Best Wooden Pickleball Paddles in 2023: Inexpensive and Durable Options

Pickleball Inc. Swinger Wood Ideal for budget-conscious beginners seeking versatile, durable pickleball paddles for recreational play.  Affordability and Value

Versatile User Base

Durable Build

Ease of Introduction

Responsive Ball Control

Positive Service Experience

Instructional Materials
Limited Advanced Features

Weight Consideration

Long-Term Investment
Specialized Needs

Potential Upgrade Desire
Lack of Aesthetics

Paddle-Specific Preferences
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 PickleballCentral Kanga Wood  Best for beginners and casual players seeking affordable, introductory pickleball fun with friends and family. Affordable Introduction

Comprehensive Package

Ease of Learning

Family and Group Fun

Exercise and Engagement

Lightweight and Comfortable

Starter Set Value
Durability Concerns

Limited Performance

Quality Variability
Serious Play Considerations

Size and Material Preferences
Potential Grips Issues

Longevity for Frequent Players
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 PickleballCentral Rally Meister Wood Novices seeking affordable family fun and recreational play experiences. Affordable Entry

Family Fun

Durable for Occasional Play

Ample Accessories

Social Play

Decent Beginner Set
Quality Concerns

Misleading Claims
Heavy Build

Limited Longevity
Size Variance

Subpar Grips
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 Pickleball Inc. Diller Wood Best for families and beginners seeking affordable, casual pickleball fun. Affordable Family Entertainment

Comfortable Grip and Wrist Straps

Beginner-Friendly Instructions

Convenient Outdoor Activity

Mixed-Experience Play
Quality Concerns

Limited Skill Progression
Potential Longevity Issues

Not for Professional Play
Inconsistent Component Quality

Lack of Included Accessories
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 Amazin’ Aces Wood  Best for beginners and casual players seeking an affordable introduction to pickleball. Affordable Introduction

Sturdy for Beginners

Great for Casual Play

Suitable for Kids

Decent Grip

Versatile for All Ages
Durability Concerns

Splintering Risk
Heavier Weight

Quality of Balls
Limited Performance

Inconsistent Quality
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Pickleball Inc. Swinger Wood

Ideal for budget-conscious beginners seeking versatile, durable pickleball paddles for recreational play.

Affordability and Value: The product offers a budget-friendly option for those looking to explore the game of pickleball without making a substantial financial commitment upfront.
Versatile User Base: Catering to both beginners and more advanced players, these paddles accommodate a wide range of skill levels, making them a versatile choice for various playing scenarios.
Durable Build: The paddles’ sturdy construction ensures they can withstand the rigors of gameplay, making them suitable for frequent use and minimizing the need for early replacements.
Ease of Introduction: These paddles are well-received for introducing pickleball to newcomers, including children and seniors, due to their user-friendly design and approachable characteristics.
Responsive Ball Control: With their lightweight nature and impressive touch on the ball, the paddles provide an optimal learning experience for players refining their gameplay skills.
Positive Service Experience: Customers have praised the vendor, PickleballCentral, for its competitive pricing, convenient bundle options, and prompt delivery, enhancing the overall buying journey.
Instructional Materials: The inclusion of rules and tips within the package adds value to the purchase, aiding beginners in quickly grasping the essentials of the game.
Limited Advanced Features: While suitable for beginners and casual play, these paddles may not meet the demands of more experienced players seeking specialized features and performance.
Weight Consideration: Some users have noted that the paddles lean towards a slightly heavier side compared to higher-end options, potentially affecting prolonged gameplay comfort.
Long-Term Investment: For players certain about their commitment to pickleball and seeking top-tier equipment, these paddles might not provide the advanced features or durability necessary for sustained competitive play.
Specialized Needs: Individuals with specific preferences, such as particular grip sizes or paddle shapes, may find the standardized design of these paddles less tailored to their unique playing style.
Potential Upgrade Desire: As players become more adept and passionate about pickleball, they might find themselves wanting to invest in higher-quality paddles that offer enhanced performance and features.
Lack of Aesthetics: While functionality is paramount, some users might be deterred by the paddles’ plain design, especially if visual appeal is a significant factor in their purchasing decision.
Paddle-Specific Preferences: Certain players have established preferences for paddle brands or models they’ve used before, and these paddles may not align with those preferences.


The chosen pickleball equipment seems to be an excellent fit for a group of enthusiastic kids, providing them with an engaging way to enjoy the sport. The concern about potential collisions resulting in discomfort is acknowledged, given the spirited nature of the participants. It’s a common sentiment that the familiar adage “boys will be boys” aptly applies in such situations.

A standout attribute of this product is the positive experience customers have had with the vendor, PickleballCentral. Buyers have expressed satisfaction with the prices offered by PickleballCentral, especially when compared to other vendors in the market. The inclusion of free shipping has been highlighted as a particularly enticing aspect of the deal, enhancing its overall value. The vendor’s flexibility in bundling orders to maximize equipment within a budget demonstrates a customer-oriented approach that resonates well with buyers.

It’s evident that these paddles fulfill the needs of beginners looking to kickstart their pickleball journey. The swift delivery of the equipment has garnered praise, further enhancing the buying experience. Reviews suggest that the Swinger Paddle, in particular, serves as an ideal entry point for beginners, striking a balance between quality and cost-effectiveness. This sentiment is echoed by multiple customers who find the paddles to be well-suited for newcomers to the sport.

The product seems to have played a role in introducing pickleball to a mature community, gathering a sizable group of seniors for instruction and play. These paddles are considered a suitable starting point, with the potential for players to upgrade as they become more involved in the sport. The positive service experience, coupled with the paddles’ functionality, has left a favorable impression on customers who appreciate the product’s contribution to a successful initiation of the game.

The affordability of these paddles has drawn attention, particularly among those who were cautious about investing heavily in a sport they hadn’t tried before. The paddles’ durability and adaptability for both beginners and more advanced players are highlighted as major strengths. These reviews collectively recommend the product, reinforcing its value proposition as an affordable and reliable option.

The product’s utility in introducing pickleball to diverse age groups is underscored by its appeal to children aged 7 to 12. The well-presented description of the paddles has aided in generating excitement for the game among these younger players. Furthermore, the inclusion of instructional materials, such as rules and tips, has been noted as a practical and helpful addition to the package.

The consensus among reviewers is that these paddles serve their purpose well, whether for casual driveway games or structured programs for both youth and adults. The lightweight nature of the paddles and their favorable ball-handling qualities make them an ideal choice for newcomers to the sport. Customers appreciate the affordability and quality balance, considering them appropriate tools for gradually acquainting themselves with the intricacies of pickleball.

In summary, the product receives commendation for catering to various user groups, from children to seniors, and for efficiently fulfilling its role as an entry-level pickleball paddle. The positive vendor experience provided by PickleballCentral, coupled with the paddles’ affordability, durability, and functional attributes, contribute to a well-rounded product that resonates with customers seeking to enjoy the game without a significant upfront investment.

PickleballCentral Kanga Wood

Best for beginners and casual players seeking affordable, introductory pickleball fun with friends and family.

Affordable Introduction: The set offers an economical way to introduce individuals and families to the game of pickleball without a significant upfront investment.
Comprehensive Package: With included paddles, balls, and other essential components, the set provides everything needed to get started and enjoy a game right away.
Ease of Learning: The beginner-friendly nature of the paddles makes them ideal for newcomers, allowing for a smooth learning curve and quick adaptation to the sport.
Family and Group Fun: The availability of multiple paddles encourages group play, making it an excellent choice for gatherings, parties, and family activities.
Exercise and Engagement: The game promotes physical activity and can be a great way to keep children, seniors, and everyone in between engaged in an active and enjoyable pastime.
Lightweight and Comfortable: The lightweight design and comfortable grip of the paddles are particularly suitable for kids and beginners, ensuring hours of comfortable play.
Starter Set Value: As a starting point for those unfamiliar with pickleball, the set offers a valuable way to determine one’s interest in the sport before investing in higher-end equipment.
Durability Concerns: Some users report issues with the paddles’ durability, including splintering, paint chipping, and grips coming off, potentially leading to a shorter lifespan.
Limited Performance: More experienced players seeking higher performance and specific gameplay attributes may find the wooden paddles lacking compared to more advanced models.
Quality Variability: Reviews indicate that there is a degree of variability in the quality of the wooden paddles, with some users receiving units that exhibit early signs of wear and tear.
Serious Play Considerations: Those intending to take pickleball more seriously or engage in competitive play may benefit from investing in paddles of higher quality and advanced features.
Size and Material Preferences: Players who have tried both wood and fiberglass paddles might prefer the latter due to differences in ball response and overall playing experience.
Potential Grips Issues: Some users have experienced issues with grips coming loose or deteriorating after a relatively short period of use, leading to discomfort during play.
Longevity for Frequent Players: Individuals who plan to play pickleball frequently might find that the paddles do not hold up well over time, prompting the need for replacement sooner than expected.


The Kangaroo Beginner Pickleball Set has garnered a range of opinions from its diverse user base. For many beginners, the game proves to be both enjoyable and easy to grasp, providing hours of entertainment for families and friends alike. The paddles’ durability and comfortable grip are highlighted, which makes them particularly well-suited for children and learners who are just starting to explore the world of pickleball. The inclusion of extra rackets in the set is seen as a practical advantage, allowing larger groups to join in the fun.

Some users express a preference for fiberglass paddles over the wooden ones included in the set, noting that the ball’s rebound differs between the two materials. While some reviewers are content with the value offered for the cost, others are critical of the wood’s quality. Reports of splintering and delamination from initial use raise concerns about the overall build of the product. This is especially true for more frequent players, who find that the handles on some paddles break or come loose after a few months of regular use.

Despite the mixed reviews regarding durability, the Kangaroo Beginner Pickleball Set has gained positive attention for its role in fostering physical activity, particularly among children and seniors. The set’s affordability and comprehensive nature, complete with paddles, balls, and other necessary components, make it an attractive choice for introducing newcomers to the sport. However, some reviewers advise that these paddles might not be the best option for those seeking a more serious or competitive play experience, suggesting that more advanced players might want to consider upgrading to a higher-quality set.

PickleballCentral Rally Meister Wood

Best for: Novices seeking affordable family fun and recreational play experiences.

Affordable Entry: Suitable for newcomers exploring pickleball without a significant investment.
Family Fun: Ideal for casual games, introducing children and friends to the sport.
Durable for Occasional Play: Withstands regular use, perfect for intermittent matches in good condition.
Ample Accessories: Comes with multiple balls, ensuring extended playtime.
Social Play: Facilitates doubles matches, making it enjoyable for groups and couples.
Decent Beginner Set: Provides solid starting equipment for those new to pickleball.
Quality Concerns: Some users experienced early breakage, raising durability doubts.
Misleading Claims: “Designed in the USA” label contradicts actual manufacturing origin.
Heavy Build: Paddles are relatively weighty, potentially impacting extended gameplay comfort.
Limited Longevity: Handles may unravel, paddle edges may chip after intensive, prolonged use.
Size Variance: Smaller dimensions compared to official standards could frustrate experienced players.
Subpar Grips: Grip quality and security might require immediate improvement for some players.


The pickleball set in question has garnered a variety of opinions from its users, revealing a range of experiences and perspectives. Many customers have found the set to be a reliable and enjoyable addition to their outdoor activities. For over a year of use, even with regular games, the set has demonstrated its durability and longevity, making it a recommended choice for both beginners and casual players alike. Its capacity to facilitate doubles play adds an element of fun and social interaction, making it appealing to those looking to introduce others to the sport.

The product’s affordability has drawn attention, with purchasers noting its suitability as a starting kit. While some customers have experienced wear and tear, such as handles unraveling or paddles chipping, this appears to be linked to frequent and intensive usage, often over an extended period. However, the general consensus is that for occasional use or family games, the set provides good value for money.

A few dissenting voices, however, expressed dissatisfaction with the product’s quality. One customer reported the set falling apart after just one use, highlighting issues with its construction. Another mentioned a discrepancy between the advertised “designed in the USA” claim and the actual origin of the product, leading to disappointment. These comments shed light on the potential disparity between marketing messages and product reality.

Notably, some users have found the paddles to be on the heavier side, a characteristic often associated with budget-friendly wooden options. As a result, after using the set for a few months, some individuals opted to upgrade to lighter alternatives with different paddle materials for improved gameplay.

Despite minor drawbacks, a prevailing sentiment suggests that the set fulfills its intended purpose as a beginner’s choice or for occasional recreational matches. The included balls and comfortable grip have been appreciated, and the set’s performance aligns with its price point. While it may not be the best option for advanced players seeking precise specifications or those seeking the pinnacle of quality, the majority of buyers seem to find it a suitable entry into the world of pickleball.

Pickleball Inc. Diller Wood

Best for families and beginners seeking affordable, casual pickleball fun.

Affordable Family Entertainment: This pickleball set offers an affordable way to introduce the whole family to the sport, making it a cost-effective option for outdoor fun and bonding time.
Comfortable Grip and Wrist Straps: The included paddles feature a comfortable grip and wrist straps that make it easier for players of all ages, including kids, to hold onto the paddles and play with ease.
Beginner-Friendly Instructions: The set comes with instructions on how to play pickleball, making it an excellent choice for newcomers to the sport who want to learn the basics and get started quickly.
Convenient Outdoor Activity: With the rise of outdoor activities, this set provides a convenient way to engage in physical play, offering an alternative to digital entertainment and encouraging active lifestyles.
Mixed-Experience Play: The set’s features, including lightweight paddles and casual balls, make it suitable for players with mixed skill levels, allowing both beginners and more experienced players to enjoy the game together.
Quality Concerns: Several buyers have reported issues with the quality of the components, including flaking paddles, unraveling grips, and damage to the balls, raising concerns about the overall durability of the set.
Limited Skill Progression: While ideal for beginners and casual players, the included paddles and balls are not official size, limiting their suitability for players who wish to improve their skills and engage in more advanced gameplay.
Potential Longevity Issues: Some users have experienced paddles breaking or deteriorating after a few uses, which might indicate that the set may not withstand extended or frequent gameplay.
Not for Professional Play: For players looking to participate in official pickleball leagues or competitions, this set may fall short in terms of meeting the required specifications and standards for professional gameplay.
Inconsistent Component Quality: While some buyers have found the paddles sturdy and well-made, others have encountered issues, highlighting a potential inconsistency in the quality control of the product.
Lack of Included Accessories: Unlike more comprehensive sets, this one does not include extras such as a net or outdoor balls, which could limit the scope of gameplay and require additional purchases for a complete setup.


This pickleball set has garnered a mix of opinions from buyers, reflecting a range of experiences with its features. Many purchasers have found this set to be an excellent choice for beginners and family entertainment. The affordable price is noted as a key advantage, especially for those looking to introduce their kids to the game or engage in casual driveway matches. The comfortable grip and wrist straps have been praised, particularly for young players who might struggle to hold onto the paddles.

However, the set does come with its share of caveats. Some buyers have expressed disappointment with the overall quality, citing instances where paddles broke or grips unraveled after only a few uses. This has led to a feeling that certain components might not be as durable as expected. Furthermore, some experienced pickleball enthusiasts have pointed out that the included paddles and balls are not of official size, which could pose limitations for those aiming to improve their skills or participate in more serious gameplay.

The sentiment about the quality of the set’s components is mixed, with some finding the paddles sturdy and well-made, while others have encountered issues like flaking and damage. While some buyers appreciate the lightweight feel of the paddles, there’s also a desire for a higher-quality option, such as a bundle with better paddles, balls, and a net.

The customer service aspect of the purchasing experience has been appreciated, with mention of timely deliveries and accurate product descriptions. The inclusion of instructions on how to play the game has been a bonus for newcomers to pickleball, aiding in the learning process and making the set a valuable starting point.

In summary, this pickleball set seems to excel as an entry-level option for families and beginners seeking a cost-effective way to engage in the sport. It’s noted for its affordability, comfortable grip, and potential for enjoyable family play. However, there are concerns about the long-term durability of some components and the suitability for players looking to advance their skills. While the set might not meet the standards of more experienced players or official gameplay, it appears to serve its purpose for those interested in casual recreation and learning the basics of pickleball.

Amazin’ Aces Wood

Best for beginners and casual players seeking an affordable introduction to pickleball.

Affordable Introduction: This pickleball set offers an affordable way to introduce beginners and families to the game without breaking the bank.
Sturdy for Beginners: The heavy and sturdy design of the paddles makes them well-suited for beginners who are learning the basics of pickleball.
Great for Casual Play: If you’re looking for a set to enjoy casual pickleball matches with friends and family, this option provides everything you need for some lighthearted fun.
Suitable for Kids: The set’s weight and design make it a suitable choice for introducing children to pickleball, allowing them to learn and have fun without feeling overwhelmed.
Decent Grip: Many users found the soft grip handle comfortable and easy to hold, contributing to a more enjoyable playing experience.
Versatile for All Ages: While designed for beginners, these paddles can also be enjoyed by players of different skill levels and age groups who are looking for a more relaxed game.
Durability Concerns: Several reviewers experienced issues with cracked paddles or separation between the handle and paddle, indicating potential durability problems.
Splintering Risk: The unfinished wood sides of the paddles could lead to splintering, posing a safety hazard during play, especially for younger players.
Heavier Weight: The heavier weight of the paddles might be a disadvantage for players seeking greater control or those with limited strength, such as children or individuals with mobility issues.
Quality of Balls: Some buyers noted that the included balls were of subpar quality, affecting the overall playing experience and accuracy of shots.
Limited Performance: More advanced players seeking a higher level of performance and precision may find that these paddles do not meet their expectations.
Inconsistent Quality: While some buyers had positive experiences with the paddles, there were reports of inconsistent quality, suggesting that not all sets may perform equally well.


Based on the reviews from verified buyers, it’s clear that this set of pickleball paddles and balls has received mixed feedback. Some customers found these paddles to be a suitable choice for beginners, families, or occasional use, while others experienced issues with durability and weight.

Many buyers appreciated the set’s affordability and found them to be a great introduction to pickleball. They noted that these paddles were sturdy and well-suited for children and beginners. The heavier weight of the paddles and lighter balls made them suitable for younger players.

However, several reviewers expressed concerns about the durability of these paddles. Some reported cracks in the paddles or separation between the handle and paddle after relatively short periods of use. Others mentioned that the wood material, while sturdy, could splinter easily, posing a risk of injury.

Some customers also commented on the weight of the paddles, stating that they were on the heavier side, which may not be ideal for children or players seeking more control.

Additionally, there were mixed opinions about the included balls, with some finding them acceptable for casual play and others describing them as of low quality.

In summary, this pickleball set appears to be a cost-effective choice for those new to the game or looking for a family-friendly option. However, buyers should be aware of potential durability issues and the weight of the paddles, especially if purchasing for younger players. Consider the intended use and skill level before making a decision.

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