Best Pickleball Paddle for Tennis Elbow (2023): My Top 5 Recommendations

ONIX Z5 Graphite  Players transitioning from beginner to intermediate levels seeking accuracy and control in their gameplay. Intermediate Progression

Large Sweet Spot

Responsive Design

Balanced Performance

Affordable Upgrade
Durability Concerns
Power Limitations

Noise Generation
Cosmetic Discrepancies

Specific Player Needs
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 Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Graphite  Players seeking enhanced control, power, and maneuverability while prioritizing responsiveness for advanced spin placement. Enhanced Gameplay

Lightweight Design

Solid Power and Control

Favorable Weight Distribution

Responsive Surface

Stable Grip Size

Instant Adaptation

Price Tag

Durability Concerns

Missing Accessories
Packaging Anomalies

Possible Returned Items
Variability in Quality

Limited Warranty
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 Paddletek Bantam TS-5 Pro Composite  Intermediate players seeking accurate control, comfortable dinking, and versatile gameplay. Forgiving Sweetspot

Plush Pop Feel

Control and Ball Placement

Comfortable Dinking

Adaptable for Different Skill Levels

Lightweight Maneuverability

Satisfying Spin
Handle Ergonomics

Short Handle Length

Build Quality Concerns
Limited Power

Grip Durability
Advanced Spin Needs

Personalization Limitations
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 Selkirk AMPED S2 X5 FiberFlex Players seeking a balanced power-control paddle, especially those with tennis elbow concerns.  Versatile Power

Comfortable Grip

Elbow Relief

Smooth Transition

Responsive Sweet Spot

Efficient Design

Customer Service
Durability Concerns

Weight Preference
Learning Curve

Price Range
Inconsistent Quality

Limited Accessories
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 Selkirk AMPED Epic X5 FiberFlex  Intermediate players seeking improved control, power, and quick maneuverability. Control and Power

Lightweight Advantage

Customer Service

Comfortable Handling

Improved Placement
Durability Concerns
Handle Length

Mixed Value
Potential Dead Spots

Questionable Quality
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ONIX Z5 Graphite

Best for: Players transitioning from beginner to intermediate levels seeking accuracy and control in their gameplay.

Intermediate Progression: Ideal for players transitioning from beginner to intermediate levels seeking control and accuracy.
Large Sweet Spot: Expanded sweet spot aids accurate shots, boosting confidence and enhancing gameplay.
Responsive Design: Offers balance and responsiveness, allowing versatile shot selection and maneuverability on the court.
Balanced Performance: Suitable for those looking to balance power and control for an evolving playing style.
Affordable Upgrade: Mid-range price offers an affordable step-up from entry-level paddles for advancing players.
Durability Concerns: Handle and grip issues reported, raising concerns about the paddle’s long-term reliability.
Power Limitations: Some users find lack of power and occasional dead spots during play.
Noise Generation: Notable noise during play may be distracting and undesirable for certain players.
Cosmetic Discrepancies: Color discrepancies reported, causing dissatisfaction with received product appearance.
Specific Player Needs: May not cater to advanced players seeking higher-end features and performance.


The Onix Graphite Z5 pickleball paddle has garnered a mixed bag of reviews from verified buyers, painting a nuanced picture of its performance and durability. With a price point that falls within the mid-range category, the paddle’s attributes have sparked varying opinions among pickleball enthusiasts.

Some users find the Z5 paddle to be a significant upgrade from entry-level options. Its lightweight design and easy adaptability make it particularly well-suited for players transitioning from beginner to intermediate levels. The larger sweet spot has earned praise for aiding in accurate shots, contributing to improved control, and helping players build their confidence on the court.

However, not all feedback has been positive. A recurrent concern revolves around the durability of the handle and grip. A number of buyers express frustration over the grip tape coming loose and the handle unraveling after relatively short periods of use. This inconsistency in build quality has led to disappointment for those who had hoped for a longer-lasting investment.

In terms of playability, opinions diverge. While some players appreciate the paddle’s balance and responsiveness, others mention feeling a lack of power and occasional dead spots during gameplay. A notable number of users have reported experiencing noise issues during play, suggesting that the paddle might generate more sound compared to offerings from other brands.

Furthermore, the cosmetic aspect of the paddle seems to be a concern for some buyers. There are instances where customers received the paddle in a different color than expected, leading to dissatisfaction with their purchase.

In summary, the Onix Graphite Z5 paddle caters to a specific segment of pickleball players seeking a mid-range option for advancing their skills beyond the entry level. The paddle’s large sweet spot and responsive qualities are applauded for aiding accuracy and control. However, recurring problems with handle durability, occasional noise during play, and some inconsistencies in overall performance leave room for improvement. As such, potential buyers with specific preferences and requirements are advised to consider these factors carefully before making their decision.

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Graphite

Best for: Players seeking enhanced control, power, and maneuverability while prioritizing responsiveness for advanced spin placement.

Enhanced Gameplay: Elevates skills from 2 to 10 with improved control and speed.
Lightweight Design: Offers easy maneuverability for precise shots and quick reactions.
Solid Power and Control: Strikes a balance between power and control, benefiting all-round players.
Favorable Weight Distribution: Facilitates accurate dinking and controlled shots at the net.
Responsive Surface: Enables effective spin for advanced ball placement and strategic shots.
Stable Grip Size: Ideal for players seeking a comfortable grip during extended gameplay.
Instant Adaptation: Minimal adjustment period for smooth transition from other paddles.
Tournament-Worthy: Boosts performance for both recreational and competitive players.
Price Tag: Relatively high cost may deter budget-conscious buyers seeking comparable alternatives.
Durability Concerns: Reports of wear and tear, dead spots, and potential delamination issues.
Missing Accessories: Lacks a cover, leading to the need for separate protective gear.
Packaging Anomalies: Some buyers received paddles without standard labels or packaging, raising doubts.
Possible Returned Items: Suspicions that received paddles could be refurbished or previously returned products.
Variability in Quality: Inconsistent quality control leads to potential defects or damage upon arrival.
Limited Warranty: Lack of warranty coverage may affect long-term value and customer satisfaction.


The chosen pickleball paddle has certainly sparked a range of opinions among its users. Some players find the paddle to be a game-changer, elevating their skills from a 2 to a 10. The lightweight design and thin handle offer improved control and speed, transforming their gameplay experience. These players value the paddle’s contribution to their performance on the court.

However, a recurring concern revolves around the absence of a cover accompanying the high-priced paddle. Many buyers expect a premium product to come with protective accessories. This lack of inclusion has led some to feel that the otherwise exceptional paddle is not being handled with the care it deserves. Some even speculate that their purchased paddles might have been previously returned items, pointing to missing labels and packaging anomalies.

While the paddle’s effectiveness in boosting gameplay is undeniable, there’s a mixed sentiment regarding its durability. Some players have noticed wear and tear relatively quickly, with concerns about dead spots and signs of delamination appearing within a short span of use. Others emphasize the importance of longevity, especially given the paddle’s price point, and express disappointment over the lack of a warranty.

For players seeking heightened control and power, the paddle has proven itself as a solid choice. Its weight distribution and design have contributed to improved performance, making it a favorite among players looking to enhance their soft game. However, this sentiment sometimes competes with the perception that the paddle’s value might not entirely match its price, as other less expensive options have reportedly outperformed it in certain aspects.

Overall, the paddle seems to offer a mix of power, control, and responsiveness. Players who have found their stride with this model praise its impact on their style of play, effectively assisting with driving, dropping, and soft shots. Its popularity among both recreational players and those engaged in tournaments attests to its versatile performance.

As with any product, individual experiences can vary widely. While some users instantly fell in love with the paddle’s power, control, and grip, others encountered quality issues, such as scratches, peeling trim, and defects. Such disparities in user feedback emphasize the importance of thorough consideration before investing in a premium pickleball paddle.

In the quest for the best pickleball paddle for tennis elbow, this particular model seems to possess a unique blend of features that can greatly benefit players. Its lightweight design, responsive nature, and potential for improved control make it a strong contender. However, potential buyers should carefully weigh the product’s merits against concerns raised about its price, durability, and packaging.

Paddletek Bantam TS-5 Pro Composite

Best for: Intermediate players seeking accurate control, comfortable dinking, and versatile gameplay.

Forgiving Sweetspot: Consistent and accurate hits due to an impressive sweetspot.
Plush Pop Feel: Enjoy a comfortable and satisfying pop sensation with every hit.
Control and Ball Placement: Ideal for players looking to enhance control and ball placement.
Comfortable Dinking: Easy dinking capabilities for finesse shots and tactical play.
Adaptable for Different Skill Levels: Suitable for both beginners and intermediate players.
Lightweight Maneuverability: Effortless maneuvering thanks to its lightweight design.
Satisfying Spin: Delivers impressive spin on shots, adding versatility to gameplay.
Handle Ergonomics: Lack of ergonomic handle design may lead to discomfort during extended play.
Short Handle Length: The handle may feel too short, potentially affecting certain playing styles.
Build Quality Concerns: Some users noted concerns about the handle’s construction and feel.
Limited Power: May not offer the power comparable to carbon-faced paddles.
Grip Durability: Grip’s durability might be compromised over time and require frequent replacement.
Advanced Spin Needs: Players seeking advanced spin capabilities might find it lacking.
Personalization Limitations: Limited customization options when purchasing from certain retailers.


The paddle under review has managed to capture the attention of pickleball enthusiasts with its surprising performance. Despite not boasting the price tag associated with high-end paddles, this model has left players pleasantly astounded. Its unconventional handle, though lacking ergonomic finesse, hasn’t hindered its gameplay, as users have ingeniously layered overgrips to mitigate the issue. Remarkably, the paddle’s sweetspot seems to perform flawlessly in the majority of hits, exemplifying its forgiving nature. The accuracy it offers, combined with a plush pop feel, adds to the overall satisfaction.

A common sentiment echoed in the reviews is the paddle’s comfort in play. Players have found it easy to dink with, and its serves hold enough power. Even individuals accustomed to pricier options find themselves content, pointing to its capacity for control and ball placement. A distinguishing feature of this paddle is its adaptability to different skill levels. Novices and intermediates have hailed it as a solid choice that doesn’t disappoint. The lightweight nature and comfortable grip further contribute to its appeal, making it an attractive option for those who prioritize maneuverability.

While there are reservations about the handle’s construction and length, these concerns don’t overshadow the paddle’s positive attributes. The TS5 Pro has managed to surpass expectations and prove its worth as a game-improvement tool. In the realm of pickleball, where players often chase the elusive “perfect” paddle, these reviews collectively emphasize the pivotal role of the player’s skill rather than relying solely on equipment. It’s clear that this paddle provides a satisfactory balance between control and power, making it a reliable choice for players seeking to minimize the impact of tennis elbow while enhancing their game.

Selkirk AMPED S2 X5 FiberFlex

Best for: Players seeking a balanced power-control paddle, especially those with tennis elbow concerns.

Versatile Power: Balances power and control for diverse playing styles.
Comfortable Grip: Ideal handle length and thickness enhance maneuverability.
Elbow Relief: Reduced vibrations suit players seeking relief from tennis elbow discomfort.
Smooth Transition: Tennis players transitioning to pickleball appreciate the larger racquet size.
Responsive Sweet Spot: Forgiving design aids beginners and improves shot placement.
Efficient Design: Lightweight build aids agility and shot precision.
Customer Service: Manufacturer’s responsive support and replacement policy.
Durability Concerns: Instances of paddle breakage reported by some users.
Weight Preference: Might not suit players accustomed to heavier paddles.
Learning Curve: Lightweight design may require adjustment for optimal control.
Price Range: Potential alternatives available at lower price points.
Inconsistent Quality: Reports of noticeable defects upon arrival.
Limited Accessories: Lacks a paddle jacket or bag in the package.


The chosen pickleball paddle has proven itself to be a reliable companion on the court, with a multitude of players voicing their satisfaction through their feedback. The seamless blend of power and control offered by this paddle has left both novices and intermediates equally impressed. Its responsiveness to shots, combined with its forgiving nature due to the ample sweet spot, has garnered praise from those aiming to improve their game.

The paddle’s design is not only visually appealing but also functional, with a comfortable handle length that allows for a natural grip. It’s interesting to note that even players transitioning from tennis to pickleball find solace in this paddle’s larger size, ensuring a smooth adaptation. While beginners find it well-suited to their learning curve, more experienced players appreciate its capacity to aid them in elevating their skills further.

Durability, however, has been a point of contention among reviewers. Some unfortunate instances of breakage have been reported, particularly where the handle meets the paddle. Despite these concerns, the overall customer experience has been uplifted by the manufacturer’s commendable customer service, as exemplified by their swift replacement process.

A common thread throughout the reviews is the appreciation for the paddle’s weight, catering to players who favor a lightweight option that doesn’t compromise on performance. Its ability to absorb incoming shots with ease has been noted repeatedly, contributing to an enhanced gameplay experience. However, there’s also mention of a learning curve associated with its lightweight nature, particularly for those accustomed to heavier paddles.

Interestingly, the paddle’s impact on mitigating physical strain, specifically tennis elbow, has been commended. Players have observed a reduction in vibrations and softer impacts, translating to a more comfortable and pain-free experience. Furthermore, the paddle’s design nuances, such as its slightly thicker build, have played a role in influencing shot dynamics positively.

In conclusion, this pickleball paddle has carved a niche for itself in the realm of equipment tailored for players seeking an optimal balance between power, control, and comfort. With a few isolated concerns regarding durability, its ability to enhance gameplay and aid in addressing physical discomfort makes it a noteworthy contender for those seeking the “Best Pickleball Paddle for Tennis Elbow.”

Selkirk AMPED Epic X5 FiberFlex

Best for: Intermediate players seeking improved control, power, and quick maneuverability.

Control and Power: Offers better control and increased power for more effective shots.
Lightweight Advantage: Light design enables improved maneuverability and quicker reactions on the court.
Customer Service: Responsive customer support for quick replacement in case of defects or breakages.
Comfortable Handling: Comfortable grip and handle length enhance gameplay comfort and accuracy.
Improved Placement: Aids in precise ball placement, contributing to strategic gameplay.
Durability Concerns: Frequent reports of breakages and defects raise doubts about long-term usage.
Handle Length: Some players may find the handle slightly shorter than their preference.
Mixed Value: Debate over whether it justifies its price compared to alternatives.
Potential Dead Spots: A few users noted dead spots or warping after limited use.
Questionable Quality: Inconsistent build quality prompts skepticism about reliability.


The product in question has garnered a mixed bag of reviews from verified buyers, shedding light on both its strengths and shortcomings. Many users expressed their initial satisfaction with the paddle, praising its comfort and ease of use. Some noted that it felt great in their hands and helped improve their control over shots. Its light weight seemed to be a significant advantage for numerous players, allowing them to volley more efficiently and hit the ball with authority.

However, there was an evident recurring issue with the paddle’s durability, as multiple buyers reported breakages, particularly at the junction of the handle and paddle face. This flaw left them questioning the product’s build quality and longevity. Some individuals encountered dead spots or warping within a relatively short period, which impacted their gameplay negatively.

On the brighter side, the brand’s customer service shone through as a beacon of hope. Those who faced issues with the paddle mentioned receiving excellent support, with prompt replacements being shipped to them. This aspect of the product experience seemed to mitigate some of the concerns regarding its durability.

While some buyers found the paddle to be a game-changer, enhancing their shots and offering better control, others weren’t entirely convinced, suggesting that it may not be a significant upgrade over less expensive alternatives. Handle length also emerged as a point of contention, with some players feeling that it was slightly shorter than what they preferred.

In summary, the product appears to offer a promising performance in terms of control and power for those who do not encounter issues with its durability. However, potential buyers should be aware of the reported breakage problems and consider their options carefully, especially if they have concerns about the handle length. Nonetheless, the brand’s responsive customer service may provide some peace of mind for prospective purchasers.

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