Best Pickleball Paddles for Tennis Players (2023): My Top 5 Choices


ONIX Z5 Graphite Paddle  Beginner Versatile Gameplay

Balanced Performance

Affordable Upgrade

Durable Construction

Ample Sweet Spot
Handle and Grip Durability Concerns
Inconsistent Quality Control

Potential Weight Issue
Noise and Performance

Handle Comfort
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 Tempest Wave Pro Graphite Paddle
 Professional Enhanced Gameplay Performance

Lightweight and Thin Design

Positive Impact on Control

Suitable for Various Play Styles

Strong Feedback from Verified Buyers

Powerful Hits with Control

Responsive to Different Shots

Ergonomic Grip Options
Price Considerations
Durability Concerns

Potential Authenticity Issues

Lack of Included Cover
Mixed Quality Assurance

Limited Spin Generation
Variable Performance Experience

No Warranty Coverage
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Prince Response Pro Pickleball Paddle  All Enhanced Control and Precision

Diverse Grip Options

Inclusive Design

Distinctive Sound Feedback

Empowering Two-Handed Backhand

Positive Impact on Tennis Players

Large Sweet Spot

Balanced Weight Distribution

Reduced Discomfort

Noticeable Game Improvement
Mixed Durability
Distinctive Sound Feedback
Limited Power
Weight Distribution Issues

Price Point

Performance Variation
Design Critique

Potential Unfavorable Customer Service
Sensitivity to Hits

Preference for Different Brands
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JOOLA Simone Jardim Hyperion CFS 16 Pickleball Paddle  All Lightweight Performance

Balanced Control

Optimized for Net Play

Versatile Power

Quality Materials

Positive Feedback

Specialized Designs
Inconsistent Quality

Price vs. Value

Grip Maintenance
Limited Warranty

Mixed Reviews
Competition with Better Warranties

Questionable Customer Service
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ProKennex Kinetic Ovation Speed II Paddle  All Tennis Elbow Relief

Impressive Power

Comfortable Gameplay

Effective Transition

Positive Impact on Technique

Therapeutic Design

Durable Build
Handle Length Preference

Unconventional Shape

Personal Playing Style
Adjustment Period

Limited Trial Opportunity
Appearance Concerns

Preference for Traditional Designs
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ONIX Z5 Graphite Paddle

Versatile Gameplay: The Z5 paddle’s generous sweet spot and responsive surface allow players to execute a variety of shots with accuracy and confidence, making it suitable for a range of playing styles.
Balanced Performance: This paddle strikes a balance between power and control, catering to players who seek a versatile tool that enhances both their offensive and defensive strategies on the court.
Affordable Upgrade: For beginners looking to advance their skills without breaking the bank, the Onix Z5 offers a reasonable price point for a paddle that provides a noticeable step up in performance compared to entry-level options.
Durable Construction: While there have been mixed reports, many users have found the paddle to withstand regular use and wear, making it a dependable option for players who engage in frequent matches.
Ample Sweet Spot: The Z5’s design provides a considerable sweet spot, allowing players to achieve consistent shots and minimizing errors, which is particularly beneficial for those still refining their technique.
Handle and Grip Durability Concerns: Several users have reported issues with the handle and grip deteriorating or coming apart relatively quickly. This could be a concern for those seeking a more long-lasting paddle.
Inconsistent Quality Control: While many users have praised the paddle’s durability, there are a few reports of manufacturing defects, such as broken paddles or damaged parts. This suggests that quality control might not be consistent.
Potential Weight Issue: Some users have found the paddle’s weight to be on the heavier side, which might not be ideal for players who prefer lighter equipment for quicker maneuverability.
Noise and Performance: A few users have mentioned that the paddle can be noisy upon impact and that its overall performance doesn’t match up to paddles from other brands, potentially affecting the playing experience.
Handle Comfort: The handle size and grip might not be suitable for everyone. Some players might find it uncomfortable, especially if they have larger hands or specific preferences for handle thickness.


The Onix Graphite Z5 pickleball paddle has garnered a range of opinions from its users, showcasing a spectrum of experiences. The paddle’s popularity stems from its position as an attractive option for players looking to balance performance and affordability. Some players have lauded its qualities, praising its versatile gameplay capabilities and its ability to cater to those beyond the beginner stage. Its considerable sweet spot and responsive nature have been particularly highlighted, allowing players to execute shots with accuracy and confidence. For those seeking an upgrade from entry-level paddles, the Onix Z5 has often met expectations, serving as a stepping stone towards more advanced play.

However, the reviews also reveal a mixed bag of issues that have impacted users’ satisfaction. One recurring concern revolves around the paddle’s durability. While some users have found it to be a valuable investment that withstands regular use, others have reported issues with components like the handle and grip deteriorating rapidly. This has led to disappointment and even early returns for some players who expected the paddle to last longer without such wear and tear.

The weight of the paddle has been a point of contention among reviewers. For some, the weight of the Z5 is suitable, offering a good balance between maneuverability and power. Yet, others have found it heavier than expected, and there’s a consensus that the weight can influence the overall gameplay experience, potentially impacting comfort during prolonged sessions.

Another area of divergence lies in the sound the paddle produces upon impact. While some users appreciate the distinct sound when hitting the sweet spot, others have noted that the paddle’s noise level exceeds that of other brands, potentially affecting their concentration and overall enjoyment.

The paddle’s aesthetic qualities have also attracted comments. Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with discrepancies between the ordered color and the received color, indicating potential inconsistencies in the product’s appearance. Nevertheless, the aesthetics are generally considered secondary to the paddle’s performance characteristics.

In summary, the Onix Graphite Z5 pickleball paddle emerges as a contender that showcases both strengths and areas for improvement. Its blend of affordability, versatility, and responsiveness makes it a popular choice for players looking for an intermediate option that bridges the gap between beginner paddles and more advanced, higher-priced models. However, concerns about durability, weight, and grip quality have been voiced by some users, suggesting that while the paddle has much to offer, there is room for the manufacturer to address these issues to ensure a consistently positive user experience.

Tempest Wave Pro Graphite Paddle

Enhanced Gameplay Performance: Numerous users have reported significant improvements in their pickleball game after using this paddle. The combination of control, power, and responsiveness has led to better shots, including drop shots, volleys, and even defensive plays.
Lightweight and Thin Design: The paddle’s lightweight build and thin handle have garnered praise for providing players with better control and increased speed. This design feature allows for quick maneuverability and precision during gameplay.
Positive Impact on Control: Many buyers appreciate the level of control this paddle offers, which aids in executing accurate shots, controlling the pace of the game, and placing the ball with precision.
Suitable for Various Play Styles: Users with different play styles, including defensive and offensive strategies, have found success with this paddle. Its versatility makes it a suitable choice for players with varying preferences.
Strong Feedback from Verified Buyers: Positive reviews from verified buyers who have experienced tangible improvements in their game provide a strong endorsement of the paddle’s capabilities.
Powerful Hits with Control: The balance between power and control is highlighted as a key advantage, allowing players to hit powerful shots while maintaining accuracy and control over the ball’s trajectory.
Responsive to Different Shots: Players have noted that the paddle responds well to a variety of shots, including resets, dinks, and firefights at the net. Its versatility contributes to a dynamic gameplay experience.
Ergonomic Grip Options: The availability of different grip sizes has been appreciated by users with varying hand sizes, ensuring a comfortable and secure hold on the paddle.
Price Considerations: Some buyers feel that the paddle’s price is relatively high compared to other options available in the market, which might make it less appealing for budget-conscious consumers.
Durability Concerns: Reports of dead spots forming relatively quickly raise concerns about the paddle’s longevity and durability. Some users believe that such a product should ideally offer better long-term performance.
Potential Authenticity Issues: Instances of paddles arriving in non-standard packaging or missing labels have led to questions about the authenticity of the product, which might give potential buyers pause.
Lack of Included Cover: Several customers express disappointment over the absence of a protective cover with the paddle. Given the product’s price point, a cover is seen as an expected inclusion.
Mixed Quality Assurance: Reports of paddles arriving damaged, defective, or with cosmetic imperfections suggest that quality assurance might be inconsistent, potentially leading to unsatisfactory purchases.
Limited Spin Generation: Some users find the paddle lacking in the spin generation department, which can be a crucial aspect for players who rely on spin for their playing style.
Variable Performance Experience: While many players praise the paddle’s performance, some have found it to be inconsistent, with differences in feel and response even among apparently identical units.
No Warranty Coverage: The absence of a warranty to address potential issues, such as developing dead spots or delamination, might deter buyers who prioritize long-term product reliability.


The pickleball paddle in question has garnered a mix of opinions from verified buyers, reflecting both its strengths and areas of improvement. Many users appreciate its lightweight design and thin handle, highlighting the enhanced control and speed it brings to their game. The absence of a cover with the paddle seems to be a common disappointment, with several customers feeling that such a high-priced product should include proper protection.

There are indications that some buyers received paddles that may have been returned items. Instances of missing labels and non-standard packaging raise concerns about the authenticity of the product, although the paddles themselves were reportedly in good condition. The paddle’s performance seems to be a pivotal factor, as several players note significant improvements in their gameplay, with comments ranging from enhanced control, power, and spin to smoother drop shots and better handling during defensive plays.

However, some users express reservations. A few buyers are critical of the lack of spin and find it challenging to locate the paddle’s soft spot. While some believe the paddle to be a solid choice, others assert that it might not justify its higher price tag when compared to other, less expensive options that deliver similar or better performance.

Durability emerges as a significant concern for some purchasers. Reports of dead spots developing within a relatively short span raise questions about the paddle’s longevity, with dissatisfaction expressed over the lack of a warranty to address such issues. Additionally, a few customers have encountered problems with the product upon delivery, citing damages, defects, or discrepancies between the received item and what was expected.

Despite these varying opinions, the paddle’s benefits shine through in several reviews. Players note its positive impact on their overall game, with increased power, control, and responsiveness being recurring themes. Some customers even consider it their favorite paddle, attributing their success on the court to its favorable design and performance characteristics.

In summary, the reviewed pickleball paddle showcases a blend of positive and critical feedback from verified buyers. Its lightweight construction, thin handle, and reported improvements in control and speed have been praised, although concerns about packaging, authenticity, durability, and price have been raised. The impact on gameplay, both in terms of power and precision, remains a strong selling point for many users.

Prince Response Pro Pickleball Paddle

Enhanced Control and Precision: Numerous buyers noted improved control and precision in their shots, with the paddle’s design contributing to better placement and accuracy during gameplay.
Diverse Grip Options: The availability of a smaller grip size catered to players with smaller hands, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip for improved gameplay.
Inclusive Design: Suitable for both beginners and experienced players, the paddle’s versatile design accommodates a wide range of playing styles and skill levels.
Distinctive Sound Feedback: The aluminum interior of the paddle creates a unique and distinctive sound upon impact, providing players with immediate auditory feedback on the power and quality of their shots.
Empowering Two-Handed Backhand: The slightly longer grip length enables players to execute a two-handed backhand technique with ease, enhancing their gameplay versatility.
Positive Impact on Tennis Players: Former tennis players found familiarity in the paddle’s design, making the transition to pickleball smoother and more enjoyable.
Large Sweet Spot: A significant number of users appreciated the paddle’s large sweet spot, allowing for forgiving shots and boosting their overall performance.
Balanced Weight Distribution: For players seeking a balance between power and control, the weight distribution of the paddle offered a satisfying blend of both aspects.
Reduced Discomfort: Some players reported a reduction in discomfort, particularly in their forearms, when using this paddle compared to their previous equipment, leading to longer and more enjoyable gameplay sessions.
Noticeable Game Improvement: A considerable portion of buyers reported tangible improvements in their gameplay, including better shot placement, control, and overall performance.
Mixed Durability: Several users expressed concerns about the durability of the paddle, with issues such as edge peeling and damage arising within a relatively short usage period.
Distinctive Sound Feedback: While some appreciated the distinctive sound, others found it too loud or even deafening, especially when hitting the ball close to their ears.
Limited Power: A subset of players found the paddle lacking in power, requiring them to exert more effort to generate forceful shots, which might not align with their playing style.
Weight Distribution Issues: Some users found the weight distribution awkward for their playing style, leading to challenges in maneuverability and court coverage.
Price Point: The pricing of the paddle received mixed feedback, with some considering it reasonable for the quality offered, while others found it overpriced given their expectations regarding power and performance.
Performance Variation: While the paddle was well-received by many, a few users encountered performance variations, experiencing a smaller sweet spot or less control than expected.
Design Critique: A subset of buyers found the paddle’s design to be unconventional or awkward, impacting their gameplay experience negatively.
Potential Unfavorable Customer Service: Specific sellers associated with the paddle received negative feedback regarding customer service, potentially affecting the overall buying experience.
Sensitivity to Hits: Some players found that hitting the ball slightly off-center resulted in less desirable outcomes, making consistent and accurate shots more challenging.
Preference for Different Brands: Individuals who had previous positive experiences with other brands or models might not find the Prince Response Pro to be their preferred choice, based on their personal preferences and experiences.


The Prince Response Pro pickleball paddle has garnered a diverse range of opinions from verified buyers. One recurring theme is the initial surprise some users experienced upon realizing the aluminum composition of the paddle’s interior, leading to a distinct loudness upon impact. For some, this was a noticeable trait that added a unique aspect to their gameplay. Its distinctive sound drew varying reactions, with some appreciating the auditory feedback and others finding it almost deafening, especially when hitting close to the ear.

A shared sentiment among many reviewers is the paddle’s impact on their gameplay. Players, including those relatively new to pickleball, recognized the positive impact the Prince Response Pro had on their control and overall performance. The slightly longer grip length, enabling a two-handed backhand, was well received by those who favored such a technique. It became evident that the paddle’s design catered to a wide range of player preferences and techniques, allowing for improved control and a sense of empowerment.

The paddle’s distribution of weight and the size of its sweet spot emerged as two critical factors in user experiences. Some found the weight distribution to be slightly awkward for their playing style, leading to challenges in maneuverability and court coverage. Others appreciated the weight as it contributed to power and accuracy. Similarly, opinions on the sweet spot varied, with some praising its size for enhancing their shots, while others found it restrictive and requiring precise hits for optimal results.

The paddle’s compatibility with different player profiles was evident. Former tennis players found familiarity in its design, while beginners and those seeking to improve their game commended its impact on their gameplay. Additionally, the availability of a smaller grip size catered to individuals with smaller hands, underlining the product’s inclusivity.

There were mixed feelings about the paddle’s durability. While some expressed satisfaction with its solid construction, others noted concerns about the edge peeling off or experiencing damage, even within a relatively short timeframe. Such durability issues led some to question the product’s quality.

Furthermore, there were conflicting opinions on the paddle’s performance in terms of power and accuracy. Some users were content with the power it offered, trading off some force for enhanced control and precision. However, others found it lacking in power, necessitating firmer grips and effort to generate forceful shots.

External factors such as price and customer service also influenced user impressions. The pricing of the paddle was debated, with some considering it fairly priced for its quality, and others perceiving it as overpriced, particularly given their expectations regarding power and performance.

Finally, there were a few negative reviews that focused on issues like receiving a bent paddle, feeling disappointed with the paddle’s design, or encountering unsatisfactory customer service from specific sellers.

In essence, the Prince Response Pro pickleball paddle elicited diverse feedback from buyers. Its unique sound, weight distribution, sweet spot, and compatibility with different playing styles were prominent talking points. While some users celebrated its impact on their control, accuracy, and power, others found room for improvement in aspects like durability and pricing. These reviews reflect a range of experiences and perceptions, highlighting the nuanced nature of individual preferences in the realm of pickleball equipment.

JOOLA Simone Jardim Hyperion CFS 16 Pickleball Paddle

Lightweight Performance: The paddle’s lightweight design contributes to swift and agile movements, enhancing your overall gameplay and giving you a competitive edge on the court.
Balanced Control: Users have reported a balanced control with this paddle, allowing for precise shots, solid drives, and the ability to execute powerful plays while maintaining accuracy.
Optimized for Net Play: The slightly lighter weight of the paddle makes it excellent for quick movements at the net, enabling you to respond swiftly to opponents’ shots and seize opportunities.
Versatile Power: A combination of power and feel in the paddle ensures that you can strike shots with confidence, whether you’re aiming for aggressive smashes or controlled drop shots.
Quality Materials: Despite a few cases of scuffs and cleanliness issues, the paddle is generally constructed with quality materials that contribute to its performance and durability.
Positive Feedback: Buyers who value a blend of power and control have praised the paddle for its ability to deliver satisfying gameplay, earning it appreciation from both seasoned players and newcomers.
Specialized Designs: Different versions of the paddle with varying thicknesses and grip materials are available, catering to diverse playing styles and preferences, ensuring you find the one that suits you best.
Inconsistent Quality: Some buyers received paddles with scuffs, signs of use, or inadequate cleaning. This inconsistency in product quality raises concerns about the brand’s quality control measures.
Price vs. Value: The paddle’s cost might be perceived as high in relation to the competition, with alternatives offering similar or superior performance at more affordable price points.
Grip Maintenance: The white grip of the paddle tends to accumulate dirt quickly, leading to a less-than-appealing appearance and requiring more frequent maintenance.
Limited Warranty: With a relatively short 6-month warranty period, the product’s longevity and potential durability concerns might not be adequately addressed, raising questions about the manufacturer’s confidence in their own product.
Mixed Reviews: A substantial portion of reviews comes from free product recipients rather than direct purchasers, making it challenging to gauge authentic user experiences and possibly skewing overall ratings.
Competition with Better Warranties: Some buyers found alternative brands that offer similar specs and performance with the added benefit of lifetime warranties, providing more reassurance in the product’s longevity.
Questionable Customer Service: Reports of product failure and difficulty with the warranty process have raised concerns about the brand’s customer service quality, potentially leaving buyers stranded in case of issues.


The product in question, a paddle for a specific sport, has generated a mixed range of opinions among its verified buyers. One recurring theme is the appreciation for its lightweight design, commended for its positive impact on performance. The users’ delight in the weight, performance, and length of the paddle is evident, with many finding it an exciting addition to their gear.

However, not all experiences have been as positive. Some customers received paddles that showed signs of use, such as scuffs on the rim and handles that were not as clean as anticipated. This disparity between expectations and delivered quality left certain buyers dissatisfied. The inconvenience of dealing with a used or defective product that was meant to be new led them to consider returning it.

Price and value are consistent topics in the reviews. While the lightness and performance of the paddle are appreciated, a subset of buyers expressed reservations about the cost. Comparisons were drawn to other paddles that offered similar or even superior performance at a lower price point. This highlights the interplay between perceived value, marketing, and product pricing in consumer choices.

Grip is another aspect that garnered attention. Some buyers were pleased with the paddle’s balance and performance, particularly appreciating its attributes for specific play styles like swift movements at the net or powerful shots. However, concerns were raised about the grip’s appearance, particularly the white grip that seemed to accumulate dirt quickly. Some buyers wished for alternative grip options, reinforcing the notion that even a near-perfect product could have room for improvement.

Warranty and customer service played a role in shaping perceptions as well. A mention of the relatively short 6-month warranty for a paddle at this price point surprised some buyers. This led to further research into the brand’s reputation and revealed reports of product failure and warranty issues. This information, combined with the disparity between purchased and free product reviews, influenced buyers to explore alternatives that offered more robust warranties and better track records.

In conclusion, the product in question is a paddle that evokes varied reactions from its verified buyers. The lightweight design and positive impact on performance drew accolades, as did its suitability for specific play styles. However, discrepancies between expectations and received quality, along with concerns about pricing, grip, and warranty, led to a mixed bag of reviews. It’s clear that while the paddle has its merits, there’s room for improvement in various aspects to align with buyer expectations and deliver a more consistent and satisfying experience.

ProKennex Kinetic Ovation Speed II Paddle

Tennis Elbow Relief: If you’re dealing with tennis elbow or similar arm discomfort, this paddle has received positive feedback for its potential to alleviate strain and pain, allowing you to enjoy the game without unnecessary discomfort.
Impressive Power: Many users have praised the paddle’s ability to deliver impressive power, making it easier to send powerful shots across the court and potentially giving you an edge in matches.
Comfortable Gameplay: The paddle’s design is lauded for its natural feel in hand and a generously sized sweet spot, enhancing overall comfort during gameplay and improving your shot accuracy.
Effective Transition: If you’re transitioning from other racquet sports like tennis or ping pong, the paddle’s unique design and performance benefits could help you adapt and excel in pickleball more quickly.
Positive Impact on Technique: Users have noted improved ball control and spin while using the paddle, which can contribute to honing your technique and enhancing your overall gameplay skills.
Therapeutic Design: For players with a history of arm discomfort, the paddle’s specialized design can potentially aid in preventing or reducing strain, allowing you to enjoy pickleball without worrying about exacerbating existing issues.
Durable Build: The paddle’s high-quality construction and durable materials ensure that it can withstand regular use without showing signs of wear, providing lasting value for your investment.
Handle Length Preference: If you prefer a longer handle to accommodate your grip, the paddle’s shorter handle might not provide the comfort and control you’re looking for, potentially affecting your overall playing experience.
Unconventional Shape: The paddle’s oval shape and unique design might take some getting used to, and if you’re more comfortable with traditional paddle shapes, this deviation might not align with your preferences.
Personal Playing Style: Individual playing styles vary, and while some players might benefit from the paddle’s power and control, it might not perfectly suit your particular style of play and shot preferences.
Adjustment Period: Switching to a new paddle design might require an adjustment period, during which your gameplay might be affected. If you’re not willing to invest time in adapting to a different paddle shape, this could be a drawback.
Limited Trial Opportunity: If you have reservations about the paddle’s weight, size, or grip, keep in mind that once the paddle is used, it might not be eligible for a return, making it challenging to experiment with different options.
Appearance Concerns: Some players might find the paddle’s unconventional appearance to be off-putting or aesthetically unappealing, which could influence their overall satisfaction with the product.
Preference for Traditional Designs: If you have a strong preference for the traditional paddle design commonly found in pickleball equipment, the unique shape and features of this paddle might not align with your expectations.


The ProKennex Pickleball Paddle comes highly recommended for its potential to alleviate tennis elbow symptoms, a common concern among players. While some users found this paddle effective in minimizing stress on their arms, others lauded its impressive power output while maintaining comfort. The paddle’s design is noted for its natural feel and a generously sized sweet spot that enhances gameplay. Numerous buyers found it to be their preferred choice, even after trying several other options, including more expensive ones.

One player with a history of tennis-related arm discomfort chose this paddle due to its reputation for minimizing strain. Remarkably, after around ten days of use, they noticed a significant reduction in pain, a testament to the paddle’s potential therapeutic benefits. The positive experience was further reinforced by the informative information and excellent service provided by Pickleball Central, the retailer.

However, not all reviews were without reservations. A user described the paddle as powerful yet gentle on the arm, but they found its handle length inadequate for their grip, comparing it to an oversized ping pong paddle. This distinction highlights the importance of paddle dimensions and individual preferences in achieving the best fit for players.

Another customer expressed disappointment due to an unforeseen injury preventing them from fully testing the paddle. Despite their intention to return it and potentially try a different weight, they appreciated the customer-friendly return policy and looked forward to giving the paddle a fair shot once they recover.

A common theme among many reviews was the positive impact of the paddle on gameplay and physical comfort. Users observed improved ball control, reduced pain, and enhanced ease of play. This was particularly relevant for those transitioning from other racquet sports like tennis and ping pong, as the paddle design seemed to accommodate their style effectively.

Interestingly, the unconventional design of the paddle received praise for its unique performance benefits. Users found that the paddle’s distinct shape contributed to better control, power, and spin, ultimately contributing to an improved overall gaming experience. Some found the paddle’s appearance to be unusual compared to traditional paddles, but this didn’t diminish their satisfaction with its performance.

In terms of purchasing experience, buyers applauded the efficient shipping and high-quality construction of the paddle. The reviews collectively reflect a consensus that the ProKennex Pickleball Paddle is a worthwhile investment for both its potential therapeutic benefits and its positive impact on gameplay. From its effectiveness in addressing arm discomfort to its balanced power and control, this paddle seems to have garnered significant approval from a diverse range of players, regardless of their prior experience with racquet sports.

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