Best Pickleball Paddle Under $100 (2023): My Top 5 Choices


ONIX Z5 Graphite Paddle  Best For Tennis Players Control and Precision

Suitable for Beginners


Lightweight Design

Spin Generation

Enhanced Sweet Spot

Auditory Feedback
Durability Concerns
Inconsistent Quality Control

Lack of Power
Limited Upgrade Potential

Grip Issues

Questionable Longevity
Mixed Performance Reviews
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 Rally Tyro 2 Composite Paddle
 Best For Beginners Affordable Entry Point

Lightweight and Comfortable Grip

Positive Skill Improvement

Family-Friendly Set

Decent for Casual Play
Small Size Discrepancy
Quality and Durability Concerns

Misleading Origin Claims

Limited Suitability for Advanced Players
Risk of Grip Issues
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Paddletek Bantam TS-5 Paddle Best For Advanced Players  Excellent Ball Control

Lightweight Design


Versatile Performance

Player Endorsement
One-Sided Design
Durability Concerns

Price Consideration

Mixed Reviews on Spin
Personal Preference

Grip Issues
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Radical Tour Classic Graphite Paddle
Best for Power  Impressive Performance and Value

Lightweight and Comfortable

Enhanced Sweet Spot

Versatility for Intermediate Players

Durable Build Quality

Smooth Transition from Beginner Paddles

Spin Generation

Positive Feedback from Various Players
Not Ideal for Finesse Players

Potential Durability Concerns
Limited Touch at the Net

Inconsistency in Build Quality
Specific Playstyle Compatibility

Performance Not Ideal for Everyone

Competition from Other Brands
Mixed Feedback on Control
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Champion Graphite X Paddle  Best for Touch Versatile Gameplay

Durable Graphite Build

Smooth Transition

Balanced Weight

Adaptable Sweet Spot

Cost-Effective Option
Unpredictable Durability

Diminishing Sweet Spot
Weight Preference

Lack of Tournament Performance

Breakage Concerns
Limited Innovation
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ONIX Z5 Graphite Paddle

Control and Precision: The paddle’s design prioritizes control, making it an ideal choice for players focused on improving accuracy and finesse shots.
Suitable for Beginners: The paddle’s forgiving sweet spot is particularly advantageous for newcomers to pickleball, aiding them in building confidence and refining their skills.
Affordability: With a reasonable price point, the Onix Z5 offers an accessible entry into mid-tier pickleball paddles, making it an attractive option for those upgrading from beginner equipment.
Lightweight Design: The paddle’s lightweight construction enhances maneuverability, allowing players to swiftly react to shots and swiftly navigate the court.
Spin Generation: Users have reported success in generating spin with this paddle, giving players an additional edge in controlling the trajectory of the ball.
Enhanced Sweet Spot: Many players appreciate the paddle’s larger sweet spot, which contributes to consistent and accurate shots even in challenging situations.
Auditory Feedback: The satisfying sound produced upon hitting the sweet spot adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the playing experience.
Durability Concerns: A recurring issue among reviewers is the paddle’s durability, with reports of handles unraveling or breaking within a relatively short span of use.
Inconsistent Quality Control: Some users have encountered manufacturing inconsistencies, such as rattling internals, grip tape peeling, or scuffed appearances upon purchase.
Lack of Power: While the paddle emphasizes control, some players have found its power output to be lacking, which might not suit those who prioritize forceful shots.
Limited Upgrade Potential: Advanced players seeking a paddle to accommodate their progressing skills might find the Onix Z5’s capabilities insufficient to keep up with their game’s demands.
Grip Issues: Several reviews have noted problems with the grip, including unraveling and discomfort, which could potentially impact gameplay and player comfort.
Questionable Longevity: Some users have experienced the paddle breaking or exhibiting performance issues within a relatively short time frame, raising questions about its long-term durability.
Mixed Performance Reviews: While the paddle’s strengths are evident, the wide range of performance feedback suggests that its suitability can vary widely depending on individual playing styles and preferences.


The Onix Z5 pickleball paddle has garnered a mix of opinions from users, reflecting its diverse performance aspects. The product seems to have found a place in the market, attracting both beginners and those seeking a step-up from introductory equipment. Some users have identified the paddle as a suitable choice for newcomers, praising its lightweight design and reasonable price point. The emphasis on control over power resonates with beginners who are keen on refining their accuracy and technique.

However, the product’s durability and build quality have generated concerns among reviewers. There are mentions of handles unraveling or breaking within a relatively short period of use. This inconsistency in durability seems to have caused frustration for those who appreciated the paddle’s playability. Some customers have encountered manufacturing issues, such as rattling internals or grip tape peeling, which detracts from the overall experience.

The sweet spot on the Onix Z5 paddle has received varying feedback. While some players laud its generous sweet spot, facilitating forgiving shots and boosting confidence, others have expressed reservations about its size, noting that it feels smaller than anticipated. This discrepancy in sweet spot perception could be attributed to individual playing styles and preferences.

In terms of performance, the paddle seems to excel in certain aspects while falling short in others. Players have commended its control, finesse, and the ability to generate spin. These attributes have contributed positively to their game, helping to improve accuracy and precision. The lightweight nature of the paddle is a notable advantage, aiding maneuverability and swift reactions on the court. However, there are reports of the paddle feeling somewhat lacking in power, which could be a trade-off for the focus on control.

Reviewers also touch on the sound produced by the paddle upon hitting the sweet spot, suggesting that it offers an enjoyable auditory cue for successful shots. Some users appreciate this auditory feedback as it adds to the overall playing experience.

The variety of sentiments expressed about the Onix Z5 paddle underscores its positioning in the market as a mid-tier option. While some players have found it to be a transformative upgrade from entry-level paddles, others have found its performance to be middling. Issues with durability, grip, and manufacturing inconsistencies appear to have influenced the overall perception of the product. Despite these shortcomings, the paddle’s strengths in control, lightweight design, and affordability have been valued by players looking to enhance their skills on the pickleball court.

Rally Tyro 2 Composite Paddle

Affordable Entry Point: The product offers an accessible and budget-friendly way for beginners to get started with pickleball, making it a great option for those exploring the sport for the first time.
Lightweight and Comfortable Grip: Customers appreciated the lightweight design and comfortable grip of the paddles, making them suitable for extended gameplay without causing discomfort.
Positive Skill Improvement: Several users reported that the paddles contributed to skill improvement, particularly for beginners. The spin serve capability and solid hits contributed to a positive learning experience.
Family-Friendly Set: The inclusion of multiple paddles and balls makes this set ideal for family play. It’s a convenient way to introduce children and adults to pickleball and enjoy quality time together.
Decent for Casual Play: The product seems to be well-suited for occasional or casual play. It’s especially appealing for those who want to enjoy pickleball recreationally without investing heavily in equipment.
Small Size Discrepancy: Multiple reviews pointed out that the paddles are noticeably smaller than standard pickleball paddles, potentially leading to difficulties in effectively hitting the ball for those accustomed to regular-sized equipment.
Quality and Durability Concerns: Some customers expressed disappointment with the product’s quality and durability. Reports of paddles breaking, chipping, and handles unraveling after limited use raised concerns about its longevity.
Misleading Origin Claims: Customers noted that despite marketing claims of being “Designed in the USA,” the product is actually manufactured in China. This discrepancy might deter those seeking domestically-made products or using origin as a quality indicator.
Limited Suitability for Advanced Players: Advanced players might find this product lacking in performance due to its lower-end construction. The heavier weight and lower-end materials could impact gameplay for those seeking a more competitive edge.
Risk of Grip Issues: The grip on the paddles was reported to come loose relatively quickly, which could impact gameplay and potentially require extra maintenance or replacements.


The product in question seems to have garnered a diverse range of opinions from its users. Many users have praised the paddle for its positive impact on their pickleball experience. One customer mentioned purchasing it for their wife, who is a beginner in the sport, and noted that she has been able to improve her skills, particularly in spinning serves. Another customer appreciated the lightweight design and comfortable grip, stating that it felt the best among the paddles they tried during their introduction to pickleball.

However, there seems to be a recurring concern about the product’s size and quality. Some users expressed disappointment in the paddle’s dimensions, emphasizing that it is notably smaller than the average pickleball paddle. This size discrepancy was also corroborated by the observation that the product’s width and height measurements were below the advertised specifications. Consequently, there were mentions that this smaller size might lead to difficulties in connecting with the ball effectively, especially for those familiar with USAPA approved paddles.

Several customers also commented on the product’s overall quality and durability. While some appreciated the value for their money, others were critical of its construction. There were reports of the paddles breaking or chipping after limited use, with some pointing out that the handles seemed to deteriorate quickly. A few customers noted that the product felt heavier and less durable compared to higher-end options, which led them to view it as suitable mainly for beginners and occasional players.

Despite these concerns, the product received positive feedback for its affordability and value, especially for those new to the game. Families seemed to find it enjoyable for casual games, with the included balls and lightweight design making it accessible for both kids and adults. It was also noted that the set was a great starting point for introducing pickleball to family and friends.

On the manufacturing side, there were remarks about the product’s origin. Some customers were disappointed to discover that the product, despite its “Designed in the USA” marketing, was actually made in China. This discrepancy led to disappointment in terms of supporting local jobs and perceived quality.

In summary, the reviews reflect a mixed sentiment about the product. While it seems to offer an accessible entry point for beginners and casual players, there are concerns about its size, quality, and durability. It’s important to note that the product’s affordability and suitability for introductory experiences are key factors, but potential buyers should be aware of the reported limitations before making a purchase decision.

Paddletek Bantam TS-5 Paddle

Excellent Ball Control: Many users have praised the paddle’s exceptional ball control, which can greatly improve your accuracy and shot placement on the pickleball court.
Lightweight Design: The paddle’s lightweight construction contributes to faster hand speed and maneuverability, allowing you to react swiftly to different shots during the game.
Beginner-Friendly: Numerous beginner players have found this paddle to be a great choice for improving their skills. The paddle’s forgiving nature and responsive feel can help newcomers gain confidence and enhance their gameplay.
Versatile Performance: Users have reported that the paddle is well-suited for various styles of play, whether you prefer powerful shots or finesse shots at the net.
Player Endorsement: The fact that top-level players like Anna Leigh Waters reportedly use this paddle lends credibility to its performance and quality, making it an appealing option for players looking to up their game.
Quality Customer Service: In instances where customers experienced issues with the paddle, the manufacturer’s responsive customer service and willingness to replace defective paddles have been highlighted as positive aspects.
Grip Issues: Some users have mentioned that the grip of the paddle is too thin or uncomfortable, causing discomfort during play. This could be a concern if you prioritize a specific grip style or have sensitive hands.
One-Sided Design: A few reviewers have pointed out that the main design is only present on one side of the paddle. If aesthetics matter to you and you prefer a more balanced design, this could be a potential drawback.
Durability Concerns: There have been instances of customers experiencing durability issues, such as dead spots developing on the paddle or the handle breaking after a relatively short period of use.
Price Consideration: While the paddle offers positive features, its price point might be relatively high compared to other options on the market. If budget is a significant concern, this could be a factor to weigh.
Mixed Reviews on Spin: Some players have noted that the paddle may not be as effective for generating spin as they would prefer. If spin is a crucial element of your gameplay, this might be something to take into account.
Personal Preference: Paddle preferences can be highly individual, and what works well for one player might not suit another’s playing style. It’s important to consider your personal playing preferences and try out the paddle if possible before committing to a purchase.


The Paddletek Bantam TS-5 pickleball paddle seems to have garnered a broad consensus of positive feedback from verified buyers. Its standout features are its remarkable ball control and ease of handling, with many users praising its ability to deliver precise shots. The light weight of the paddle is another aspect that users repeatedly mention as a major advantage. This lightweight design appears to contribute to both power and finesse, enabling players to execute powerful shots while also maintaining control for more delicate maneuvers.

One particular highlight is the paddle’s role in enhancing gameplay for beginners. Numerous reviewers who had experimented with other paddles found the Paddletek Bantam TS-5 to be a standout choice, especially for newcomers to pickleball. The paddle’s attributes, such as its bounce and responsiveness, have reportedly helped improve players’ skills and overall game performance. Even players who had experienced previous injuries, such as rotator cuff issues, mentioned that the lightweight design suited their needs and allowed them to execute accurate shots without causing strain.

Moreover, the paddle seems to be endorsed by accomplished players, including a reference to a top female pickleball player, Anna Leigh Waters, who apparently utilizes the same paddle. This association likely adds to the paddle’s credibility and reputation among enthusiasts and players looking to elevate their game.

While the vast majority of feedback is positive, there are a few considerations mentioned in the reviews. Some buyers encountered issues with the paddle’s grip, with one user mentioning that the thin grip caused a blister on their thumb due to friction. A few reviewers expressed disappointment in the design, noting that the main design was only present on one side of the paddle, which might be a minor aesthetic concern for some.

Additionally, durability and quality concerns arose in some cases. One reviewer reported a dead spot appearing on the paddle after only two months of infrequent use, leading them to seek a refund or replacement. Another customer experienced a handle breakage during normal play, raising questions about the paddle’s longevity. However, a notable positive aspect emerged in these cases: the responsiveness of the manufacturer’s customer service. One reviewer praised the company for promptly addressing their concerns and replacing the defective paddle, indicating good customer support.

In summary, the Paddletek Bantam TS-5 pickleball paddle has garnered positive feedback for its superb control, lightweight design, and ability to enhance gameplay for both beginners and experienced players. While minor grip and design issues have been raised, the overall consensus suggests that the paddle delivers on its promise of improving shots, enabling precision, and contributing positively to the pickleball experience.

HEAD Radical Tour Classic Graphite Paddle

Impressive Performance and Value: Many players find the paddle’s performance impressive for its price point. It offers a good balance of power, control, and spin, providing excellent value for the investment.
Lightweight and Comfortable: The paddle’s lightweight design and comfortable grip make it easy to maneuver during gameplay, allowing players to focus on shot placement and strategy.
Enhanced Sweet Spot: The paddle’s larger sweet spot contributes to a more forgiving playing experience, helping players achieve consistent shots even on off-center hits.
Versatility for Intermediate Players: Intermediate players appreciate the paddle’s ability to accommodate a variety of playing styles. It offers both power and finesse, making it suitable for those looking to refine their skills.
Durable Build Quality: Despite some concerns about chipping and endurance, the majority of users find the paddle’s build quality satisfactory, suggesting that it can withstand regular gameplay.
Smooth Transition from Beginner Paddles: Users who are transitioning from beginner-level paddles often find this product to be a noticeable step up in terms of performance, making it a viable choice for players looking to improve their game.
Spin Generation: The paddle’s surface variations allow for effective spin generation, which can be advantageous in creating deceptive shots and enhancing gameplay tactics.
Positive Feedback from Various Players: The paddle has garnered positive feedback from both new and experienced players, indicating its adaptability to a wide range of skill levels and preferences.
Not Ideal for Finesse Players: Players who heavily rely on touch and finesse might find this paddle less suitable, as it can be challenging to execute controlled drop shots and precise net taps.
Potential Durability Concerns: A few reviewers have expressed concerns about the paddle’s long-term durability, citing minor chipping and internal separation issues after extended use.
Limited Touch at the Net: The paddle’s design and characteristics might make it less effective for delicate net play, impacting players’ ability to execute measured shots close to the net.
Inconsistency in Build Quality: Some users have reported issues like dead spots in the center of the paddle, raising questions about the consistency of the product’s manufacturing.
Specific Playstyle Compatibility: While the paddle is versatile, players with highly specialized playstyles might find that it doesn’t perfectly align with their unique preferences and strategies.
Performance Not Ideal for Everyone: As with any product, individual preferences and playing styles vary. Some players might not find the paddle’s performance attributes to be a perfect fit for their needs and expectations.
Competition from Other Brands: While the paddle offers good value, there are numerous other options on the market, and players might want to explore a variety of brands and models before making a decision.
Mixed Feedback on Control: Some players have mentioned challenges in maintaining precise control over the ball, which could be attributed to the paddle’s design and weight distribution.


The paddle under consideration has garnered a range of feedback from various players, each offering insights into its performance and suitability for different playing styles and skill levels. For those seeking an upgrade from their sports store variety paddles, this paddle seems to be a compelling option. Several reviewers highlight its comfortable grip, lightweight nature, and a longer handle, which contributes to a nice feel during gameplay.

In terms of performance attributes, the paddle’s pop and a larger sweet spot are frequently praised. These characteristics, along with its affordability, lead many to believe that it offers great value for the money. Intermediate players find it particularly appealing, as it allows them to focus on shot placement due to its lighter weight. Moreover, it accommodates diverse playing strategies, facilitating the mixing of serving speeds and transitioning between different spins.

However, as is often the case with products, there are some trade-offs. While it excels in power and hitting capabilities, some reviewers mention that the paddle might not be the best choice for players who rely heavily on touch and finesse. This group found it challenging to execute controlled drop shots and measured taps at the net. Nonetheless, it’s acknowledged that this minor drawback might be compensated by the paddle’s strengths in other areas.

Durability and build quality appear to be a consideration for a few players. One reviewer mentions some minor chipping after around ten hours of play, while another emphasizes the importance of time in assessing the paddle’s endurance. Despite such concerns, the majority of players seem content with the paddle’s construction, fit, and finish.

It’s noteworthy that the paddle has found its place among players with varying levels of expertise. From those just stepping into the world of pickleball to more seasoned competitors, this paddle has shown versatility in catering to different needs. Even players looking to elevate their game to a more competitive level have found this product beneficial. The paddle’s ability to generate spin and power, balanced with control, is emphasized.

While the majority of reviews lean towards positivity, there are a few instances of dissatisfaction. One user reported a noticeable dead spot in the center of the paddle, which impacted their experience negatively. This observation led them to express doubts about purchasing a paddle from the same brand again.

In conclusion, the consensus among verified buyers points to this paddle being a viable option for pickleball enthusiasts seeking a blend of power, control, and affordability. Its lightweight build, comfortable grip, and commendable performance attributes have led to high ratings from many. While it may not perfectly suit every playing style, its strengths in pop, sweet spot, and spin generation make it a noteworthy choice for those looking to enhance their gameplay.

Champion Graphite X Paddle

Versatile Gameplay: The Champion Paddle offers a versatile playing experience, making it suitable for players of all levels. Its unique combination of power and spin capabilities allows you to adapt your shots according to different game situations.
Durable Graphite Build: Crafted with a durable graphite construction, this paddle promises longevity and resistance to wear and tear. Its sturdy nature ensures that it can withstand regular gameplay without losing its structural integrity.
Smooth Transition: If you’re upgrading from beginner-level paddles, the Champion Paddle could be an ideal stepping stone. It provides a marked improvement in quality and performance, allowing you to refine your skills without investing in top-tier options.
Balanced Weight: The paddle’s balanced weight distribution strikes a harmonious blend between power and control. This equilibrium can enhance your overall gameplay, enabling you to execute both forceful shots and finesse-based techniques.
Adaptable Sweet Spot: The relatively large sweet spot of the Champion Paddle forgives slight mis-hits, providing a more forgiving experience, especially for players still developing their accuracy and technique.
Cost-Effective Option: Positioned as a mid-range paddle, the Champion Paddle offers good value for its price. It’s a cost-effective solution for players seeking enhanced quality without committing to high-end, expensive alternatives.
Unpredictable Durability: Despite its reputation for durability, some users have reported unexpected breakage, which raises concerns about the paddle’s long-term reliability and value for money.
Diminishing Sweet Spot: There are mixed reviews about the sweet spot of the paddle. While some appreciate its forgiving nature, others note that it diminishes over time, potentially impacting gameplay consistency.
Weight Preference: The balanced weight might not cater to players who lean heavily towards either power-based shots or precision-oriented gameplay. Some players might find the weight distribution doesn’t align with their preferred style.
Lack of Tournament Performance: If you’re a competitive player aiming for tournament-level performance, the Champion Paddle might not be the best fit. While it’s a step above beginner equipment, it might fall short in providing the edge required at higher competitive levels.
Breakage Concerns: The reported instances of the paddle snapping unexpectedly during gameplay raise concerns about its overall construction quality and ability to withstand rigorous play.
Limited Innovation: While the paddle offers a blend of attributes, it might lack the cutting-edge innovations and features found in more advanced, high-end models on the market.


The Champion Paddle has certainly garnered a lot of attention and feedback from a diverse group of players. With a legacy spanning 8 years of engagement in the sport, this paddle has proven to be a reliable choice for many. Its durable construction, fortified with a graphite build, is a standout feature that has received widespread praise. The amalgamation of sturdiness and spin-enhancing capabilities make it a versatile tool suitable for players at various skill levels.

The power it offers from the baseline and the control it provides at the kitchen are often lauded, attesting to its multifaceted nature. A paddle capable of delivering powerful shots while maintaining the finesse for delicate spins is indeed a rarity. This unique combination has appealed to both novice and more experienced players alike, underlining its adaptability to different playing styles.

While many players are enamored by its qualities, the paddle is not immune to flaws. A recurring concern seems to be its propensity to break unexpectedly. Some players have reported instances of it snapping in half during gameplay, an occurrence that they hadn’t encountered before. This serves as a stark contrast to the paddle’s reputation for durability, raising eyebrows and leaving players perplexed.

The sweet spot, a critical aspect of any paddle’s performance, has also sparked varying opinions. Some players commend its large sweet spot, attributing their enhanced gameplay to its forgiving nature. Yet, others express dissatisfaction, noting that the sweet spot has diminished over time. This discrepancy could be attributed to the paddle’s composition or the diverse playing styles it caters to.

The grip and weight of the paddle have also been subject to scrutiny. For players with small hands, it appears to be a suitable fit, allowing them to maneuver and control their shots with ease. However, the weight, while being advantageous for generating power, has also been a point of contention. Some players feel that its lightness hampers their shots, while others appreciate the balance it strikes between power and finesse.

It’s worth noting that, despite its hiccups, this paddle has found a following among many pickleball enthusiasts. Some consider it a cost-effective option that offers a notable upgrade from beginner paddles. It occupies the middle ground, providing better quality without demanding an exorbitant investment. Its role as a stepping stone to more advanced paddles is recognized, and for some, it serves as a reliable standby until they’re ready to explore higher-tier options.

In conclusion, the Champion Paddle appears to be a mixed bag of experiences for players. Its durability, spin capabilities, and adaptability are attributes that have earned it a place in the pickleball landscape. Yet, issues with unexpected breakage and a diminishing sweet spot have raised concerns. For those seeking an intermediate paddle that bridges the gap between novice equipment and professional-grade options, the Champion Paddle seems to offer a feasible compromise. However, players aiming for tournament-level performance might be inclined to explore alternatives that align more precisely with their needs.

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