Best Selkirk Pickleball Paddle (2023): My Top 5 Recommendations

AMPED Epic X5 FiberFlex
 Beginner to Pro Enhanced Gameplay for Beginners

Balanced Power and Control

Lightweight Design

Ample Sweet Spot

Positive Impact on Tennis Players

Customer Service and Warranty

Improved Control for Spin
Durability Concerns

Handle Flex and Breakage

Mixed Long-Term Performance
Higher Price Point

Inconsistent Quality Control
Handle Length Preference

Lack of Accessories
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 Selkirk AMPED S2 X5 FiberFlex Beginner to Pro
Enhanced Gameplay Performance

Ideal for Beginners

Customer Service Excellence

Reduced Vibration

Improved Shot Control
Durability Concerns
Quality Inconsistencies

Weight Preferences
Mixed Longevity Reports

Lack of Accessories
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 Selkirk AMPED Invikta X5 FiberFlex  Beginner Comfortable and Lightweight

Improved Gameplay

Customer Service Excellence

Suitable for Various Skill Levels

Large Sweet Spot
Durability Concerns
Handle Issues

Price vs. Performance
Mixed Longevity Reports

Lack of Included Accessories
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VANGUARD Power Air Invikta
 All Enhanced Power and Control

Vibration Absorption

Balanced Design

Spin Generation

Innovative Materials
Heavier Weight

Initial Adjustment Period
Price Consideration

Sound and Feel
Durability Concerns

Grip Cleaning
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Selkirk SLK Latitude Graphite Widebody
 All Ideal for Beginners

Lightweight and Maneuverable

Balanced Performance

Comfortable Grip

Varied Reviews on Performance

Positive Customer Service Experiences

Value for Money
Build Quality Concerns
Durability Issues

Limited Features

Mixed Performance Reviews
Auditory Differences

Made in China
Potential Longevity Issues

Mixed Longevity Reports
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Selkirk AMPED Epic X5 FiberFlex

Enhanced Gameplay for Beginners: Numerous reviews highlight that the paddle positively impacts the gameplay of individuals new to the sport, helping them to improve their shots, serves, and overall skill level.
Balanced Power and Control: The paddle is praised for striking a balance between power and control, allowing players to hit shots with authority while maintaining accuracy and precision.
Lightweight Design: Many buyers appreciate the paddle’s lightweight nature, as it facilitates better maneuverability and adaptability to different playing styles.
Ample Sweet Spot: The paddle’s design offers a large sweet spot, minimizing errors and enabling players to consistently hit effective shots even if they aren’t perfectly centered on the paddle face.
Positive Impact on Tennis Players: Tennis players transitioning to pickleball find the larger racquet size of this paddle helpful in making the switch, aiding in a smoother adjustment to the new sport.
Customer Service and Warranty: Several reviews highlight the excellent customer service provided by Selkirk, including swift replacements for paddles that broke or showed defects. The lifetime warranty offers peace of mind for potential buyers.
Improved Control for Spin: Players looking to incorporate spin into their shots appreciate the paddle’s ability to provide better control over ball spin, contributing to a more versatile gameplay.
Durability Concerns: Several reviews express concerns about the paddle’s durability, with instances of it breaking or showing signs of wear and tear within a relatively short period of usage.
Handle Flex and Breakage: A recurring issue is the handle’s tendency to flex or break under regular play conditions, leading to questions about the overall build quality and longevity.
Mixed Long-Term Performance: While initial experiences are positive, there are doubts about how well the paddle will hold up over time, especially for players who engage in frequent and intense gameplay.
Higher Price Point: Some buyers mention that the paddle seems pricey compared to other options on the market, prompting hesitation for those looking for a budget-friendly option.
Inconsistent Quality Control: A few reviewers received paddles with defects, signs of use, or cosmetic imperfections upon arrival, suggesting that there might be inconsistencies in quality control.
Handle Length Preference: A handle that might be shorter than expected might not suit players with larger hands, potentially affecting their comfort and gameplay.
Lack of Accessories: Some buyers express disappointment that the paddle doesn’t come with additional accessories such as a paddle cover, which is often included with other brands at similar price points.


The Selkirk paddle has garnered a mix of reviews from verified buyers, highlighting various aspects of its performance. The initial excitement over its quality and feel is evident, with players expressing satisfaction over their experiences during the early stages of usage. Several players commend the paddle’s lightweight nature, attributing it to improved power and control in their shots. This sentiment is reinforced by those who appreciate the paddle’s ability to enhance their gameplay, particularly those new to the sport.

However, there is a recurring issue that raises concerns. Some buyers report instances of the paddle breaking or showing signs of wear and tear in a relatively short period of time. Instances where the handle and paddle face meet seem to be a particular weak point, leading to breakage during play. While there are doubts about the build quality, it’s worth noting that the customer service provided by Selkirk appears to be a redeeming factor, with positive experiences of quick replacement and assistance in warranty claims.

The paddle’s design and features also attract attention. The control and power offered by the paddle are frequently praised, particularly for players looking to improve their touches, power shots, and serves. The paddle’s sweet spot and forgiveness in shots are highlighted, contributing to a favorable impression among beginners and intermediate players alike. Its lightweight nature is appreciated for enabling players to adapt their playing style and enhance ball placement.

Despite these positive aspects, concerns over durability continue to arise. Some buyers report experiencing issues with the handle’s stability, mentioning flexing or even breaking under regular play conditions. This raises questions about the long-term durability of the paddle, leading to a degree of uncertainty among buyers.

In summary, the Selkirk paddle appears to offer an appealing balance of power, control, and lightweight design, making it suitable for players of various skill levels. The positive reviews underscore its initial impact on gameplay, with a significant focus on control and shot placement. However, the recurring theme of paddle breakage and durability issues raises valid concerns about the product’s overall build quality. The presence of efficient customer service in handling these issues does provide reassurance to potential buyers. As the reviews stand, the paddle seems to offer a promising experience but with a potential need for improvements in its long-term durability.

Selkirk AMPED S2 X5 FiberFlex

Enhanced Gameplay Performance: Numerous reviewers praised the paddle’s ability to deliver a balance of power and control, contributing to improved shot placement and volleys. If you’re looking to elevate your game, this aspect could be a significant advantage.
Ideal for Beginners: The lightweight design and comfortable handle length make it a suitable option for newcomers to pickleball or those transitioning from other racquet sports. It allows for easier maneuverability and controlled play, potentially aiding the learning curve.
Customer Service Excellence: Many users highlighted Selkirk’s exceptional customer service, which promptly addressed concerns and provided replacements for broken paddles. This reassurance of support could boost your confidence in purchasing this product.
Reduced Vibration: The paddle’s reduced vibration was noted to alleviate discomfort, such as tennis elbow, which can be a game-changer for players seeking a comfortable and enjoyable gameplay experience.
Improved Shot Control: The paddle’s large sweet spot and features aimed at precision contributed to better shot control, making it appealing for players looking to refine their skills and finesse their gameplay.
Durability Concerns: Several buyers reported instances of the paddle breaking, particularly at the junction between the handle and the paddle face. If you’re concerned about the longevity of the product, this might be a deterrent.
Quality Inconsistencies: Some customers received paddles with noticeable defects, such as marks on the edges or signs of prior use. If you prioritize a flawless and brand-new product, these inconsistencies might raise concerns.
Weight Preferences: While some appreciated the lightweight design, others desired a weightier model for their playstyle. If you have specific preferences regarding paddle weight, this might be a point to consider.
Mixed Longevity Reports: Given the contrasting experiences in terms of paddle longevity, there’s a level of uncertainty surrounding how long the paddle will remain functional. This might be a factor if you’re seeking a more reliable and long-lasting investment.
Lack of Accessories: Unlike some competing products, this paddle doesn’t come with a protective cover. If having a cover is essential to you for storage and transport, its absence could be a drawback.


The Selkirk paddle has garnered a mixed bag of reviews from verified buyers, revealing a spectrum of experiences and opinions. Over the course of various outings, the paddle’s initial feel was well-received, with players noting its comfortable handle length and lightweight design. Many users praised its ability to provide both power and control, making it an appealing option for those new to the sport or looking to refine their skills.

However, there seems to be a recurring issue regarding the durability of the paddle. Some customers reported instances of the paddle breaking relatively early in its lifespan, particularly at the junction between the handle and the paddle face. These incidents prompted speculation about potential defects, as users questioned whether their playstyle could have caused such breakages. Despite these concerns, it’s worth mentioning that Selkirk’s customer service was highlighted as excellent, with prompt replacements being shipped out, which appears to have alleviated concerns about purchasing the paddle.

Another aspect that garnered attention was the paddle’s build quality. While some reviewers found the paddle to be of great quality, others found noticeable defects upon receiving the product, such as marks on the edges or signs of prior use. It appears that some customers received items that fell short of their expectations in terms of newness and appearance.

In terms of gameplay experience, the paddle’s performance was highlighted by its ability to offer better control and power, contributing to improved shot placement and volleys. Some players also appreciated the reduced vibration, which was said to help with comfort and address issues like tennis elbow.

Weight was a topic of discussion, with some appreciating the lightweight design for its maneuverability and controlled play, while others expressed a desire for a weightier model, suggesting that it might suit their playstyle better. The inclusion of a paddle cover was also noted by a few customers, as they compared it to other products on the market that offered such accessories.

Despite these varied experiences and opinions, the consensus appears to lean towards the positive, with users finding value in the Selkirk paddle’s performance and its potential to help players grow their skills, particularly for beginners and those transitioning from other racquet sports. However, the concerns about durability and build quality do raise some caution flags, which are balanced by the commendable customer service provided by Selkirk in addressing these issues.

Selkirk AMPED Invikta X5 FiberFlex

Comfortable and Lightweight: The paddle’s design offers a comfortable grip and lightweight construction, providing a responsive and easy-to-handle experience during gameplay.
Improved Gameplay: Many users have reported enhanced shot control, better ball placement, and increased power when using the Selkirk paddle, making it a valuable tool for improving gameplay.
Customer Service Excellence: The brand’s outstanding customer service, as indicated by prompt replacements for broken paddles, instills confidence in the product’s quality and the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.
Suitable for Various Skill Levels: Beginners and intermediate players alike can benefit from the paddle’s forgiving nature, comfortable grip, and balanced performance, making it a versatile option for a range of skill levels.
Large Sweet Spot: The paddle’s design boasts a large sweet spot, making it easier to connect with the ball and deliver effective shots even for players who are still refining their techniques.
Durability Concerns: Some users have reported instances of paddle breakage, particularly at the handle and paddle junction, raising concerns about the paddle’s overall durability and construction.
Handle Issues: A few customers have experienced handle flexing or breaking within a short period of use, suggesting potential weaknesses in the handle’s design or materials.
Price vs. Performance: While the paddle offers improved gameplay for many users, some have questioned whether its performance justifies the higher price point compared to other available options, sparking discussions about its overall value.
Mixed Longevity Reports: While some users have expressed satisfaction with the paddle’s durability over extended periods, others have reported issues with paddle breakage or damage within a relatively short time, creating uncertainty about its long-term reliability.
Lack of Included Accessories: Unlike some competing products, the Selkirk paddle doesn’t come with additional accessories like a protective cover or carrying case, which could be considered a drawback for those seeking a complete package.


The Selkirk paddle has garnered a diverse range of feedback from its users, showcasing both its strengths and areas for improvement. Over the course of numerous games and outings, users have highlighted the paddle’s initial appeal, praising its comfortable grip and excellent feel during play. Many have commended its lightweight design, emphasizing how it aids in controlling shots and delivering more powerful hits, ultimately enhancing their overall gameplay experience.

However, the product is not without its issues. Some customers have reported unexpected breakages, particularly at the junction of the handle and paddle, raising concerns about the paddle’s durability. While a few users questioned whether these incidents were due to manufacturing defects, it’s evident that such occurrences left them disappointed. Others have noted that the paddle’s handle, while generally comfortable in terms of length, developed issues such as flexing or even breaking after just a few weeks of use, indicating potential shortcomings in its construction.

Customer service has played a pivotal role in shaping opinions about the Selkirk paddle. Numerous buyers have praised the brand’s prompt and effective customer service, mentioning that replacements were swiftly provided in cases of paddle breakage. This positive interaction has instilled a sense of confidence in the product’s quality and the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Opinions are divided on the Selkirk paddle’s performance relative to its price. While some users expressed satisfaction with its power, control, and improved shot placement, others pointed out that they expected more for the cost. Comparisons to less expensive paddles have been drawn, suggesting that the paddle might not always justify its higher price point in the eyes of some customers.

Despite these varying viewpoints, the Selkirk paddle has attracted interest from players of different skill levels. Beginners have found it to be a valuable tool for learning and improving their gameplay, praising its forgiving nature and comfortable grip. Intermediate players, on the other hand, have appreciated the paddle’s combination of control and power, allowing them to elevate their performance on the court.

In summary, the Selkirk paddle has garnered a mixture of positive and critical feedback from users. Its lightweight design, comfortable grip, and potential for improved gameplay have been standout features, particularly for players looking to enhance their skills. However, concerns about durability, handle issues, and price have also been raised, shaping a diverse range of perspectives on the product’s overall value. The role of exceptional customer service in addressing these concerns has further influenced customers’ overall impressions of the paddle.

Selkirk VANGUARD Power Air Invikta

Enhanced Power and Control: The paddle’s larger sweet spot and innovative polymer face provide a consistent bounce and reduced vibrations, allowing for powerful shots with increased precision even when hitting off-center.
Extended Handle for Leverage: The elongated handle offers improved leverage, particularly beneficial for overhead shots. Its grippy material ensures a secure hold, promoting accuracy and control during intense rallies.
Vibration Absorption: The unique polymer core effectively absorbs vibrations and shock, enabling players to exert more power without discomfort. It also aids in developing muscle memory and refining gameplay over time.
Balanced Design: The well-balanced construction of the paddle facilitates quick maneuvering on the court, giving players an edge in fast-paced exchanges and challenging situations.
Spin Generation: The paddle’s design excels at generating spin during serves, providing players with an advantage in varying their shots and keeping opponents off balance.
Innovative Materials: The use of proprietary polymer blends in the paddle’s face and core contributes to a consistent performance, showcasing the manufacturer’s commitment to cutting-edge technology.
Heavier Weight: The paddle weighs around 8.2 ounces, which might not be suitable for players who prefer a lighter paddle for quicker maneuverability and reduced fatigue during extended play.
Initial Adjustment Period: Some players might need time to adapt to the paddle’s unique features, such as the elongated handle and larger sweet spot, potentially affecting their gameplay temporarily.
Price Consideration: The paddle is priced relatively higher, which might not align with the budget constraints of all players, especially those looking for more economical options.
Sound and Feel: A few users mention a distinctive sound and feel associated with the paddle’s design, which might not be to everyone’s liking, potentially affecting the overall playing experience.
Durability Concerns: There are reports of the paddle’s surface paint wearing quickly, particularly with outdoor play. Although it doesn’t significantly impact performance, it might affect the paddle’s appearance.
Grip Cleaning: The grip’s white color might require frequent cleaning, potentially causing minor inconveniences for players who prefer a low-maintenance grip.


The Selkirk Vanguard Invikta Power Air paddle has garnered a spectrum of reviews from buyers, offering insight into its performance, features, and overall value. The paddle is positioned as a blend of power and control, capitalizing on a variety of innovative elements to enhance a player’s game.

One of the standout features frequently mentioned by buyers is the paddle’s larger sweet spot. This expanded hitting area is achieved through a combination of the paddle’s unique shape and proprietary polymer face. The wider design permits players to make impactful shots even when contact isn’t perfectly centered, imparting a sense of control even in challenging situations. The consistency of the bounce and the reduction of vibrations through the polymer face are credited for enabling players to maintain accuracy and precision.

Another notable aspect of the Selkirk Vanguard Invikta Power Air paddle is its elongated handle. Buyers often emphasize the value of this feature, praising the extra leverage it provides, particularly for overhead shots. The handle’s grippy material contributes to secure handling during intense games, even in damp conditions. This translates to enhanced accuracy and command during fast-paced exchanges.

The polymer core employed in the paddle is heralded for its ability to absorb vibrations and mitigate shock. Many users highlight how this core enables them to exert more power in their hits without experiencing excessive strain on their hands and arms. Furthermore, the consistent feel of the polymer core aids players in developing muscle memory and honing their skills over time, contributing to an overall improvement in their game.

Performance-wise, the Selkirk Vanguard Invikta Power Air paddle appears to live up to its promises. Its fusion of power and control makes it a particularly appealing choice for players looking to elevate their gameplay. The reviews consistently emphasize the positive impact of the paddle’s design, allowing for potent shots and precise placement. The balanced construction of the paddle further facilitates swift maneuvering on the court, while its effectiveness in generating spin during serves is highlighted as a strong point.

However, some reviews do bring up potential drawbacks. The weight of the paddle, at around 8.2 ounces, is noted as slightly heavier compared to other options on the market. This could be advantageous for players who prefer a weightier paddle, but it might not align with the preferences of those who favor a lighter feel.

In conclusion, the Selkirk Vanguard Invikta Power Air paddle is met with a range of responses from buyers. Its integration of power-enhancing and control-boosting features, such as the larger sweet spot, elongated handle, and innovative polymer core, showcases its potential to elevate players’ performances. While the paddle’s weight might not suit everyone’s taste, its overall impact on gameplay is widely recognized, making it an appealing option for those seeking to enhance their pickleball experience.

Selkirk Selkirk SLK Latitude Graphite Widebody

Ideal for Beginners: This paddle is well-received by beginners who are new to pickleball. Its beginner-friendly design and reasonable price make it a suitable choice for those just starting out.
Lightweight and Maneuverable: The paddle’s lightweight nature enhances maneuverability on the court, allowing for quick and responsive gameplay, especially for players who are still honing their skills.
Balanced Performance: Users find the balance between price and the paddle’s graphite construction to be a strong selling point, offering satisfactory performance without breaking the bank.
Comfortable Grip: The paddle’s grip is often highlighted as being comfortable and easy to hold, contributing to an improved overall playing experience, particularly for those who engage in extended matches.
Varied Reviews on Performance: The diversity of opinions regarding performance implies that this paddle can cater to different playing styles. Some appreciate its power, while others favor its control, making it adaptable to individual preferences.
Positive Customer Service Experiences: A subset of buyers has reported positive interactions with customer service when addressing issues like defects or damage. This suggests a willingness to address and resolve concerns.
Value for Money: For its price point, the paddle provides good value, especially for entry-level players who may not want to invest heavily until they gain more experience and insight into their playing preferences.
Build Quality Concerns: Some reviewers have mentioned issues with build quality, including loose edges, flimsy plastic components, and manufacturing inconsistencies, which may affect the overall durability of the product.
Durability Issues: Reports of paint chipping, grip unraveling, and internal damage raise concerns about the paddle’s long-term durability, potentially leading to premature replacement.
Mixed Performance Reviews: While many appreciate the product’s performance, there are varying opinions on its impact on gameplay, including differences in power, control, and auditory feedback when striking the ball.
Limited Features: More experienced players seeking advanced features or specific performance enhancements may find the product’s basic design lacking in comparison to higher-end paddle options.
Auditory Differences: Some users have noted that the paddle produces a louder sound upon ball impact, which might be distracting or disruptive for players who prefer a quieter playing experience.
Made in China: The “Made in China” label on the product raises concerns about manufacturing quality and potential variability, which could impact overall satisfaction and consistency.
Potential Longevity Issues: While the product may suit beginners, those aiming to progress rapidly or compete at a higher level might find that they outgrow its capabilities sooner than anticipated.
Mixed Longevity Reports: Despite some positive interactions, there are instances where customers did not receive satisfactory resolutions from customer service when addressing durability and quality concerns.


The product under discussion has garnered a variety of opinions from its user base. For beginners stepping into the realm of pickleball, it seems to hit the mark. This sentiment resonates with those who believe the paddle is well-suited for learners due to its reasonable price point and performance. The lightweight aspect of the paddle is a recurrent highlight, with users praising its quick and easy maneuverability on the court.

A consistent thread through the reviews is appreciation for the quality and functionality of the paddle. Many find it to be a suitable choice for those who are just starting out in the sport. The balance between price and graphite material is noted positively, underlining its value as an entry-level option.

However, not all feedback is positive. There are instances where users have encountered issues such as minor defects like scratches upon receiving the product. Some reviews indicate concerns about the build quality, particularly referencing loose edges and labels indicating a “Made in China” origin. Such observations hint at possible inconsistencies in the manufacturing process.

In terms of performance, opinions diverge. Some reviewers find the paddle’s sound to be more pronounced compared to others in their circle. This auditory distinction, although not inherently detrimental, is worth noting. There are also references to differences in paddle behavior, such as the way the ball interacts with it or the sensation it imparts upon impact. A few reviews hint at subtle variations in control and power, demonstrating the varied playing experiences users have had.

Durability emerges as a significant concern for a subset of users. Reports of paint chipping off or grip unraveling after a certain period of use raises questions about the product’s longevity. There are instances where the paddle’s internal structure seemingly suffered damage, leading to an unfortunate loss of functionality. However, it’s important to note that some reviewers did experience positive interactions with customer service when dealing with such issues, suggesting a willingness on the manufacturer’s part to address grievances.

Ultimately, this product appears to attract both positive and mixed opinions. It finds favor with beginners seeking an affordable introduction to the sport, with its lightweight build and balanced feel. However, concerns about build quality and longevity do arise, warranting potential buyers to consider both the pros and cons before making their decision.

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