Best Pickleball Paddle Under $50 (2023): My Top 5 Recommendations

CRBN-1 Carbon Fiber Intermediate to advanced players seeking control, spin, and finesse in their pickleball game. Superior Control

Impressive Spin Potential

Comfortable and Vibration-Free

Balanced Power

Appealing to Tennis Converts

Good for Both Singles and Doubles
Durability Concerns
Heavier Feel

Grip Size
Not Ideal for Power Players

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 ONIX Z5 Graphite Players seeking relief from tennis elbow and those who value a lightweight, arm-friendly paddle with moderate spin capabilities. Affordable Entry-Level Option

Lightweight Design

Comfortable Grip

Decent Sweet Spot

Good for Casual Play
Durability Concerns
Limited Sweet Spot

Color Mismatch Risk
Inconsistent Quality

Heavy for Some
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 ProKennex Kinetic Pro Flight Players seeking arm pain relief and improved control in pickleball. Tennis Elbow Relief

Lightweight Design

Durable Construction

Improved Control

Medium Spin

Reduced Wrist Soreness
Limited Control
Pop Over Control

Quality Concerns
Aesthetic Imperfections

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 Selkirk SLK Halo XL Intermediate to advanced pickleball players seeking control, spin, and a unique handle design. Control and Sweet Spot

Prompt Delivery

Unique Design

Improved Spin

Longer Reach


All-Around Play
Condition on Arrival
Adjustment Period

Smaller Sweet Spot
Spin Expectations

Power Lacking
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 Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Graphite Intermediate to advanced pickleball players seeking a lightweight, control-oriented paddle. Enhanced Control and Speed

Game Improvement

Comfortable Grip

Sturdy Build

Proven Performance
No Cover Included
Possible Quality Issues

Mixed Spin Performance
Variability in Packaging

Price Sensitivity
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CRBN-1 Carbon Fiber

Best for: Intermediate to advanced players seeking control, spin, and finesse in their pickleball game.

Superior Control: Offers exceptional control, perfect for players looking to finesse their shots.
Impressive Spin Potential: Allows for effective spin, enhancing shot versatility and placement.
Comfortable and Vibration-Free: Provides a comfortable grip with minimal vibrations, ensuring a pleasant playing experience.
Balanced Power: Strikes a balance between power and control, suitable for various playing styles.
Appealing to Tennis Converts: Ideal for tennis players transitioning to pickleball, offering familiarity and improved control.
Good for Both Singles and Doubles: Versatile paddle suitable for both singles and doubles play.
Durability Concerns: Some users reported premature wear on the carbon fiber surface and issues with the paddle cover.
Heavier Feel: Can feel slightly heavier than other paddles, requiring adjustment for those used to lighter options.
Grip Size: The grip may be larger than preferred, particularly for players who use overgrips.
Not Ideal for Power Players: If seeking a predominantly power-focused paddle, the CRBN1 may not be the top choice.
Price: At $144, it might be considered a bit pricey, especially for those on a tight budget.


The CRBN1 paddle has garnered a chorus of praise from a diverse group of pickleball enthusiasts. Its exceptional control and spin potential have left an indelible mark on players of various skill levels. For those seeking to elevate their game, this paddle seems to offer a promising solution.

One reviewer, who recently upgraded from a beginner paddle, extolled the CRBN1’s virtues. They commended its superior control, feel, spin, and touch, making it a comfortable choice even during off-center shots. It’s evident that this paddle caters to players looking for precision and finesse.

Another player, with a tennis background, found solace in the CRBN1’s ability to mimic the level of ball control they were accustomed to. They noted an improved ability to keep the ball in play, thanks to the balanced power this paddle provides. The heightened spin potential was also a highlight, showcasing the paddle’s capability to impart spin on the ball effectively.

However, not every experience has been uniformly positive. A discerning user pointed out the paddle’s relatively short lifespan, citing concerns about the carbon fiber surface showing early signs of wear and the paddle cover’s zipper malfunctioning after a few weeks of use. Despite its initial appeal, durability concerns cast a shadow over this otherwise highly praised paddle.

In summary, the CRBN1 paddle has made a significant impression within the pickleball community. It excels in delivering control, spin, and power to players of varying experience levels, offering a balanced and comfortable playing experience. While some durability issues have been raised, the overall consensus remains favorable, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a high-performance paddle.

ONIX Z5 Graphite

Best for: Players seeking relief from tennis elbow and those who value a lightweight, arm-friendly paddle with moderate spin capabilities.

Affordable Entry-Level Option: Ideal for budget-conscious beginners.
Lightweight Design: Offers maneuverability and control during play.
Comfortable Grip: Ergonomic handle for enjoyable extended gameplay.
Decent Sweet Spot: Suitable for players aiming to improve accuracy.
Good for Casual Play: Suits recreational pickleball enthusiasts on a budget.
Durability Concerns: Prone to chipping and handle issues, reducing long-term value.
Limited Sweet Spot: May not meet the performance expectations of more advanced players.
Color Mismatch Risk: Potential disappointment due to color discrepancies in deliveries.
Inconsistent Quality: Some users reported receiving used or defective paddles.
Heavy for Some: Heavier than expected, not suitable for players seeking a lightweight paddle.


The Onix Graphite Z5 pickleball paddle has garnered a range of opinions among its users. Some buyers expressed their dissatisfaction, citing issues like chipping, handle unraveling, and even premature breakage within a short span of use. These negative experiences suggest that the paddle may not be as durable as some had hoped for. Additionally, there were complaints about receiving the wrong color, which caused disappointment.

However, not all buyers had negative feedback. Some praised the paddle for being suitable for beginners, offering good control and a comfortable grip. It seems that for those just starting out in pickleball, the Onix Z5 serves as a decent choice. Many users also appreciated its affordability, suggesting that it’s a reasonable option for those not looking to invest heavily in their equipment.

Some buyers found the sweet spot on the paddle to be relatively small, while others mentioned an improvement in their game accuracy after switching to the Onix Z5. It appears that the paddle’s performance may vary depending on the player’s skill level and preferences.

Overall, the Onix Graphite Z5 seems to have a mixed reputation among buyers. While it may serve well as an entry-level paddle for beginners or those on a budget, it falls short in terms of durability for more experienced players seeking a longer-lasting option.

ProKennex Kinetic Pro Flight

Best for: Players seeking arm pain relief and improved control in pickleball.

Tennis Elbow Relief: Ideal for players seeking relief from tennis elbow and arm discomfort.
Lightweight Design: Perfect for those who prefer a lightweight paddle for enhanced maneuverability.
Durable Construction: Offers long-lasting durability, even when purchased as a used item.
Improved Control: Provides better control for precision shots and reduced risk of tendonitis.
Medium Spin: Offers medium-grade spin off the carbon face for versatile play.
Reduced Wrist Soreness: Minimizes post-game wrist soreness and the need for ice packs.
Limited Control: May have less control compared to other paddles, especially on power shots.
Pop Over Control: Generates more pop at the expense of some control during play.
Quality Concerns: Some users reported receiving used or damaged paddles, raising quality control issues.
Aesthetic Imperfections: Possible cosmetic issues like paint chipping and scuff marks on the paddle.
Pricey: While effective, it’s relatively expensive and might not offer a significant gameplay improvement for everyone.


The ProKennex Pro Flight paddle has garnered a range of opinions from verified buyers, showcasing its unique attributes and performance in various contexts. Many users have praised its ability to alleviate discomfort, particularly for those grappling with tennis elbow and similar arm issues. With its lightweight design and ergonomic grip, it seems to provide a welcome solution to players seeking pain relief during their games. Several reviewers noted a significant reduction in post-game wrist soreness, with some even able to play more games without the need for ice packs.

However, opinions diverge when it comes to the paddle’s performance characteristics. While some users appreciate the medium-grade spin it offers off its carbon face, they also acknowledge that it tends to generate more pop at the expense of control. It seems that the Pro Flight paddle shines in terms of swing weight and maneuverability, but may fall short in delivering pinpoint control compared to other paddles.

Durability and weight are standout features for many reviewers. The paddle’s lightweight construction received praise, making it easier for players to handle and swing. This aspect particularly delighted those prone to tennis elbow, who often found relief in the paddle’s design. The paddle’s resilience and ability to withstand regular use have also been noted, even when purchased as a used item.

Despite the product’s merits, there have been a few reports of dissatisfaction. Some users expressed concerns about receiving what appeared to be used or damaged paddles when expecting new ones, leading to disappointment. Additionally, there were comments about paint chipping and aesthetic imperfections on the paddle’s surface, suggesting potential quality control issues.

In conclusion, the ProKennex Pro Flight paddle seems to be a versatile option that excels in addressing arm discomfort, especially for players dealing with tennis elbow. Its lightweight design and performance attributes, such as spin and swing weight, have won over many users. However, potential concerns about quality control and the occasional discrepancy in paddle conditions may warrant some caution when purchasing this product.

Selkirk SLK Halo XL

Best for: Intermediate to advanced pickleball players seeking control, spin, and a unique handle design.

Control and Sweet Spot: Offers exceptional control and a generous sweet spot for precision in shots.
Prompt Delivery: Selkirk’s fast delivery surpasses estimated schedules, ensuring quick access to the product.
Unique Design: Features a longer handle and top-weighted balance, catering to specific playing preferences.
Improved Spin: The carbon fiber face enhances spin capabilities, allowing for more versatile shot placements.
Longer Reach: Provides a slightly longer reach, aiding players in reaching challenging shots effectively.
Versatility: Suitable for players looking to improve their two-handed backhand shots.
All-Around Play: Great for those seeking an all-around paddle for various playing styles.
Condition on Arrival: Some customers reported stains and cuts on the paddle, impacting its “brand new” appearance.
Adjustment Period: Players transitioning from shorter or lighter paddles may require time to adapt.
Smaller Sweet Spot: Some users found the sweet spot smaller compared to other models, resulting in occasional dead hits.
Spin Expectations: While offering improved spin, it may not meet the expectations of players seeking extremely high spin capabilities.
Power Lacking: For those who prioritize power in their game, the SLK Halo may fall short in this regard.


The SLK Halo paddle from Selkirk has garnered a mix of opinions from verified buyers. Many users have praised its control and appreciated the large sweet spot. It’s evident that Selkirk’s prompt delivery, even faster than estimated, has left a positive impression on customers.

However, some concerns have been raised about the paddle’s condition upon arrival. A few buyers expressed disappointment, noting stains on both surfaces and a cut on the paddle guard, which made it appear less than brand new. Despite these concerns, it’s worth noting that the majority of customers have had positive experiences with Selkirk in the past, making this a somewhat unexpected issue.

One standout feature of the SLK Halo is its longer handle, which users have found to be advantageous, particularly for two-handed backhand shots. The weight distribution, favoring the top, and increased spin capabilities have also received favorable feedback from players. It’s clear that this paddle offers a unique playing experience compared to previous ones.

A recurring theme is the desire to try a 16mm version of the paddle, indicating a curiosity about different variations of the same model.

Adjustment periods were reported by some players, particularly those transitioning from shorter and lighter paddles. However, these adjustments were ultimately embraced, as the SLK Halo’s carbon fiber face contributed to improved shot placement and spin. It also provided a longer reach, enabling players to make those challenging shots more effectively.

In summary, the SLK Halo paddle from Selkirk has received praise for its control, extended handle, and carbon fiber face. While there were some concerns about the condition upon delivery, these issues did not overshadow the overall positive experiences of users. The paddle’s unique features seem to cater to different playing styles, making it a worthwhile consideration for pickleball enthusiasts seeking a versatile tool for their game.

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Graphite

Best for: Intermediate to advanced pickleball players seeking a lightweight, control-oriented paddle.

Enhanced Control and Speed: Lightweight design and thin handle improve gameplay control and speed.
Game Improvement: Users report significant skill level boosts, from 2 to 10.
Comfortable Grip: Longer handle suits players with larger hands, providing a comfortable grip.
Sturdy Build: Solid choice for durability and responsiveness, particularly in defensive situations.
Proven Performance: Praised by high-level players for power and control.
No Cover Included: Despite its price, the paddle does not come with a protective cover.
Possible Quality Issues: Some buyers received damaged or defective paddles.
Mixed Spin Performance: Not ideal for those seeking exceptional spin capabilities.
Variability in Packaging: Reports of discrepancies in packaging and labeling raise quality control concerns.
Price Sensitivity: Considered pricier than expected by some buyers.


The product in question has received a mix of reviews from verified buyers, which provides a comprehensive overview of its strengths and weaknesses.

Many users appreciate the paddle’s lightweight design and thin handle, which enhance control and speed during gameplay. However, some express disappointment that the paddle did not come with a cover, considering its higher price point. They emphasize the importance of protecting a valuable paddle with an included cover.

While some reviewers suggest that the paddle may have been a returned item due to missing labels and packaging discrepancies, they acknowledge that the paddle itself appeared to be in like-new condition. This raises concerns about quality control and packaging practices.

Several users note significant improvements in their gameplay, with one player describing their skill level increasing from a 2 to a 10 after using this paddle. Others commend the comfortable grip, highlighting that it solved the issue of a short grip on their previous paddle.

The paddle’s impact on gameplay varies among users, with some praising its control and power, while others express disappointment in its spin capabilities. It is clear that players have differing preferences and expectations when it comes to paddle performance.

Price is a recurring theme in the reviews, with some users finding the paddle a bit pricier than expected, while others believe it offers good value for its performance.

Despite positive feedback, there are concerns about product quality, as some buyers received paddles with defects such as dents, scratches, or delamination. These issues detract from the overall satisfaction of the purchase.

In summary, this product appears to have a range of strengths, including lightweight design, control, and power, which have led to improved gameplay for many users. However, the absence of a cover, potential packaging discrepancies, and quality control issues are areas for improvement. Price sensitivity and varying opinions on spin performance also contribute to the mixed reviews.

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