Best Pickleball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis (2023): My Top 5 Recommendations

New Balance Fresh Foam 880 Men Exceptional Comfort

Wide Fit Options

Support for Various Foot Conditions

Versatile Use

Stylish Design Options

Legacy of New Balance
Color Discrepancies

Expectations of Extreme Cushioning
Origin and Fit

Preference for Specific Models
Color and Style Preference

Availability of Alternatives
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 ASICS Gel-Kayano 28 Men Exceptional Comfort and Cushioning

Stability and Support

Reputation for Quality

Incremental Improvements

Wide Size Availability

Responsive Push-Off

Durable Construction
Fit and Comfort Variability

Potential Manufacturing Defects

Allergic Reactions
Squeaking Issues

Color Mismatch
Limited Impact on Foot Issues

Price Point
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 Mizuno Wave Rider 25  Men Exceptional Comfort

Reliable Brand

Lightweight Design

Supportive Cushioning

Stylish Aesthetics

Wider Fit Option

Proven Durability

Adaptable for Different Activities
Inconsistent Sizing
Material Deterioration

Design Flaws

Varied Durability
Clicking and Separation

Limited Arch Support
Higher Price Point

Mixed Wet Traction
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 ASICS Gel-Nimbus 24  Women Exceptional Cushioning

Comfortable Arch Support

Cloud-Like Comfort

Roomy Toe Space

Versatile Use

Recommended for Specific Conditions

Attractive Design
Narrow Fit

Tongue Design

Durability Concerns
Flexible Construction

Sizing Challenges
Debris Collection

Mixed Views on Arch Support
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 Hoka Bondi 8 Women Unparalleled Comfort and Support

Effective for Plantar Fasciitis

Versatile for Various Activities

Quality Construction

Wide Fit Option

Immediate Comfort
Wide Fit May Not Suit Everyone

Issues with Size Accuracy
Occasional Durability Concerns

Higher Price Point
Unpleasant Purchase Experience

Narrow Toe Box in Some Models
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New Balance Fresh Foam 880

Exceptional Comfort: Numerous reviewers raved about the outstanding comfort these shoes provide, likening the experience to walking on a cushioned mattress. The Fresh Foam technology offers a plush and supportive feel, making them suitable for long walks or runs.
Wide Fit Options: Customers with wider feet appreciated the availability of wide sizes, ensuring a comfortable and roomy fit without compromising on style or performance.
Support for Various Foot Conditions: Individuals with flat feet and those recovering from surgeries found these shoes to be accommodating and soothing. The well-designed cushioning and support may alleviate discomfort associated with certain foot conditions.
Versatile Use: Buyers highlighted the suitability of these shoes for both running and everyday activities. Their versatility makes them a valuable addition to your footwear collection.
Stylish Design Options: The range of color schemes available allows you to choose a design that resonates with your personal style. From vibrant combinations to more subtle hues, there’s something for everyone.
Legacy of New Balance: Long-time fans of New Balance appreciate the brand’s history of quality and performance. The Fresh Foam X 880 V13 continues the tradition with its focus on comfort and functionality.
Color Discrepancies: Some customers reported differences between the product images and the actual shoes received, particularly in terms of color variations or patterns. This could lead to disappointment if you’re specifically seeking a certain aesthetic.
Expectations of Extreme Cushioning: While the Fresh Foam technology offers comfort, a few reviewers felt that the shoes didn’t live up to their expectations of walking on clouds. If you’re seeking an extremely plush experience, you might explore alternative options.
Origin and Fit: A few buyers expressed concern about changes in manufacturing origin impacting the fit and support of the shoes. If you’ve had prior positive experiences with New Balance shoes made in a specific region, you might consider trying them on in person or researching fit feedback.
Preference for Specific Models: If you’re a fan of a specific New Balance model, like the 1080 series, and are looking for similar features, you might find the 880 V13 slightly different in terms of design or comfort.
Color and Style Preference: While the variety of color options is a plus, some purchasers were dissatisfied with the color accuracy or design details. If having the exact color or style is crucial for you, you might want to investigate further or explore other models.
Availability of Alternatives: Depending on your preferences, there might be other running shoe models within New Balance’s lineup or from different brands that offer similar or improved features, so it’s worth considering multiple options before making a decision.


The New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam X 880 V13 Running Shoes have garnered a mix of reactions from buyers, each highlighting distinct aspects of their experience.

One customer expressed excitement about the vibrant color scheme, choosing the Navy/Heritage Blue/Marigold combination. However, there seemed to be a discrepancy between the product image and the received item. The expected blue bleeding into the heel was absent, resulting in some uncertainty about whether to keep the shoes.

On the other hand, several reviewers positively lauded the comfort and foot-friendly design of the 880v13. A flat-footed individual found these shoes to be a great fit, delivering a comfortable walking experience reminiscent of walking on a cushioned mattress. Another user, who had undergone hip surgery, celebrated the newfound quality of life and comfort these shoes offered post-surgery.

The appeal of New Balance’s cushioning technology was reiterated by a long-time fan of the brand, emphasizing the importance of cushioning due to foot problems. The reviewer found the 880v13 to be the most comfortable among their collection, suggesting it to others, especially those in need of extra cushioning.

In contrast, a few customers expressed dissatisfaction. One found the shoes not as cloud-like as expected despite being comfortable for running, suggesting that other shoes might offer superior comfort at a similar price point. Another experienced disappointment in the color variation and detailing, specifically mentioning the absence of black elements that were anticipated in the product description.

A dedicated runner compared the 880v13 with their favorite 1080 v12, noting that the 880v13 was close in comfort but slightly less springy. This reviewer was also candid about the 880’s appearance in comparison to the 1080, favoring the latter’s look and bounce.

In terms of fit and comfort, a customer praised the 880v13 as their most comfortable shoes ever, while another felt that the New Balance brand’s quality had declined with manufacturing in China, leading to a lack of proper fit and support.

Overall, the New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam X 880 V13 Running Shoes received a mix of accolades and critiques. Positive comments centered around comfort, cushioning, and support, while negative feedback touched on color variations, changes in manufacturing origin, and individual expectations not fully met. Despite varying opinions, the shoes continue to draw attention and interest from customers seeking a blend of style and performance in their running footwear.

ASICS Gel-Kayano 28

Exceptional Comfort and Cushioning: Numerous users praise the Gel-Kayano shoes for providing a comfortable and cushioned experience, making them an excellent choice for long walks or runs.
Stability and Support: Many reviewers appreciate the stability and support these shoes offer, particularly for individuals with overpronation or other gait issues, enhancing their overall walking or running experience.
Reputation for Quality: The Gel-Kayano series has a longstanding reputation for producing high-quality running shoes, which can provide confidence to buyers seeking reliable footwear.
Incremental Improvements: Regular users of the Gel-Kayano line appreciate the ongoing improvements with each version, ensuring that the shoes keep up with evolving technology and user needs.
Wide Size Availability: The availability of wide sizes makes these shoes suitable for individuals with varying foot widths, contributing to a more customized fit.
Responsive Push-Off: The gel cushioning technology in the shoes’ soles contributes to a comfortable yet responsive push-off, which is particularly beneficial for runners seeking efficient strides.
Durable Construction: Despite mixed opinions, many reviewers find these shoes to be durable and capable of withstanding regular walking and running activities.
Fit and Comfort Variability: Some users have reported fit issues, discomfort, or even pain, which suggests that the shoes may not suit everyone’s individual foot characteristics.
Potential Manufacturing Defects: A few reviewers have encountered concerns about the quality of the shoes, including instances where the shoes felt misaligned or caused discomfort due to potential manufacturing defects.
Allergic Reactions: A notable review highlights an unexpected allergic reaction to the shoes, potentially attributed to chemicals or materials used in manufacturing, which could be a concern for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies.
Squeaking Issues: A handful of purchasers have noted issues with squeaking sounds emerging from the shoes during use, potentially affecting the overall satisfaction and comfort of the product.
Color Mismatch: Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the color accuracy of the shoes, receiving products that did not match their expectations or the images displayed online.
Limited Impact on Foot Issues: Despite their reputation, a few reviewers found that the Gel-Kayano shoes did not effectively address specific foot issues as expected, leading to disappointment in their performance.
Price Point: While not overtly negative, the price of the Gel-Kayano shoes is relatively high, and some users might find it a significant investment, especially if they do not fully align with their expectations or needs.


The ASICS Gel-Kayano running shoes have garnered a mix of opinions from various users. Many have found them to be a reliable choice for their daily activities, particularly walking and running. One enthusiastic reviewer, who walks around five miles every day, praises the shoes as their “best find” and emphasizes their remarkable comfort. Despite the potential color challenges, the cushioning effect of the shoes has left them feeling like they’re walking on a superior form of air cushioning.

Nonetheless, not all users have had a seamless experience with these shoes. Some have encountered issues with the fit and comfort, highlighting concerns such as the right shoe causing discomfort in the heel. A few buyers have speculated about potential manufacturing defects, suggesting that certain aspects of the design or assembly might not align with their expectations. In contrast to the positive experiences of others with previous models, this year’s version appears to have fallen short for some users, leading them to express their hesitancy to repurchase.

One particularly detailed account recounts an unexpected allergic reaction to the shoes, despite having worn identical models in the past without any problems. The reviewer points out a chemical odor upon unboxing and attributes the discomfort, swelling, and rash to potential differences in manufacturing processes or materials. Hydrocortisone cream was required to alleviate the reaction, but it took more than a week for the symptoms to subside.

Another user appreciates the quality of the shoes but laments that they didn’t address their foot issues as expected. It’s evident that while the shoes are recognized for their quality and comfort, they haven’t universally addressed all users’ individual needs or concerns. Some purchasers have even faced challenges with squeaking sounds in the shoes after a few months of use.

Amidst the varying experiences, several themes consistently emerge. The Gel-Kayano series is renowned for its comfort and stability, with many users appreciating the support and cushioning they offer. Regular buyers of this series find satisfaction in the incremental improvements each version brings. There’s also a trend of users identifying the best fit and comfort by following proper sizing recommendations and considering their individual foot characteristics.

In summary, the ASICS Gel-Kayano running shoes seem to offer a blend of positive attributes and potential drawbacks. Comfort, stability, and support are key selling points for those seeking reliable footwear, particularly for walking and running. However, variations in fit, potential manufacturing defects, and even allergic reactions indicate that the shoes may not be a one-size-fits-all solution.

Mizuno Wave Rider 25

Exceptional Comfort: Numerous buyers have praised these shoes for their unparalleled comfort, often describing them as some of the most comfortable running shoes they’ve ever worn.
Reliable Brand: Many loyal customers have trusted Mizuno for years due to their consistent quality and performance, making the Wave Rider an appealing choice for those seeking a dependable option.
Lightweight Design: The shoes’ lightweight construction is highly appreciated by runners, contributing to a comfortable and effortless running experience.
Supportive Cushioning: The Wave Rider offers sufficient support for running activities, ensuring a comfortable and cushioned stride even during longer distances.
Stylish Aesthetics: These shoes not only perform well but also boast an attractive design, making them a stylish choice for both athletic and casual wear.
Wider Fit Option: Users with wider feet have found these shoes accommodating, providing a comfortable fit without sacrificing performance.
Proven Durability: Despite mixed feedback on durability, numerous reviews highlight the longevity of these shoes, indicating they hold up well even under high-mileage running.
Adaptable for Different Activities: Buyers appreciate the versatility of the Wave Rider, using them not only for running but also for walking, gym workouts, and other activities.
Inconsistent Sizing: Some reviewers have reported sizing discrepancies, with the shoes being smaller or larger than expected. This can lead to discomfort and inconvenience.
Material Deterioration: A few buyers have expressed concerns about premature wear and tear in specific areas of the shoe, such as the Achilles and ankle, after moderate use.
Design Flaws: The sewn-down tongue design has received mixed feedback, causing discomfort for some users while putting on the shoes and highlighting potential design issues.
Varied Durability: While some customers praise the durability of the Wave Rider, others have experienced early signs of deterioration, particularly in the heel area.
Clicking and Separation: Several reviews mention issues with components of the sole separating after a short period of use, leading to clicking noises and a decrease in overall quality.
Limited Arch Support: A few users have noted that the shoes could benefit from additional arch support, potentially causing discomfort for individuals seeking higher levels of support.
Higher Price Point: Some customers have found the Wave Rider to be relatively expensive, especially when compared to other available running shoe options.
Mixed Wet Traction: The tread’s slipperiness on wet surfaces has been mentioned in reviews, potentially affecting traction and safety in rainy or damp conditions.


The Mizuno Wave Rider running shoe has garnered praise from a wide range of buyers, each sharing their unique experiences. Many have found these shoes to be a reliable and comfortable choice for their running needs, with some individuals expressing their satisfaction with using Mizuno products for several years. The consistency and quality of the brand have resonated with customers, especially those who prioritize comfort and support in their running shoes.

Buyers have repeatedly highlighted the lightweight nature of the shoes, applauding them for being some of the most comfortable running shoes they’ve ever worn. These Mizuno Wave Riders are commended for their ability to provide the necessary support for running activities while maintaining an appealing aesthetic. The combination of support and style seems to be a standout feature for many users.

However, there are some concerns raised by a few buyers. A handful of reviews mention issues related to sizing and fit. A couple of customers experienced a smaller fit than expected, which impacted their overall comfort. Additionally, there have been reports of material deterioration in specific areas of the shoes, like the Achilles and ankle, after moderate use. These concerns highlight the importance of consistent quality in different components of the shoe.

Some reviews touch upon specific design features, such as the tongue of the shoe being sewn down to the insole. This design choice has led to discomfort for a subset of users who found it difficult to put their foot into the shoe comfortably. While many reviewers praise the shoe’s outsole and heel unit, these design nuances can influence the overall wearing experience.

The durability of the shoes has been a point of contention, with mixed feedback regarding their lifespan. Some customers have found that the shoes last well, even when used for high-mileage running, while others have reported premature wear and tear, particularly in the heel area.

Despite these varied experiences, Mizuno’s Wave Rider shoes appear to have a dedicated following. Users who have been loyal to the brand for years appreciate the consistent support and comfort provided by these shoes, often comparing them favorably to other models they have tried. The Wave Rider’s ability to accommodate different foot types, such as wider feet, has also garnered praise from customers seeking a comfortable and well-fitting option.

In conclusion, the Mizuno Wave Rider running shoe has elicited both positive and critical reviews from buyers. While many users appreciate its lightweight comfort, support, and enduring quality, others have noted concerns about fit, durability, and design aspects. These reviews collectively shed light on the strengths and areas for improvement of the product, making it an intriguing option for individuals seeking a reliable and comfortable running shoe.

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 24

Exceptional Cushioning: The Gel-Nimbus shoes feature advanced gel technology that offers remarkable shock absorption, providing a cushioned ride that minimizes discomfort during impact, making them ideal for activities like running and walking.
Comfortable Arch Support: Users consistently highlight the supportive arch design of these shoes, ensuring proper foot alignment and reducing strain during physical activities, which is especially beneficial for those with plantar fasciitis or similar conditions.
Cloud-Like Comfort: Many reviewers liken walking in the Gel-Nimbus shoes to stepping on clouds, emphasizing the overall comfort and plush feel that comes from the gel cushioning system.
Roomy Toe Space: The mesh upper design of the shoes provides ample wiggle room for toes, preventing discomfort and allowing for natural foot movement during activities.
Versatile Use: Whether you’re walking, working out, or engaging in sports like Pickleball, these shoes are versatile enough to accommodate a range of activities, making them a reliable choice for everyday wear.
Recommended for Specific Conditions: Users dealing with plantar fasciitis or tendinitis find relief in the Gel-Nimbus shoes, as they offer the necessary support and cushioning to alleviate pain during activities.
Attractive Design: The shoes come in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose a style that suits your preferences while still enjoying the benefits of the Gel-Nimbus technology.
Narrow Fit: Some individuals find the shoes to have a narrower fit, potentially leading to discomfort or tightness, especially for those with wider feet.
Tongue Design: The stretchy tongue design may not be to everyone’s liking, as it can create a sensation of tightness or crowding for some users, affecting overall comfort.
Durability Concerns: A few reviewers report concerns about the shoes’ longevity, mentioning that the front soles can wear out relatively quickly with consistent use, which might not be suitable for those seeking long-lasting footwear.
Flexible Construction: While the flexibility of the shoes is appreciated for everyday use, it might not be ideal for running for some users, particularly those dealing with conditions like tendinitis that require more rigid support.
Sizing Challenges: Selecting the right size can be tricky, as some users find that the shoes run narrow or differently from their usual size, potentially requiring adjustments to achieve a comfortable fit.
Debris Collection: The shoes’ design may allow debris like pine needles and grass to get caught in the laces, which could be bothersome for outdoor activities.
Mixed Views on Arch Support: While many users praise the arch support, there are occasional comments expressing dissatisfaction with the level of support provided by the shoes, suggesting that personal preferences vary.


The Asics Gel-Nimbus running shoes are a popular choice recommended by Dr. Gamez for a cushioned and comfortable running experience. These shoes are built with gel technology that effectively absorbs shock, providing relief from the impact of pavement pounding. Many users praise the gel cushioning, describing it as walking on clouds and highlighting the exceptional comfort it offers.

The mesh upper of the Gel-Nimbus shoes is well-liked for its roomy design, allowing for ample toe movement. This feature enhances the overall fit and contributes to the comfort level of the shoes. The arch support in these shoes is often commended, providing the necessary structure for various physical activities, including walking, working out, and playing Pickleball.

While the Gel-Nimbus shoes excel in comfort and cushioning, some reviewers have shared mixed experiences. A few users with specific conditions like tendinitis caution against using these shoes for running due to their flexibility. However, for everyday use and long walks, the comfort factor remains consistently positive.

There are comments about the shoes’ durability, with some mentioning that the front soles wore through relatively quickly, while others report lasting comfort and support even after extended use. It’s worth noting that a few individuals found the fit to be a bit narrow, recommending sizing up for a better fit. However, others mention that the shoes run true to size.

In terms of design, the Gel-Nimbus shoes receive praise for their color options, with many users loving the aesthetics of the shoes. Some reviewers point out that the shoes can get dirty easily, but they still appreciate the lightweight nature of the footwear.

While the majority of reviews express satisfaction with the Gel-Nimbus shoes, there are a couple of dissenting opinions. A small number of users found the shoes uncomfortable, particularly due to the design of the tongue, which they found thin and not conducive to their preferences.

In conclusion, the Asics Gel-Nimbus running shoes are a popular choice among buyers seeking cushioned comfort, arch support, and shock absorption. They excel in providing a comfortable experience for various activities, although individual preferences regarding fit and design can vary. Despite some mixed opinions, the Gel-Nimbus line remains a notable contender for individuals seeking a comfortable and supportive footwear option.

Hoka Bondi 8

Unparalleled Comfort and Support: Buyers consistently praise the exceptional comfort and support offered by Hoka’s shoes. The plush cushioning and well-designed sole structure provide a comfortable experience even during extended periods of wear.
Effective for Plantar Fasciitis: Many reviewers with plantar fasciitis express relief and reduced discomfort when wearing these shoes. The superior cushioning and wide toe area appear to provide the necessary support for managing this condition.
Versatile for Various Activities: The shoes prove versatile for different activities, from work to exercise. Whether you’re on your feet for long shifts or engaging in physical activities, the Hoka shoes provide the necessary support.
Quality Construction: Numerous buyers commend the quality construction of these shoes. Despite occasional issues, the majority of users find them durable and reliable for everyday use.
Wide Fit Option: The wide toe area accommodates individuals with varying foot shapes, reducing the likelihood of discomfort or rubbing. This inclusive design contributes to a more comfortable experience.
Immediate Comfort: Many reviewers note that the shoes offer comfort from the moment they’re worn. There’s no need for a lengthy break-in period, making them suitable for quick relief.
Wide Fit May Not Suit Everyone: While the wide fit is celebrated by many, it may not be suitable for individuals with narrower feet. Some users find the shoes to be too spacious, leading to potential discomfort and instability.
Issues with Size Accuracy: A few buyers have reported sizing discrepancies, with shoes arriving either too large or too small. This inconsistency can be frustrating and necessitate returns or exchanges.
Occasional Durability Concerns: Despite general satisfaction with durability, isolated cases of letters detaching and sole issues have been reported. This raises concerns about long-term reliability.
Higher Price Point: The cost of Hoka shoes is relatively higher compared to other options on the market. While many buyers deem them worth the investment, the price may deter budget-conscious shoppers.
Unpleasant Purchase Experience: A rare instance of receiving used and dirty shoes highlights potential issues with quality control and the overall purchase experience. Such incidents can lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction.
Narrow Toe Box in Some Models: While the wide toe area is praised, some users have experienced discomfort due to a narrow toe box in certain models. This may cause rubbing and blisters, particularly for those with wider feet.


The Hoka brand is renowned for its “maximalist” shoe designs, featuring thick and chunky soles that stand in stark contrast to the minimalist options available. This unique approach to footwear has garnered a dedicated following, particularly among individuals dealing with plantar fasciitis. Among Hoka’s offerings, the Bondi line stands out as an exceptional choice for those struggling with this condition. These shoes possess a winning combination of ample cushioning, a spacious toe area, and a lightweight construction, as highlighted by Dr. Beldini.

Numerous satisfied buyers have attested to the remarkable comfort and support provided by Hoka’s shoes, often emphasizing the relief from sore feet and pain. Their wide fit and superb cushioning allow wearers to walk or stand for extended periods without discomfort. Many find these shoes to be versatile enough for various activities, including work and exercise.

The consensus leans towards the favorable, with reviewers praising the comfort, support, and true-to-size fit of the Hoka shoes. The shoes’ design appears to be tailored to the needs of professionals, like teachers, who require all-day comfort without compromising on a business casual appearance. Some buyers have even mentioned that these shoes have allowed them to walk pain-free after experiencing discomfort in the past.

Nonetheless, a handful of negative experiences emerge. A few buyers have found the shoes to run wide and large, leading to discomfort. One review was particularly disappointing, as the product arrived in a used and dirty state, indicating a lack of quality control and customer satisfaction.

Occasional issues with durability have also cropped up, such as letters detaching and the sole shrinking and melting. Still, for the majority, these concerns don’t overshadow the general consensus that Hoka shoes offer top-tier comfort and support, especially for individuals with conditions like plantar fasciitis.

To conclude, the reviews reflect a generally positive sentiment toward Hoka’s shoes, with a strong emphasis on their comfort, support, and suitability for various activities. While some minor drawbacks exist, the overwhelming majority of buyers seem to consider the investment worthwhile, appreciating the relief provided for their foot-related discomfort.

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