Best Small Grip Pickleball Paddles (2023): My Top 5 Recommendations

Rally Flare Graphite  Beginners or players with small hands seeking an affordable, lightweight pickleball paddle. Ideal for Small Hands

Lightweight Design

Affordable Price

Color Variety

Lacks Power
Durability Concerns

Inconsistent Grip
Not for Pros

Mixed Reviews
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 ProKennex Kinetic Ovation Flight  Players seeking an elbow-friendly, lightweight paddle with improved control and power, especially those transitioning from tennis. Elbow-Friendly Design

Improved Power and Control

Lightweight and Maneuverable

Large Sweet Spot

Reduced Vibration

Durable Construction

Great for Transitioning Players
Short Handle


Oval Shape
Slightly Noisy

Price Tag

Potential Learning Curve
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 Prince Pickleball Response Pro Composite  Intermediate to advanced players seeking precise control and unique sound. Control and Precision

Unique Sound

Longer Grip

Transition from Tennis

Lightweight Grip
Durability Concerns
Limited Sweet Spot

Awkward Shape
Mixed Feedback

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 ProKennex Kinetic Pro Speed II  Players seeking a lightweight, precise paddle with tennis elbow relief features.
Tennis Elbow Relief

Precision Control

Pro Kennex Reputation

Consistency Improvement

Lightweight Agility
Chipping Issues
Not for Beginners

Adjustment Period
Mixed Comfort Levels

Personal Preference
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 Paddletek Tempest Reign Pro Graphite  Players seeking control, spin, and extended reach; tennis and racquetball converts. Improved Overheads & Volleys

Control & Spin

Customer Satisfaction

Performance Upgrade

Quick Delivery


Extended Reach

Sweet Spot

Familiar Shape

Versatile Transition
Cracking Exterior

Lightweight Concern

No Cover
Face Texture

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Rally Flare Graphite

Best for: Beginners or players with small hands seeking an affordable, lightweight pickleball paddle.

Ideal for Small Hands: Perfect 4-inch grip for players with smaller hands.
Lightweight Design: Easy maneuverability and reduced fatigue during extended play.
Affordable Price: Offers good value for budget-conscious buyers.
Color Variety: Multiple color options for personal style preference.
Beginner-Friendly: Suitable for novice players seeking a starter paddle.
Lacks Power: Limited power and distance for advanced players.
Durability Concerns: Some users reported issues with paddle peeling and breakage.
Inconsistent Grip: Handle thickness may not match advertised specifications.
Not for Pros: Not suitable for high-level competitive play.
Mixed Reviews: Varied feedback on performance and longevity; may not meet all expectations.


The Rally Flare Graphite Pickleball Paddle has garnered mixed feedback from its users. Some customers have expressed their satisfaction with the product, highlighting its suitability for those with smaller hands and a preference for a lightweight paddle. They appreciate the 4-inch grip size, which caters to their needs and allows for improved gameplay. These users have seen positive results in their game performance, finding the paddle to be a valuable asset.

However, not all customers share the same level of enthusiasm. Some users have found the paddle lacking in power and distance when hitting the ball. They suggest that it might be more suitable for beginners rather than advanced players. Others have noted discrepancies in the product’s description, particularly regarding the handle’s thickness, which did not meet their expectations.

One common point of contention among customers is the durability of the paddle. While some have reported no issues even after months of use, others have encountered problems such as the paddle peeling or breaking relatively quickly. This discrepancy in longevity experiences has left customers with mixed feelings about the product.

Despite these mixed reviews, it’s worth mentioning that Rally Flare Graphite Pickleball Paddle has found its place among those seeking an affordable option with specific grip and weight preferences. It offers a lightweight, comfortable design that suits some players’ needs, but potential buyers should consider both the positive and negative feedback before making a decision.

ProKennex Kinetic Ovation Flight

Best for: Players seeking an elbow-friendly, lightweight paddle with improved control and power, especially those transitioning from tennis.

Elbow-Friendly Design: Provides relief from tennis elbow and joint pain.
Improved Power and Control: Enhances backhand, serve, and kitchen control.
Lightweight and Maneuverable: Enables faster reactions and speed.
Large Sweet Spot: Forgiving for off-center hits and improved shot accuracy.
Reduced Vibration: Kinetic Technology minimizes shock and discomfort.
Durable Construction: Solid build quality for long-lasting performance.
Great for Transitioning Players: Ideal for tennis players adapting to pickleball.
Short Handle: May be uncomfortable for those with larger hands.
Scratch-Prone: Prone to scratches, despite the higher price.
Oval Shape: Oval shape may take time to adjust to for some players.
Slightly Noisy: Produces more noise compared to other paddles.
Price Tag: Considerably more expensive than some alternatives.
Preference-Dependent: Feel and performance vary by player preference.
Potential Learning Curve: May require adaptation for experienced players.


The ProKennex Kinetic Pickleball Paddle has garnered a range of opinions from buyers. For some, it proved to be a game-changer, offering enhanced performance and comfort. These players noted improvements in their backhand, serves, and control at the kitchen, along with a promise of protection from tennis elbow. The paddle’s lightweight design was also appreciated, making it easy to handle on the court.

However, it’s important to mention that the paddle’s handle size received mixed feedback. While it worked well for some, those with larger hands found it uncomfortable, leading to hand pain and aching. The durability of the paddle’s surface was also questioned by some buyers, who were surprised by its tendency to scratch given its price point.

Nevertheless, many users found value in the paddle, especially when purchased at a discounted price. Its “Kinetic Technology” was credited with reducing pain and discomfort, particularly in cases of tendinitis and tennis elbow. Players praised its performance, power, and control, with some noting that it allowed them to hit harder and faster.

The oval shape of the paddle, which initially raised concerns for some, was generally well-received. Users noted that it still offered a good sweet spot and helped with shock absorption, albeit with a bit more noise than other paddles. Overall, the paddle was deemed suitable for players looking to address arm pain or simply enhance their game.

In summary, the ProKennex Kinetic Pickleball Paddle appears to be a divisive product, with some users experiencing significant benefits in terms of reduced pain and improved performance, while others faced challenges related to handle size and durability. It seems to be a solid choice for players seeking relief from arm-related issues and aiming to elevate their Pickleball game.

Prince Pickleball Response Pro Composite

Best for: Intermediate to advanced players seeking precise control and unique sound.

Control and Precision: Ideal for players seeking enhanced control and shot placement.
Unique Sound: Offers a distinctive sound upon impact, appreciated by some players.
Longer Grip: Beneficial for those who prefer a longer grip for added stability.
Transition from Tennis: Suitable for tennis players transitioning to pickleball.
Lightweight Grip: A lighter grip option caters to players with smaller hands.
Durability Concerns: Some users reported issues with paddle deformation and edge peeling.
Limited Sweet Spot: Not recommended for players who require a larger sweet spot.
Awkward Shape: May feel awkward for those accustomed to standard-shaped paddles.
Mixed Feedback: Received mixed reviews, indicating suitability varies among players.
Price: Considered overpriced by some for its power limitations.


Based on the reviews of verified buyers, the Prince Response Pro pickleball paddle appears to have received mixed feedback.

Some buyers have praised the paddle for its unique qualities. One reviewer mentioned that their wife appreciated the control, impact, and sound of the paddle, suggesting that it enhanced their overall playing experience. Additionally, the longer grip length was highlighted as a positive feature, making it easier to grip and allowing for a two-handed backhand when needed. Another reviewer, who transitioned from tennis, found the paddle suitable for their game.

However, not all buyers were satisfied with their purchase. Some reported issues such as paddle deformation or a noticeable dead spot after a relatively short period of use. Others found the paddle’s shape and construction to be awkward, affecting their ability to cover the court effectively or return shots. Some buyers also mentioned concerns about the durability of the paddle, with edges peeling off or experiencing damage.

On the positive side, the paddle received praise for its balance, spin, and feel from those who found it suitable for their playing style. The larger sweet spot and lightweight grip were appreciated by some, especially those with smaller hands. However, there were comments about the limited sweet spot for those who did not find it to their liking.

In summary, the Prince Response Pro pickleball paddle seems to have its strengths and weaknesses. While it offers unique features that some players appreciate, it may not be the right fit for everyone, with concerns raised about durability and playability. Prospective buyers may want to consider their individual preferences and playing style when deciding if this paddle is the right choice for them.

ProKennex Kinetic Pro Speed II

Best for: Players seeking a lightweight, precise paddle with tennis elbow relief features.

Tennis Elbow Relief: Ideal for players with or prone to tennis elbow due to shock-reducing features.
Precision Control: Offers precise ball placement and a predictable feel for accurate shots.
Pro Kennex Reputation: Attracts those familiar with the reputable Pro Kennex brand in racquet sports.
Consistency Improvement: Users often report enhanced consistency with continued play.
Lightweight Agility: Suitable for players who prefer a light and fast paddle for quick gameplay.
Chipping Issues: Some users experienced paddle chipping, particularly around the border area.
Not for Beginners: Smaller sweet spot and a learning curve may not suit novice players.
Adjustment Period: Requires a few days of adaptation due to its lightweight and thin design.
Mixed Comfort Levels: Not everyone finds it comfortable or as controllable as other paddles.
Personal Preference: Player satisfaction varies, so trying it before buying is advisable.


The Pro Kennex Pro Speed II pickleball paddle has garnered a range of opinions from its users. Some players have found it to be a highly beneficial addition to their game. They appreciate its lightweight and fast nature, which makes it excellent for overall gameplay. The predictable feel of the paddle and the precise ball placement it offers have earned it praise, with users noting that it doesn’t have any unpredictable “pop” during gameplay. The inclusion of shock-reducing beads inside the paddle is seen as a genius feature, contributing to its overall appeal.

For many, the positive experience with the Pro Speed II paddle continues to grow over time. They find it well-balanced, providing a great feel without a border around the edge. Its solid feel upon ball contact is particularly appreciated, allowing players to gauge where they’ve hit the ball on the paddle accurately. Some players were drawn to the Pro Kennex name and its reputation in the racquet sports world, leading them to make the purchase.

However, it’s crucial to note that this paddle may not be suitable for beginners due to its smaller sweet spot compared to other paddles. Nonetheless, many users have reported improved consistency in their returns with continued use and believe it justifies its price tag.

On the flip side, there are mixed reviews as well. Some players experienced chipping issues with the paddle, particularly around the border area, which they found disappointing. The paddle’s lightweight and thin design may not suit everyone’s gameplay style, as it requires some adjustment period. A few users found it to be uncomfortable or lacking control, comparing it unfavorably to other paddles they’ve used.

In conclusion, the Pro Kennex Pro Speed II pickleball paddle seems to be a product that can greatly benefit some players, especially those dealing with tennis elbow or seeking a lightweight and precise paddle. However, its suitability depends on individual playing styles and preferences, and potential buyers might want to try it before making a purchase to ensure it aligns with their needs.

Paddletek Tempest Reign Pro Graphite

Best for: Players seeking control, spin, and extended reach; tennis and racquetball converts.

Improved Overheads & Volleys: Enhanced weight and length help hard hitters excel with overhead shots.
Control & Spin: Offers precise control and additional spin, beneficial for all players.
Customer Satisfaction: Positive reviews and great customer service from Paddletek.
Performance Upgrade: Elevates control, spin, and power, especially for drop serves.
Quick Delivery: Speedy shipping ensures you get on the court sooner.
Lightweight: Easy to maneuver for players who prefer lighter paddles.
Extended Reach: Longer design adds reach without sacrificing control.
Sweet Spot: Exceptional spin and an enlarged sweet spot for consistent play.
Familiar Shape: Tennis/racquetball players find the similar shape comfortable.
Versatile Transition: Smooth transition from the Paddletek Z5 for a satisfying experience.
Cracking Exterior: Plastic liner cracks, and customer service response may disappoint.
Pricey: Higher cost may deter budget-conscious buyers.
Lightweight Concern: Some may find it too light for their playing style.
No Cover: Lack of included cover can be inconvenient for storage and protection.
Face Texture: Some users desire a rougher surface for improved grip.
Expensive: Price point may not justify the investment for all players.


The product in question has garnered a considerable amount of positive feedback from a diverse group of buyers. One common thread among these reviews is the praise for its balance and performance. Buyers with backgrounds in tennis and racquetball particularly appreciate its ability to enhance their gameplay in paddle sports.

One buyer, coming from a tennis and racquetball background, initially struggled with overhead shots but found a solution by adding some lead tape to the paddle for added weight and extended length. This adjustment drastically improved their performance, allowing them to excel in overheads and high volleys while also experiencing a bonus of increased spin and control.

Others who switched to this paddle noted its impact on their game, highlighting improved control, spin, and added power. The longer and lighter design of the paddle seems to be a common theme, resonating with those seeking to up their game in the world of pickleball.

Several reviewers expressed satisfaction with the product’s performance, comparing it favorably to their previous paddles. They commend its overall design, similarity to racquet shapes, and the benefits it brings to their gameplay, particularly for players with tennis and racquetball backgrounds.

While the majority of reviewers shared glowing feedback, there were some concerns about durability, with a few noting cracks in the plastic liner around the paddle’s exterior. Unfortunately, their attempts to address this with customer service went unanswered, leaving them disappointed.

Despite this, the positive reviews far outweighed the negatives. Buyers were impressed with the paddle’s sweet spot, spin capabilities, and its ability to provide reach and control. It’s clear that for serious players seeking a game-changing experience, this paddle is deemed well worth the investment.

In summary, the product has received high praise for its performance, design, and the improvements it brings to players’ pickleball games. While there have been some durability concerns, the majority of buyers are delighted with their purchase, believing it to be a valuable addition to their paddle sports equipment.

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