vibrations and expand the sweet spot.

Upon the initial interaction with the paddle, one is immediately struck by the unusual texture of the surface. The reviewer compares it to the sensation of a nail file, indicating a remarkable level of grit. This tactile quality, combined with the paddle’s distinctive air vents on the sides, is intended to deliver heightened speed and maneuverability. The incorporation of thermofoam around the perimeter of the paddle not only aids in vibration reduction but also contributes to enlarging the sweet spot – a critical aspect in pickleball.

In terms of performance, the paddle showcases its prowess in various aspects. The review underscores the paddle’s affinity for spin, paralleling it to another renowned model but asserting that the Infinityshot might even outshine its predecessor. The ability to grip the paddle and generate a formidable spin while maintaining control is highlighted as a standout feature. This capability lends players the confidence to execute power shots while retaining precise control over placement. The observation is made that despite the emphasis on power, this paddle manages to encompass a commendable level of control, possibly surpassing similar power-oriented paddles on the market. This control-oriented attribute is especially beneficial for players who favor a softer approach to the game.

On the softer end of the spectrum, the Infinityshot exhibits its adaptability. The paddle’s responsiveness on softer shots grants players the assurance to execute nuanced techniques and angles. This capability adds a layer of versatility to one’s gameplay. Furthermore, the reviewer draws attention to the impressive top spin that can be achieved with this paddle, allowing players to put an aggressive yet calculated spin on their serves and drives. This heightened spin potential leads to the ball’s trajectory coming back down with a satisfying arc.

Addressing the power factor, the review maintains that the Infinityshot still retains an adequate amount of power. This observation aligns with the paddle’s design intent, where the balance between power and control appears to be effectively maintained. Despite its power, the reviewer appreciates the softer feel, which allows for greater finesse and touch when executing shots. The paddle’s ability to inject increased spin and power into drives and serves is perceived as a strategic advantage, offering players a larger margin for error without sacrificing the overall quality of their shots.

In conclusion, the Oneshot Aero Infinityshot Graphite Pickleball Paddle presents itself as a premium option catering to players who seek a blend of control and power, with an emphasis on spin. Its distinctive texture and air vents hint at innovation, which is indeed translated into an enhanced gameplay experience. The paddle’s remarkable spin capabilities, effective control, and the balance it strikes between power and finesse make it an appealing choice for players across various skill levels. Its versatility to accommodate both aggressive and softer shots further accentuates its value, positioning it as a paddle of choice for those aiming to elevate their pickleball performance.

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