Best Pickleball Paddle Under $150 (2023): My Top 5 Recommendations

Pickleball Inc. Champion Eclipse Graphite Beginners and players with small hands seeking an affordable, lightweight paddle for improved control and comfort.  Lightweight Maneuverability

Small Grip Size

Affordable Entry Level

Textured Surface

Solid Hitting Performance

Comfortable Handle

Graphite Construction
Limited Power (No “Pop”)
Short Handle

Lightweight Preference
Not for Advanced Players

Basic Features
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 Diadem Warrior Edge Carbon Fiber  Pickleball players seeking precise control and spin performance at a moderate price point.
Exceptional Control

Generous Sweet Spot

Spin Mastery

Soft Feel

Higher Price Point
Limited Power Assistance

Preference for Pop
Minimal Spin Needs

Compact Sweet Spot
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 Franklin Signature Pro  Novice and intermediate players seeking an affordable paddle for skill development.
Improved Gameplay

Versatile Sizing

Initial Spin

Affordable Entry

Comfortable Grip
Grit Durability
Fragile Handle

Inconsistent Longevity
Limited Warranty

Not for Pros
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 Diadem Icon V1 Graphite  Beginners and casual players seeking an affordable, lightweight paddle with decent control and grip comfort.
Lightweight Speed

Comfortable Grip

Affordable Entry Level

Controlled Gameplay

Value for Money
Quality Inconsistency
Durability Concerns

Spin Limitations
Surface Texture Discrepancy

Limited Customer Support
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 Paddletek Phoenix Genesis Pro  Intermediate to advanced Pickleball players seeking a durable, balanced paddle with good control.


Comfortable Grip

Balanced Power

Weight Options
Vibration Control
Square Grip

Personal Preference
Moderate Power

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Pickleball Inc. Champion Eclipse Graphite

Best for: Beginners and players with small hands seeking an affordable, lightweight paddle for improved control and comfort.

Lightweight Maneuverability: Ideal for players seeking a lightweight paddle for easy control and swift movements.
Small Grip Size: Perfect for individuals with small hands, ensuring a comfortable and secure hold.
Affordable Entry Level: Offers a budget-friendly option for beginners looking to upgrade from wooden paddles.
Textured Surface: Enhances ball control, particularly for close-to-net play.
Solid Hitting Performance: Provides a reliable hitting experience, especially for beginner and intermediate players.
Comfortable Handle: Features a comfortable and slightly tacky grip, aiding in a secure hold.
Graphite Construction: Offers durability and a step up from basic plastic paddles.
Limited Power (No “Pop”): Lacks significant power or “pop” for players seeking more forceful shots.
Short Handle: Inadequate for individuals with larger hands; handle length may be insufficient.
Lightweight Preference: Unsuitable for players who prefer heavier paddles for added power.
Not for Advanced Players: May not meet the performance expectations of highly skilled or competitive players.
Basic Features: Lacks advanced features and may not satisfy players seeking specialized attributes.


Based on the reviews of verified buyers, the Champion Eclipse Graphite Pickleball Paddle appears to be a popular choice among pickleball players, particularly those who are beginners or have small hands. Many users appreciate its lightweight design and the slight texture on the surface, which they believe contributes to better ball control, especially near the net. The smaller grip size has received positive feedback from individuals with smaller hands, enhancing their overall playing experience.

Some users mention that the paddle lacks a significant “pop,” which could be due to its lightweight nature, making it suitable for beginners but potentially less appealing to more advanced players. Nevertheless, many find it to be a cost-effective option compared to higher-end paddles, making it a great choice for those looking to upgrade from wooden rackets without breaking the bank.

The handle’s comfort and grip are highlighted as strong points, and the paddle’s maneuverability and solid hitting performance have garnered praise. Some users, particularly beginners, have experienced an improvement in their game with this paddle.

Despite its overall positive reception, there are a few criticisms. Some buyers with larger hands were disappointed with the handle length, which they found to be shorter than expected. Additionally, a few users mentioned a desire for more weight or power in the paddle, but this could be a subjective preference.

In conclusion, the Champion Eclipse Graphite Pickleball Paddle appears to be a lightweight and comfortable choice, particularly suitable for beginners and those with small hands. It provides good control and value for the money, making it a reasonable investment for those looking to enjoy pickleball without a significant initial expenditure.

Diadem Warrior Edge Carbon Fiber

Best for: Pickleball players seeking precise control and spin performance at a moderate price point.

Exceptional Control: Ideal for players seeking precise shot placement and control.
Generous Sweet Spot: Offers forgiveness for off-center hits, boosting confidence for players of all levels.
Spin Mastery: Perfect for those who rely on spin to outmaneuver opponents.
Soft Feel: Reduces forearm strain, making it suitable for players prone to discomfort.
Durability: Features an effective edge guard for paddle protection and prolonged use.
Higher Price Point: May not be budget-friendly for casual or occasional players.
Limited Power Assistance: Not ideal for players heavily reliant on power shots.
Preference for Pop: If you seek a paddle with a distinct “pop” sensation, this may not deliver.
Minimal Spin Needs: Unnecessary for players with minimal spin-oriented strategies.
Compact Sweet Spot: Those who require a larger sweet spot may find it less forgiving.


The Diadem Warrior Edge Pickleball Paddle has garnered praise from a diverse group of players, showcasing its versatility and performance. Many users have noticed significant improvements in their gameplay, thanks to this paddle’s combination of control and power. It’s evident that the paddle lives up to its advertised features, with players enjoying its performance on the court.

Former tennis players transitioning to pickleball have found the Diadem Warrior Edge to be an excellent choice, especially for those with a two-handed backhand. Its comfortable grip and substantial feel have made it a favorite among these players, and its performance has continued to impress after months of use. The absence of vibration and the presence of consistent contact points make it stand out from the competition.

Spin enthusiasts have also found joy in this paddle, praising its spin capabilities compared to other options on the market. Its soft feel and ability to maintain ball contact have won over serious players who rely on touch shots and dinking to outmaneuver their opponents.

While some users have mentioned the paddle’s higher cost, they acknowledge that it’s a worthy investment for serious pickleball players. The generous sweet spot and edge guard provide added value and protection for the paddle, ensuring it remains in top condition for continued play.

Players who prioritize control and topspin have found their match in the Diadem Warrior Edge. It allows them to execute their shots with precision and generate the spin they need, making it a top choice for those who favor this style of play.

Overall, this paddle has garnered a loyal following among pickleball enthusiasts. It appeals to players of different skill levels, offering a balance of control, power, and spin that elevates their game. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, the Diadem Warrior Edge Pickleball Paddle has proven to be a reliable and effective choice on the court.

Franklin Signature Pro

Best for: Novice and intermediate players seeking an affordable paddle for skill development.

Improved Gameplay: Offers better power and control for players looking to enhance their skills.
Versatile Sizing: Suitable for both petite and average-sized players, accommodating various needs.
Initial Spin: Provides good spin performance, making it ideal for players learning the game.
Affordable Entry: Offers decent quality at a reasonable price for beginners and budget-conscious buyers.
Comfortable Grip: Features a comfortable and grippy handle for extended playing sessions.
Grit Durability: Grit wears off quickly, affecting long-term play quality and value.
Fragile Handle: Reports of handles breaking prematurely, indicating potential durability issues.
Inconsistent Longevity: Mixed reviews on paddle lifespan; some may not find it cost-effective.
Limited Warranty: Warranty may not cover long-term wear and tear, impacting return options.
Not for Pros: Not suitable for professional players or those seeking a high-end performance paddle.


The product in question has received a mixed bag of reviews from verified buyers. Some customers have praised its weight and length, which helped them improve their gameplay as new players. They particularly appreciated the added length for better digging and the resulting increase in power. The paddle’s size, grip, and weight were also suitable for petite players, making it a versatile option for different skill levels.

However, a recurring issue mentioned by several reviewers was the paddle’s grit not lasting. Many reported that after just a few matches, the grit on the paddle began to wear down, ultimately leaving the center sweet spot smooth. While they still enjoyed the feel and pop of the paddle, they were disappointed that it didn’t last longer given its cost.

Some buyers experienced more severe problems, such as the paddle breaking after a short period of use. This was a significant concern for those who expected a durable product for the price. The handle breaking and the grit wearing off were common issues mentioned by these users.

On the positive side, there were comments about the paddle’s initial performance, with users noting its spin and control capabilities. It seemed to be well-suited for players who were learning the game or transitioning from other racket sports.

Overall, opinions on this product were divided. Some found it to be a good midrange option, while others were disappointed by its durability and the early loss of grit. Whether it’s a suitable choice may depend on one’s skill level and specific preferences.

Diadem Icon V1 Graphite

Best for: Beginners and casual players seeking an affordable, lightweight paddle with decent control and grip comfort.

Lightweight Speed: Ideal for players seeking agility and quick maneuverability on the court.
Comfortable Grip: Offers a comfortable and secure grip, reducing hand fatigue during extended play.
Affordable Entry Level: A cost-effective option for beginners looking to upgrade from basic paddles.
Controlled Gameplay: Suitable for those aiming for precise shots and control in their gameplay.
Value for Money: Provides good quality at a reasonable price point, offering excellent overall value.
Quality Inconsistency: Reports of variable product quality and issues like sticky or dirty surfaces.
Durability Concerns: Some users experienced premature cracking or chipping, raising doubts about long-term durability.
Spin Limitations: May not be suitable for players requiring high levels of spin in their shots.
Surface Texture Discrepancy: Inconsistent surface textures among batches can disappoint those expecting specific grip characteristics.
Limited Customer Support: Mixed reviews on the manufacturer’s response to quality issues may deter potential buyers.


The Diadem Icon pickleball paddle has garnered a mix of opinions from verified buyers. Some players found it to be a significant upgrade from their beginner rackets, especially those who opted for the lighter version. They appreciated the lightweight design, comfortable grip, and the paddle’s ability to offer control and speed. Many commended its value for money and expressed confidence that it would continue to meet their needs as their skills improved.

However, there were notable concerns raised by a few buyers. One customer was disappointed by receiving a paddle with a sticky and used side, highlighting potential issues with quality control. Another faced the unfortunate situation of their paddle cracking after minimal use, leading to dissatisfaction with the manufacturer’s response to their warranty claim.

Some players found the paddle’s surface to be different from their expectations, with comments about it feeling rubbery or lacking in the desired spin. Others noted discrepancies between the black and white versions of the paddle, particularly regarding the surface texture. The issue of the white surface picking up markings from the pickleball was mentioned as a downside for some buyers.

Despite these mixed reviews, many customers appreciated the Diadem Icon paddle for its lightweight feel, control, and comfortable grip. Some felt it was suitable for players of various skill levels, while others found it to be a valuable addition to their pickleball gear. Overall, the Diadem Icon appears to have its merits, but potential buyers should consider the various factors highlighted in these reviews before making their purchase.

Paddletek Phoenix Genesis Pro

Best for: Intermediate to advanced Pickleball players seeking a durable, balanced paddle with good control.

Durability: Withstood heavy use for extended periods, proving its long-lasting quality.
Control: Offers precise ball handling and positioning, enhancing overall gameplay.
Comfortable Grip: Suited for players with smaller hands, ensuring a comfortable and secure hold.
Balanced Power: Provides ample power without compromising control for versatile gameplay.
Weight Options: Multiple weight choices cater to individual preferences.
Vibration Control: May reduce power and speed for those seeking a hard-hitting game.
Square Grip: Uncomfortable grip shape, though it aids in vibration reduction.
Personal Preference: Square grip and certain features may not suit all player preferences.
Moderate Power: Not ideal for players focused solely on a power-intensive playing style.
Price: Some may find it relatively expensive compared to other options.


Based on the feedback from verified buyers, it’s clear that this paddle has garnered significant praise and approval. Users have reported positive experiences across various aspects of its performance.

First and foremost, durability seems to be a standout feature, with several buyers highlighting the paddle’s ability to withstand heavy play for extended periods without showing signs of wear and tear. This resilience is especially commendable considering the paddle’s lightweight design, which makes it comfortable to handle, even for individuals with smaller hands.

Many users have expressed satisfaction with the paddle’s control, emphasizing that it has positively impacted their gameplay. Whether it’s for dinking, precise ball positioning, or enhancing overall ball control, this paddle appears to excel in these areas.

While the majority of reviewers appreciate the control aspect, some have mentioned that the “vibration control” feature may slightly compromise power and speed in the game. However, it’s important to note that this trade-off appears to suit players who prefer a more versatile and balanced style of play over pure power and slamming.

Buyers have also lauded the paddle’s grip, finding it comfortable and well-suited to their needs. Furthermore, the paddle’s power capabilities have been a highlight for many, providing the necessary force to execute winning shots when required.

In terms of weight and handle length, the paddle seems to cater to a broad range of preferences, with various weight options available, allowing players to choose according to their comfort and style. The handle length has also been praised for its suitability.

While there have been some comments regarding the square-shaped grip, it appears to be a matter of personal preference, with some users finding it less comfortable but acknowledging its benefits in reducing vibration and potential strain.

In conclusion, based on the collective feedback from verified buyers, this paddle from Paddletek stands out as a versatile and durable choice for Pickleball players of various skill levels. Its balance of control, power, and comfort has earned it high praise, making it a worthwhile option for those seeking to elevate their game on the court.

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