Best Selkirk Paddle for Pickleball (2023): My Top 5 Recommendations

Selkirk VANGUARD Power Air Invikta Best for players seeking powerful shots and spin, prioritizing dynamic gameplay over lightweight maneuverability. Enhanced Sweet Spot

Advanced Grip Material

Innovative Polymer Core

Consistent Feel for Muscle Memory

Balanced Maneuverability

Impressive Spin Generation
Weight Consideration

Power-Centric Design

Larger Dimensions
Premium Price Point

Sound and Feel
Preference for Lighter Paddles

Power-Heavy Balance
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 Selkirk AMPED S2 X5 FiberFlex Best for novice to intermediate players seeking control, comfort, and power in pickleball gameplay.  Enhanced Control and Power

Large Sweet Spot

Comfortable Lightweight Build

Helpful for Novice Players

Positive Customer Service
Durability Concerns
Handle Flexibility

Value for Price
Missing Accessories

Mixed Longevity Reports
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 Selkirk SLK Evo Hybrid Max 2.0 Best for intermediate to advanced players desiring improved power, spin, and versatile gameplay at an affordable price.  Game-Changing Performance

Balanced Weight Distribution

Impressive Spin Generation

Value for Money

Versatility for Singles and Doubles

Solid Construction and Durability

Confidence-Boosting for New Players

Swift and Reliable Online Purchasing
Preference for Heavier Paddles
Need for Specific Specialty Features

Already Satisfied with Current Paddle

Strict Budget Constraints
Minimal Change in Playing Style

Uninterested in Spin Enhancement
Highly Advanced Players with Specific Needs

Preference for Lighter Paddles
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 Selkirk SLK Atlas Graphite Control Widebody Best suited for beginners and intermediate players seeking a budget-friendly option for improved control and maneuverability. Improved Gameplay

Lightweight Design

Comfortable Grip

Decent Transition Paddle

Sizable Sweet Spot


Quick Delivery
Quality Issues
Dead Spots

Cosmetic Flaws

Limited Spin Generation
Mixed Longevity

Potential Incompatibility
Short Return Window

Questionable Value
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 Selkirk SLK Latitude Graphite Widebody Best suited for beginner and intermediate pickleball players seeking an affordable and versatile option for honing their skills on the court. Beginner-Friendly Design

Affordable Entry Point

Comfortable Grip

Agile and Responsive

Solid Performance

Versatile for All Levels

Well-Balanced Power and Control
Cosmetic Imperfections

Durability Concerns
Limited Expert-Level Performance

Potential Variability in Quality
Not for Specialty Players

Sound Variation
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Selkirk VANGUARD Power Air Invikta

Enhanced Sweet Spot: The paddle’s slightly wider design and advanced polymer materials create an expanded sweet spot, enabling more powerful and precise shots, even on off-center hits.
Versatile Handle Design: The elongated handle provides optimal leverage and control, particularly for overhead shots, offering players the versatility needed for various playing styles.
Advanced Grip Material: The paddle’s grip material ensures a secure hold during intense matches, allowing players to execute accurate shots confidently, regardless of sweaty or wet hands.
Innovative Polymer Core: The unique polymer core absorbs vibrations and reduces shock, promoting player comfort and enabling sustained powerful hits without straining hands and arms.
Consistent Feel for Muscle Memory: The polymer core’s consistent feel aids in muscle memory development, helping players refine their technique and improve their game over time.
Balanced Maneuverability: The paddle’s well-balanced nature facilitates quick and precise movements on the court, allowing players to navigate with agility and accuracy.
Impressive Spin Generation: The paddle excels in generating spin on serves, catching opponents off guard and providing a strategic advantage during matches.
Weight Consideration: The paddle’s weight, around 8.2 ounces, may not align with the preferences of players who prefer a lighter paddle for quicker swings and less strain during extended play.
Power-Centric Design: While the paddle excels in power and spin, players seeking a paddle more focused on finesse and control might find the power-centric design less suited to their playing style.
Larger Dimensions: The slightly wider design of the paddle might require some players to adjust their grip and playing technique, which could initially impact their performance on the court.
Premium Price Point: The paddle’s advanced features and design come with a premium price tag, which might be a deterrent for budget-conscious players or those who are new to pickleball.
Sound and Feel: Some players might find the paddle’s unique sound and feel during impact different from what they’re accustomed to, which could affect their overall playing experience.
Preference for Lighter Paddles: Players who prefer a lighter paddle might find the Invikta Power Air’s weight less suitable for their style, potentially impacting their speed and agility during matches.
Power-Heavy Balance: Players who value a well-rounded balance between power and control might feel that the paddle’s design leans heavily toward power, potentially affecting their ability to finesse shots.


The Selkirk Vanguard Invikta Power Air pickleball paddle is a remarkable choice for players seeking to elevate their game to new heights. Crafted with a focus on power and control, this paddle combines innovative features to deliver an exceptional on-court experience.

A standout feature of the Invikta Power Air paddle is its expansive sweet spot, achieved through a slightly wider design and advanced polymer materials. This enlarged hitting area enables players to unleash powerful shots while maintaining precision, even on off-center hits. The result is enhanced performance and the ability to consistently deliver impactful shots.

The paddle’s elongated handle is another key attribute that sets it apart. Designed for optimal leverage and control, this handle empowers players with the versatility needed for diverse shots, especially overhead ones. The grip’s advanced material ensures a secure hold even during intense matches, granting players the confidence to execute accurate shots in any situation.

One of the most notable innovations is the unique polymer core. Engineered to absorb vibrations and reduce shock, this core enhances player comfort by minimizing the impact on hands and arms, allowing for sustained powerful hits without compromising on comfort. Furthermore, the consistent feel provided by the polymer core promotes muscle memory development, aiding players in refining their technique over time.

The Invikta Power Air paddle impressively combines power with control, catering to players who seek a dynamic playing experience. Its well-balanced nature facilitates swift maneuvers, enabling players to swiftly navigate the court with precision. Notably, the paddle shines when it comes to serving, generating remarkable spin that can catch opponents off guard.

However, it’s essential to note that the paddle’s weight, approximately 8.2 ounces, may be a consideration for some players. While the added weight can be advantageous for those who favor a heftier paddle, it might not align with the preferences of players seeking a lighter option.

In summary, the Selkirk Vanguard Invikta Power Air pickleball paddle stands as a testament to innovation and performance. With a focus on expanding the sweet spot, optimizing handle design, and introducing a cutting-edge polymer core, this paddle delivers power, control, and comfort in a harmonious blend. Players who are eager to enhance their game will find a worthy companion in this paddle, ready to help them reach new heights on the pickleball court.

Selkirk AMPED S2 X5 FiberFlex

Enhanced Control and Power: Many buyers have reported experiencing increased control and power while using the Selkirk pickleball paddle. Its design and construction contribute to better shot placement and more authority on the court.
Large Sweet Spot: The paddle’s design incorporates a large sweet spot, allowing for consistent and accurate shots even when the ball doesn’t hit the center of the paddle. This feature is particularly appealing for players looking to improve their accuracy.
Comfortable Lightweight Build: The paddle’s lightweight build has been praised for its comfortable feel during gameplay. This characteristic can lead to reduced fatigue and improved maneuverability on the court, especially during long matches.
Helpful for Novice Players: For those new to pickleball, this paddle has proven to be an excellent choice. It aids beginners in getting accustomed to the sport, offering a blend of control and power that facilitates skill development.
Positive Customer Service: The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in its responsive and effective customer service. Many buyers have appreciated the quick resolution of issues related to defective or damaged paddles.
Durability Concerns: A consistent theme in the reviews is the concern over the paddle’s durability. Several customers have reported that the paddle broke or developed defects within a short period of usage, specifically at the junction of the handle and paddle face.
Handle Flexibility: Some users have noticed a degree of flexibility in the handle, which has led to doubts about its strength and overall durability. This issue can impact the paddle’s performance and longevity.
Value for Price: While the paddle offers improved control and performance benefits, its cost has raised questions for some buyers. There is a perception that the product might not justify its price point, especially considering its potential shortcomings.
Missing Accessories: Unlike some other pickleball paddles on the market, this product does not come with a paddle cover. This omission has left some buyers disappointed, as they’ve come to expect this protective accessory included with their purchase.
Mixed Longevity Reports: The reviews indicate varying experiences with the paddle’s lifespan. While some users have enjoyed its performance for an extended period, others have expressed concerns about its longevity, which may lead to apprehension for potential buyers seeking a durable investment.


The Selkirk pickleball paddle has garnered a mixed set of reviews from various buyers, showcasing both its strengths and areas of concern. Several users have praised its initial feel and performance, highlighting its comfort and lightweight build. For those new to the sport, it has proven to be a great choice, offering control and power that aids in improving their game. The paddle’s design has also been applauded, with its large sweet spot contributing to accurate shots and placement on the court.

However, the product’s durability has raised questions for some customers. A notable number of reviewers have expressed disappointment over the paddle’s tendency to break or develop defects, particularly where the handle meets the paddle face. Concerns about the handle’s flexibility and potential fragility have led to reservations about its longevity, even within a short period of usage.

Despite the issues with durability, the paddle’s customer service has received commendation. The company’s willingness to replace damaged paddles and their attentive approach to addressing these concerns have been acknowledged positively, providing potential buyers with a sense of security in case they encounter similar problems.

It’s worth noting that there are varying opinions on the paddle’s value for its price. While some buyers view it as an effective tool to enhance gameplay, others have questioned its cost, especially considering its perceived weaknesses. Some customers have also expressed frustration about the lack of a paddle cover included with the purchase, noting that other more affordable paddles have included this accessory.

In summary, the Selkirk pickleball paddle appears to offer a lightweight and comfortable option for players at different skill levels. Its positive attributes include improved control, a large sweet spot, and initial performance benefits. However, concerns about its durability and handle integrity have led to reservations about its long-term use. With a mix of satisfied users and those who’ve encountered issues, potential buyers should carefully weigh both the benefits and potential drawbacks before making a purchase decision.

Selkirk SLK Evo Hybrid Max 2.0

Game-Changing Performance: Players across skill levels have experienced substantial improvements in their game, with enhanced shot power, spin control, and consistency. The paddle’s design effectively elevates gameplay dynamics.
Balanced Weight Distribution: The paddle’s well-balanced weight distribution contributes to precise shots and maneuverability. Whether you’re at the net or backcourt, you’ll find this paddle comfortable to handle.
Impressive Spin Generation: The textured surface of the paddle allows for exceptional ball spin, adding an extra layer of finesse to your shots. This feature is particularly valuable for strategic play.
Value for Money: Despite its mid-tier price point, the SLK EVO Hybrid Max 2.0 delivers performance that rivals higher-priced options. The combination of affordability and quality makes it a wise investment.
Versatility for Singles and Doubles: The paddle’s versatility shines in both singles and doubles play. Its adaptability ensures a seamless transition between different game formats, catering to various player preferences.
Solid Construction and Durability: Users have praised the paddle’s build quality and durability. It holds up well even during intense matches, offering longevity and consistent performance.
Confidence-Boosting for New Players: Beginners and novices appreciate the boost in confidence that this paddle provides. It aids in learning and mastering various techniques, helping newcomers enjoy the sport from the start.
Swift and Reliable Online Purchasing: The product’s availability through platforms like Pickleball Central ensures a convenient and reliable online purchasing process. The quick delivery and efficient customer service add to the positive buying experience.
Preference for Heavier Paddles: If you prefer paddles with more weight, the SLK EVO Hybrid Max 2.0’s mid-range weight might not align with your playing style and personal preference.
Need for Specific Specialty Features: Players seeking highly specialized features, such as extra-large sweet spots or specific types of grip material, might need to explore paddle options that cater to those specific needs.
Already Satisfied with Current Paddle: If you’re content with your current paddle’s performance and it meets your requirements, there might be less incentive to switch to the SLK EVO Hybrid Max 2.0.
Strict Budget Constraints: While the paddle offers great value for its performance, players on a very tight budget might find it challenging to allocate funds for a new paddle, especially if their current one is still serviceable.
Minimal Change in Playing Style: If your playing style aligns closely with your current paddle’s attributes and switching to the SLK EVO Hybrid Max 2.0 wouldn’t result in a significant gameplay improvement, you might consider sticking with what you have.
Uninterested in Spin Enhancement: If spin control isn’t a primary focus for your gameplay, the paddle’s textured surface, designed to enhance spin, might not provide a substantial advantage for your playing style.
Highly Advanced Players with Specific Needs: For players at a very advanced level with very specific playing preferences, it’s possible that the SLK EVO Hybrid Max 2.0 might not offer the specialized features or performance they require.
Preference for Lighter Paddles: Players who prefer lighter paddles for quick reactions and maneuverability might find the SLK EVO Hybrid Max 2.0’s weight slightly heavier than their ideal choice.


The SLK EVO Hybrid Max 2.0 pickleball paddle has undoubtedly captured the hearts of players across all skill levels. With a design that strikes the perfect balance between weight distribution and spin generation, this paddle has quickly become a favorite among enthusiasts. Its textured surface allows for impressive ball spin, enhancing gameplay dynamics for both beginners and seasoned players.

It’s fascinating to witness the transformation experienced by users who previously relied on different paddles. One player transitioned from the ProKennex ProSpeed II, a paddle designed to alleviate injury-related issues. However, the shift to the SLK EVO Hybrid Max 2.0 saw a remarkable change in their game. Shots that once struggled to clear the net now sail over with ease, and there’s a noticeable increase in shot power and spin control. This paddle doesn’t just improve the game; it seems to elevate it to new heights.

The value proposition of the SLK EVO Hybrid Max 2.0 is undeniably strong. With its reasonable price point, this paddle manages to deliver exceptional performance that rivals even higher-priced alternatives. The build quality and durability are highly commendable, ensuring that players can rely on it for consistent play without concerns about premature wear or damage. It’s reassuring to know that the paddle’s solid construction maintains its integrity even during intense matches.

For players venturing into the world of pickleball, the SLK EVO Hybrid Max 2.0 offers a gateway to a fulfilling experience. Its comfort, control, and versatility make it an ideal choice for those looking to develop their skills and enjoy the game to the fullest. The reviews from those new to the sport speak volumes about the impact this paddle has on their confidence and gameplay.

With a convenient online purchasing process, swift delivery, and positive customer service experiences, the brand Pickleball Central demonstrates a commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. This level of support adds an extra layer of appeal to an already impressive product.

In summary, the SLK EVO Hybrid Max 2.0 pickleball paddle stands as a shining example of innovation and performance within its price range. It has effectively bridged the gap between novice and intermediate players, enabling a smoother transition to higher skill levels. Its design, build quality, and the enhanced gameplay it facilitates make it a compelling option for anyone seeking a dependable and game-changing paddle.

Selkirk SLK Atlas Graphite Control Widebody

Improved Gameplay: Many buyers noticed a tangible improvement in their game upon using the SLK Atlas Pickleball paddle, citing enhanced control, quicker response times, and better shot accuracy.
Lightweight Design: The paddle’s lightweight construction received praise for its ease of maneuverability, allowing players to react swiftly and effortlessly during matches.
Comfortable Grip: The ergonomic handle design was appreciated by users, especially those with larger hands, contributing to a comfortable and secure grip during gameplay.
Decent Transition Paddle: The paddle was considered a valuable choice for players transitioning from beginner to intermediate levels, aiding in the refinement of skills and techniques.
Sizable Sweet Spot: The presence of a large sweet spot on the paddle’s surface contributed to a forgiving playing experience, allowing for consistent shots even when contact wasn’t perfectly centered.
Affordability: Compared to premium paddle options, the SLK Atlas offered a more budget-friendly choice without compromising too much on performance, making it accessible to a wider range of players.
Quick Delivery: Buyers noted that the product was delivered promptly, allowing them to start using it in their matches without significant delay.
Quality Issues: Numerous reviewers reported concerns about the paddle’s durability, with the edge guard frequently detaching or the frame cracking after only a few uses.
Dead Spots: A common complaint was the occurrence of “dead spots” on the paddle’s surface, leading to a loss of power and accuracy during shots, negatively impacting overall gameplay.
Cosmetic Flaws: Some users mentioned that the paddle’s paint chipped off relatively easily, raising questions about the overall build quality and materials used.
Limited Spin Generation: The paddle’s very smooth surface was noted to be less conducive for generating spins, potentially affecting players who heavily rely on spin shots.
Mixed Longevity: While some users experienced positive changes in their game, others reported a decline in paddle performance over time, with the paddle failing to maintain its initial benefits.
Potential Incompatibility: A few buyers expressed concerns about the paddle’s suitability for certain shots, such as dinks and smashes, potentially impacting specific playing styles.
Short Return Window: Some reviewers found themselves unable to return or exchange the paddle due to limitations in the return policy, leaving them dissatisfied with their purchase if issues arose after the return window had expired.
Questionable Value: Despite being more budget-friendly than premium options, the paddle’s quality issues raised doubts about its long-term value for money, leaving some buyers wishing they had invested in a more reliable choice.


The SLK Atlas Pickleball paddle has garnered a range of opinions from its buyers, reflecting diverse experiences with its performance and durability. Many players appreciated its initial impact on their game, finding that it offered improved control, faster response times, and a comfortable grip. Its lightweight design was particularly noted as a positive feature, making it easy to maneuver during matches. For those transitioning from beginner to intermediate levels, the paddle was deemed suitable and valuable, assisting in refining skills and techniques.

However, there were recurring concerns regarding the paddle’s long-term quality and durability. Several buyers reported issues with the paddle’s edge guard detaching, leading to a compromised frame. This issue seemed to occur after a relatively short period of usage, leaving some disappointed as the paddle failed to maintain its performance over time. These quality concerns were further exacerbated by the presence of “dead spots” along the paddle’s surface, leading to a loss of power and accuracy during play. Such occurrences were particularly disheartening for players who had experienced initial improvements in their game.

There were also mentions of cosmetic flaws, such as chipped paint and minor chips, which although not directly affecting performance, did raise questions about the overall build and materials used. Some buyers observed that the paddle’s surface was very smooth, potentially limiting the ease of generating spins. However, others appreciated its well-balanced construction, sizeable sweet spot, and the handle’s ergonomic design, especially for individuals with larger hands.

It’s noteworthy that the SLK Atlas Pickleball paddle appeared to have a divide in terms of its value for money. While some found it to be a decent option for beginners and intermediate players, there were instances where buyers expressed regret over their purchase due to quality issues, prompting them to explore alternative options. Despite this divide, the paddle continued to attract players who favored its lightweight design, responsive performance, and affordability compared to more premium offerings.

Overall, the SLK Atlas Pickleball paddle’s reviews paint a mixed picture, showcasing both its positive impact on gameplay for many users and recurring concerns regarding its durability and build quality. Potential buyers may want to carefully consider these perspectives before making a decision based on their own preferences and priorities.

Selkirk SLK Latitude Graphite Widebody

Beginner-Friendly Design: This paddle is tailor-made for beginners, offering a lightweight build that’s easy to control, helping new players focus on improving their skills without feeling overwhelmed.
Affordable Entry Point: As a cost-effective option, this paddle provides excellent value for those who are just starting to explore the world of pickleball without committing to a higher-priced model.
Comfortable Grip: The paddle’s ergonomic grip ensures a comfortable and secure hold, reducing hand fatigue during extended play sessions and helping players maintain control on the court.
Agile and Responsive: Its quick responsiveness and agility make it an excellent choice for honing your skills and adapting to the fast-paced nature of pickleball gameplay.
Solid Performance: Many users have praised the paddle’s performance, noting its suitability for both learning the basics and refining more advanced techniques, offering a balanced playing experience.
Versatile for All Levels: While it’s designed with beginners in mind, the paddle’s attributes make it adaptable for players at different skill levels, allowing them to progress and improve their game.
Well-Balanced Power and Control: The paddle strikes a good balance between power and control, ensuring that shots are accurate while still maintaining the ability to put some force behind them.

Cosmetic Imperfections: Some users have reported receiving paddles with minor cosmetic defects, such as scratches or flimsy edges, which might affect the overall aesthetic appeal.
Durability Concerns: A few users have raised concerns about the paddle’s long-term durability, with reports of edges coming loose or internal components deteriorating after extended use.
Limited Expert-Level Performance: While well-suited for beginners and casual players, this paddle might not provide the level of performance that more advanced or expert players seek.
Potential Variability in Quality: There’s a possibility of encountering inconsistencies in manufacturing, as indicated by reports of loose plastic or other minor issues affecting some paddles.
Not for Specialty Players: Players seeking specialized features, specific weight distributions, or unique materials might find this paddle’s offerings to be more general in nature.
Sound Variation: A few users have mentioned that this paddle produces a louder sound upon ball impact compared to other paddles, which might be distracting for some players.


The popularity of pickleball has led to an increase in paddle prices, making it challenging for beginners to find an affordable yet effective option. This paddle, however, proves to be the perfect solution for those just starting their pickleball journey. With its excellent balance between quality and performance, this racket has received praise for its lightweight design and agility on the court. The positive sentiment towards its overall feel and quick responsiveness is consistent among users, with its impressive grip making it comfortable to wield for extended periods.

As a reliable choice for novice players, this paddle has garnered favor for its compatibility with newcomers to the sport. Its lightweight nature and user-friendly attributes align well with beginners’ needs, allowing them to grasp the fundamentals of pickleball without difficulty. The commendation of its quality and performance underscores the effectiveness of this paddle as an entry-level option.

The success of a pickleball paddle is often tied to its weight and ease of use, and this product meets those criteria effectively. Its lightweight construction has been well-received by players who value maneuverability and control on the court. The positive feedback regarding its grip and hand feel reinforces its suitability for players at various skill levels, making it a versatile choice.

It’s worth noting that not all experiences have been uniformly positive. Some users have reported minor issues, such as cosmetic imperfections and loose edges, indicating potential variances in manufacturing. However, such concerns are outweighed by the overall satisfaction expressed by those who found this paddle to be an ideal fit for their needs. As a tool for refining pickleball skills, this product offers a balance of affordability and performance, making it a compelling option for those venturing into the world of pickleball.

In conclusion, this paddle has garnered praise for its affordability and suitability for beginners. Its lightweight design, comfortable grip, and agility on the court make it an attractive choice for those just starting their pickleball journey. While there have been isolated reports of minor cosmetic issues, the overall consensus highlights its positive impact on skill development. As you consider your options for a pickleball paddle, this product’s reputation as a beginner-friendly and well-balanced choice is certainly noteworthy.

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