Best Pickleballs for Cold Weather (2023): My Top 4 Recommendations

HEAD Penn 40  Players seeking affordable outdoor pickleballs with durability, visibility, and intermediate-level control. Affordability

Quality Equivalence

Outdoor Durability

Control Enhancement

Stable Performance

Reputable Brand


Consistent Bounce
Misleading Description
Weight Adjustment

Uneven Hole Spacing

Softness Concerns
Comparative Bounciness

Preference Varied
Indoor Limitation

Inconsistent Quality
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 CORE Outdoor  Recreational and intermediate players seeking durable, responsive pickleball balls for casual gameplay. Durable Gameplay

Affordable Quality

High Visibility

Balanced Bounce

Indoor-Outdoor Versatility

Intermediate Players

Responsive Feel

Stable Flight
Weather Sensitivity
Mixed Durability

Cost Consideration

Limited Professional Use
Variable Longevity

Bounce Concerns
Overpriced Perception

Cold Climate
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Wilson TRU 32 PRO Players seeking a durable and consistent outdoor pickleball with a soft touch and distinctive auditory feedback.  Durable Performance

Consistent Bounce

Distinctive Feel

Loud Pop Sound

Made in the USA

Decent Spin

Resilient Against Cracks

Eye-Catching Color
Pricey Investment
Limited Bounce

Preference for Hardness
Less Spin Ratio

Mixed Reception
Unapproved for Tournaments

Crack Risk
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 Engage Tour  Intermediate to advanced players seeking a durable, controlled-play pickleball experience with adaptability to varying temperatures. Durability Advantage

Precise Control

Versatile Conditions

Balanced Performance

Improved Visibility
Unpredictable Spin
Comparative Softness

Temperature Dependency
Preference Variability

Cloning Attempt
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HEAD Penn 40

Best for: Players seeking affordable outdoor pickleballs with durability, visibility, and intermediate-level control.

Affordability: Lower cost compared to sporting stores.
Quality Equivalence: Comparable quality to sporting store options.
Outdoor Durability: Resistant to cracking, suitable for outdoor play.
Control Enhancement: Slight softness offers improved control, especially for early Intermediate players.
Stable Performance: Ideal for wind-prone outdoor courts, maintains stability during play.
Reputable Brand: Manufactured by Penn, known for quality tennis balls.
Visibility: Bright yellow color aids visibility on the court.
Consistent Bounce: Provides a reliable and consistent bounce during games.
Misleading Description: Not as quiet or soft as advertised.
Weight Adjustment: Slight heft may require play adjustments.
Uneven Hole Spacing: Holes not equidistant, potentially impacting play.
Softness Concerns: Some users reported premature deformities and bending due to softness.
Comparative Bounciness: Slightly less bounce compared to other brands.
Preference Varied: Reception varies, some players dislike the weight and bounce.
Indoor Limitation: Not optimal for windy outdoor conditions, subpar performance in the breeze.
Inconsistent Quality: Reports of cracking in some balls within the first week.


The Penn Pickleballs have garnered mixed feedback from a diverse group of buyers. The consensus highlights their affordability in comparison to store prices, boasting equivalent quality to those from sporting stores. However, some discrepancies emerge between the product description and reality, as certain users dispute claims of quietness and softness.

For players braving the outdoor conditions of Maine, these pickleballs have emerged as a favorite due to their perceived slight softness, which aids control and caters to early Intermediate players seeking enjoyable matches. The community’s reaction to these balls varies, with some embracing them wholeheartedly and others finding them acceptable. Notably, the balls’ sturdiness surpasses the cheaper alternatives available, though their weight prompts minor adjustments in play.

Despite a premium over sporting goods store options, users have praised the Penn balls’ durability and reduced likelihood of cracking. The brand’s reputation from tennis ball manufacturing has bled into their pickleball range, earning commendation in comparison to competing brands like Franklin.

The Penn pickleballs have had a substantial impact on play experience for a diverse set of players. In wind-prone outdoor courts, where previous balls would sway uncomfortably mid-volley, the Penn balls have proven their mettle, introducing a degree of stability and retaining compliance with USPA guidelines. These users, falling within the 3.0 to 3.5 skill level range, appreciate the competitive yet fun games the Penn balls facilitate.

The design, however, has faced some scrutiny, with observations of unevenly spaced holes that could potentially influence play dynamics, particularly in windy scenarios. A few players found the Penn balls heavier and less bouncy than their counterparts, resulting in a less favored choice.

While some laud the durability of these balls and their suitability for cold mornings, others report their relatively soft nature leading to premature deformities and bends, raising questions about long-term reliability. Nonetheless, these Penn pickleballs have shown their worth in terms of playability, visibility, and resilience.

All in all, these reviews paint a comprehensive picture of the Penn Pickleballs, reflecting a range of opinions on their performance, durability, and suitability for various playing conditions.

CORE Outdoor

Best for: Recreational and intermediate players seeking durable, responsive pickleball balls for casual gameplay.

Durable Gameplay: Provides sturdy construction for lasting play sessions.
Affordable Quality: Offers good value with solid performance at a reasonable price.
High Visibility: Neon color ensures easy tracking during fast-paced matches.
Balanced Bounce: Consistent bounce adds to engaging and enjoyable gameplay.
Indoor-Outdoor Versatility: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor pickleball matches.
Intermediate Players: Best for players seeking durable performance for recreational games.
Responsive Feel: Delivers responsive ball handling for dynamic gameplay experiences.
Stable Flight: Ensures a stable and reliable trajectory during shots and volleys.
Weather Sensitivity: Prone to cracking in colder temperatures, affecting performance.
Mixed Durability: Some users report wear and tear after extended use.
Cost Consideration: Value might not match preferences of budget-conscious buyers.
Limited Professional Use: May not suit advanced players seeking tournament-level performance.
Variable Longevity: Reports of cracks in balls raise concerns about long-term durability.
Bounce Concerns: Not all users find the bounce consistently satisfactory.
Overpriced Perception: Some buyers feel the cost doesn’t align with perceived quality.
Cold Climate: Less suitable for use in colder weather due to potential cracking.


The product under consideration, a set of pickleball balls from CORE, has garnered a spectrum of opinions from its users. It is evident that the majority of buyers find these balls to be satisfactory and beneficial for their recreational play. With a consistent theme of durability and playability, these pickleball balls have managed to impress many users.

Some reviewers are inclined to acknowledge the enjoyable experience they had while utilizing these balls for pickleball rounds. The responsiveness of the balls, as noted by several users, contributes to an exciting and engaging gameplay. The bounce characteristics, deemed as impressive by a number of reviewers, have also added to the overall positive experience.

Yet, the durability of these balls becomes a focal point of discussion among the reviews. While some users express satisfaction with the sturdiness and resilience of the balls, others found that the balls showed signs of wear and tear relatively quickly. This discrepancy raises questions regarding the product’s long-term durability under consistent use.

There are those who consider these pickleball balls to be reasonably priced for the quality they offer. The balance between price and quality seems to attract buyers who appreciate the overall value of the product. However, a few users express reservations about the price, suggesting that other options might provide better value for their money.

The visual aspects of these pickleball balls, particularly their neon color, are acknowledged for their ease of visibility during gameplay. This feature is especially appreciated by users who engage in games with fast-moving balls. The balls’ ability to maintain their visibility, even during active play, is recognized as an asset.

Some reviews touch upon the potential limitations of these pickleball balls. A common concern revolves around the susceptibility of these balls to cracking, especially in colder weather. This issue is mentioned by multiple users who have encountered such instances, prompting further investigation into the balls’ suitability for various weather conditions.

In summation, the CORE pickleball balls appear to offer a satisfactory experience for many users engaging in recreational pickleball games. Their commendable bounce characteristics, coupled with a reasonable price point, have garnered appreciation. However, questions about the balls’ long-term durability and performance under varying conditions raise considerations for potential buyers. As with any product, the utility and satisfaction derived from these pickleball balls may vary based on individual preferences and expectations.

Wilson TRU 32 PRO

Best for: Players seeking a durable and consistent outdoor pickleball with a soft touch and distinctive auditory feedback.

Durable Performance: Withstands intense play and cold temperatures, ensuring long-lasting use.
Consistent Bounce: Reliable bounce, unaffected by wind, ideal for outdoor matches.
Distinctive Feel: Soft texture and muted impact, favored by certain playing styles.
Loud Pop Sound: Satisfying auditory feedback upon striking the ball.
Made in the USA: Authentic American manufacturing adds value and appeal.
Decent Spin: Offers controllable spin, enhancing gameplay tactics.
Resilient Against Cracks: Sturdier than other brands, minimizing damage during play.
Eye-Catching Color: Bright and visible, suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.
Pricey Investment: High cost, especially when compared to balls in larger quantities.
Limited Bounce: Some players find bounce less pronounced compared to other options.
Preference for Hardness: Softer texture may not suit players who prefer harder balls.
Less Spin Ratio: Doesn’t match the spin characteristics of pressurized felt balls.
Mixed Reception: Varying opinions on bounce, feel, and overall performance.
Unapproved for Tournaments: Not accepted for official tournament play.
Crack Risk: Possibility of cracks appearing at seams during intense matches.


The Wilson Tru 32 Pickleball has garnered a mix of opinions from its users, with a diverse range of experiences shaping their feedback. A notable trend among reviewers is the ball’s durability and robustness. Many players find that these balls hold up exceptionally well during intense matches and show impressive resilience against cracks, even in colder weather conditions. This longevity is a major advantage for players seeking a product that endures over time.

The Tru 32 balls also stand out for their unique features. They possess a distinct bounce that remains consistent even in windy conditions, making them a reliable choice for outdoor play. However, there are differing viewpoints on this aspect, with some players finding the bounce to be less pronounced compared to other pickleball balls. The textured surface of the Tru 32 balls allows for decent spin and control, although some users suggest that they might not match the spin ratio of pressurized felt balls.

In terms of feel, the Tru 32 balls have a softness to them that sets them apart from other options like the Franklin and Onix balls, which are noted for their harder texture. This textural difference influences how the Tru 32 balls respond when struck – they’re described as having a muted sensation upon impact, which some players appreciate for certain styles of play.

One point of contention among reviewers is the pricing of the Tru 32 balls. While some find them worth the cost, praising their performance and longevity, others feel that the price tag is steep, especially considering that some competitors offer balls in larger quantities per purchase. The marketing of the product as a box of 32, while actually containing only 2 balls, has led to frustration among customers who felt misled.

It’s clear that the Tru 32 balls cater to a range of playing preferences and styles. Their suitability for different temperature conditions is highlighted, with some players finding them more responsive at lower temperatures. Additionally, the loud popping sound when the balls are struck provides a satisfying auditory element to the gameplay.

Overall, the Tru 32 Pickleball balls have both fervent supporters and critics, with qualities like durability, unique bounce, and soft texture being the focal points of discussion. As a product made in the USA, these balls carry an appeal for those seeking domestically manufactured sports equipment. While the reception isn’t unanimous, the Tru 32 balls undoubtedly leave a lasting impression, making them a notable choice within the world of pickleball.

Engage Tour

Best for: Intermediate to advanced players seeking a durable, controlled-play pickleball experience with adaptability to varying temperatures.

Durability Advantage: Outlasts competitors like Dura, minimizing replacement frequency.
Precise Control: Offers controlled bounces and paddle contact, enhancing gameplay accuracy.
Versatile Conditions: Thrives in outdoor play above 40°F, adapting to varying temperatures.
Balanced Performance: Strikes a balance between Dura’s hardness and Onix’s softness.
Improved Visibility: Vibrant color aids tracking during play, enhancing overall gameplay experience.
Unpredictable Spin: Irregular hole distribution leads to erratic spinning and bouncing behavior.
Comparative Softness: May not suit players seeking firmness and speed, unlike Dura Fast 40.
Temperature Dependency: Plays too slow above 70°F, may not suit hot climates.
Preference Variability: Player preferences differ; group favor may impact enjoyment.
Cloning Attempt: Resembles D40 but is noticeably softer, affecting squeeze resistance and gameplay.


The Engage Pickleballs have garnered a mix of opinions from customers, each highlighting unique aspects of their performance. Among the feedback, there’s an evident appreciation for the vibrant color and visibility of these balls, making them easily trackable during play. In comparison to other well-known brands like Dura and Franklin, the Engage Pickleballs do stand out for their durability. Many reviewers have noted that these balls maintain their shape and integrity for an extended period, surpassing the average lifespan of similar options.

Interestingly, the Engage Pickleballs seem to strike a balance between firmness and softness, which appeals to various player preferences. Their controlled bounce and paddle-face contact translate to better command over the game, satisfying players who prioritize precision. Furthermore, these balls appear to excel in outdoor conditions when the temperature exceeds 40 degrees Fahrenheit, demonstrating their adaptability to different environments.

However, a point of contention arises from the irregular hole distribution within the Engage Pickleballs. Some players have observed that these inconsistencies can lead to unpredictable spinning and bouncing behaviors. While certain reviewers have attributed this phenomenon to the balls’ unique construction, others find it disruptive to the overall gameplay experience.

Comparisons to other established pickleball balls are inevitable. While some view the Engage Pickleballs as a viable alternative to the Dura Fast 40, others find them softer and slower in comparison. This variance in opinions underscores the diversity of player preferences and how the Engage Pickleballs may cater to a specific subset of players.

Despite the contrasting viewpoints, the Engage Pickleballs are praised for their resistance to cracking, even in intensive play situations. This durability, coupled with their performance characteristics, has led some players to consider them as strong contenders in the realm of pickleball equipment. Although a few reviewers have experienced issues with vendors or identified discrepancies between product handling and their expectations, the overall sentiment seems to be that Engage Pickleballs have the potential to be a reliable choice for players seeking a balanced and enduring pickleball experience.