My Top 5 Best Pickleball Paddle for 3.5 Players (Comparison & Reviews)

PickleballCentral Rally PX Graphite Newcomers or budget-conscious players seeking a versatile entry-level pickleball paddle.
Affordable Entry-Level Option

Lightweight Design

Good for Versatile Shots

Comfortable Grip

Texture for Spin
Durability Concerns
Unreliable Construction

Inadequate Packaging
Not for Tennis Switch

Limited Warranty
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 VERSIX® Ascent 5C Graphite  All-around paddle suitable for beginners and those looking to improve their pickleball game.
Superior Grip and Weight

Versatile for All Skill Levels

Graphite Construction


Improved Game Performance
Lacks a Case
Color Preferences

Material Understanding
Personalized Player Needs

Price Variability
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 Selkirk SLK Evo Control Max 2.0  Intermediate players seeking control and spin in their pickleball game.
Exceptional Control

Superior Spin

Comfortable Grip

Forgiving Thickness

Attractive Aesthetics

Balanced Weight

Competitive Price
Durability Concerns
Lack of Power

Mixed Quality Control
Possible Shipping Damage

Not for Speed Enthusiasts
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 ProKennex Kinetic Pro Flight Individuals seeking relief from tennis elbow and arm pain while prioritizing control and maneuverability in their pickleball gameplay.
Tennis Elbow Relief

Lightweight & Maneuverable

Durable Construction

Medium Spin Capabilities

Sweat-Resistant Grip Tape

Improves Game

Arm-Friendly Design

Absorbs Tension
Grip Issues
Lack of Seller Response

Not for Power Players

Limited Slicing/Spinning

Inconsistent Sweet Spot
Thin Handle

Paint Quality Issues
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 JOOLA Collin Johns Scorpeus CFS 16 Carbon Fiber  Intermediate to advanced players seeking enhanced control, spin, and precision in their game.
Enhanced Control and Feel

Improved Dinking

Balanced Power and Control

Ball Spin

Responsive and Incredible Feel
Price Concerns
Edge Guard Issues

Not for Power Players
Grip Retainer Flaw

Price Gouging
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PickleballCentral Rally PX Graphite 

Best for: Newcomers or budget-conscious players seeking a versatile entry-level pickleball paddle.

Affordable Entry-Level Option: Ideal for newcomers seeking a cost-effective introduction to pickleball.
Lightweight Design: Easy maneuverability for players who value speed and control.
Good for Versatile Shots: Suitable for both power and finesse plays on the court.
Comfortable Grip: Its handle size and weight make it comfortable for extended gameplay.
Texture for Spin: Provides enhanced ball-spinning capabilities, aiding in shot variety.
Durability Concerns: Some buyers experienced paddle breakage within a few months of use.
Unreliable Construction: Handle disconnects reported during play, leading to disappointment.
Inadequate Packaging: Arrives without a cover, and the packaging may not reflect its quality.
Not for Tennis Switch: Unsuitable for tennis players transitioning to pickleball, as it doesn’t differ significantly.
Limited Warranty: Limited return period and issues with returns for some customers.


The Rally Graphite Pickleball Paddle has garnered mixed reviews from verified buyers. Some customers praised its performance, while others expressed concerns about its durability and construction.

A few buyers were initially content with their purchase, mentioning that the paddle’s weight and head size were suitable for both powerful shots and finesse plays. They appreciated its lightweight design and comfortable grip, making it a good choice for newcomers to the game.

However, several customers encountered issues with the paddle’s durability. Some experienced it breaking within a few months of use, which was disappointing. Others found the handle to be unreliable, as it disconnected from the head during play, leading to a less than satisfactory experience.

The packaging and presentation of the product received criticism, with some buyers expressing disappointment that it lacked a cover, especially considering its price point. They also mentioned the paddle arriving in a plastic bag, which they felt did not do justice to the product’s quality.

In summary, while the Rally Graphite Pickleball Paddle has its merits, it appears to have inconsistencies in terms of durability and packaging that may affect the overall customer experience. Some individuals found it to be a good value for entry-level players, while others were left dissatisfied due to construction issues.

VERSIX® Ascent 5C Graphite 

Best for: All-around paddle suitable for beginners and those looking to improve their pickleball game.

Superior Grip and Weight: Offers excellent grip and a lightweight feel for precise control.
Versatile for All Skill Levels: Suitable for beginners and experienced players alike.
Graphite Construction: Durable and lightweight graphite design for efficient gameplay.
Instructor-Recommended: A trusted choice for those seeking guidance from pickleball experts.
Improved Game Performance: Known to enhance gameplay for skill advancement.
Lacks a Case: Some buyers desire an included case, necessitating a separate purchase.
Color Preferences: Limited color options; may not appeal to those seeking brighter choices.
Material Understanding: Those seeking detailed material and finish information may require additional research.
Personalized Player Needs: May not cater to highly specific preferences of advanced players.
Price Variability: Some players might find it on the expensive side compared to budget alternatives.


The product in question has garnered a variety of positive reviews from verified buyers. Its combination of appealing features has left an impression on both beginners and more experienced players. Many have lauded the paddle’s grip, weight, and color. It’s been commended for its lightweight construction, making it suitable for players of all levels. The handle, in particular, has received praise for its comfort and usability.

One common wish expressed by buyers is the desire for the product to include a case. Despite this, the reviewers have found alternative solutions, such as purchasing compatible cases, to address this minor concern.

The paddle’s use of graphite has particularly resonated with beginners seeking a lightweight option. These individuals have expressed optimism about a long and fulfilling partnership with the product. According to their accounts, the paddle lives up to expectations, providing a satisfying gameplay experience.

More experienced players have claimed that the paddle has substantially improved their performance on the pickleball court. This suggests that the product is not exclusively designed for novices; it can also cater to the needs of those looking to enhance their skills.

For those uncertain about the nuances of pickleball paddle materials and finishes, this product has served as an excellent choice. Buyers have heeded the recommendations of instructors and found that the product suits their needs, even if they might not be well-versed in the subtleties of paddle technology. The paddle’s material and finish, while not explicitly detailed, seem to align with their expectations and preferences.

Overall, the paddle’s performance has been positively reviewed. Users have reported effective spin and good control during their games. The only caveat some have mentioned is the choice of color; while blue was chosen by some, they express a preference for brighter shades. Fortunately, buyers have found solutions to protect their investment by ordering compatible paddle covers.

In summary, this pickleball paddle appears to be a versatile and dependable choice that caters to a broad range of players, from beginners to those seeking performance improvements. Its lightweight design, comfortable grip, and playing characteristics have left many satisfied customers who are looking forward to many enjoyable games ahead.

Selkirk SLK Evo Control Max 2.0 

Best for: Intermediate players seeking control and spin in their pickleball game.

Exceptional Control: Ideal for players valuing precise shots and ball placement.
Superior Spin: Enhances spin, offering tactical advantages in gameplay.
Comfortable Grip: Cushioned handle for reduced hand fatigue during extended play.
Forgiving Thickness: Provides consistency and control for players still honing their skills.
Attractive Aesthetics: Eye-catching design with vibrant colors.
Balanced Weight: Feels like a natural extension of the hand.
Competitive Price: Offers a blend of quality and affordability.
Durability Concerns: Reports of handle breakage, raising questions about long-term reliability.
Lack of Power: May not suit players prioritizing sheer hitting power.
Mixed Quality Control: Some customers received paddles with nicks and imperfections.
Possible Shipping Damage: A risk of flex or breakage during transit.
Not for Speed Enthusiasts: Better for those valuing control over return speed.


The product in question has garnered a variety of opinions from verified buyers, showcasing a range of experiences and sentiments. While some customers expressed their satisfaction with the paddle’s feel, control, and balance, others raised concerns about the condition in which it was received. One customer was particularly impressed with the paddle’s performance, describing it as excellent with fantastic pop.

Newcomers to pickleball found this paddle to be a standout choice, setting it apart from their previous experiences with less memorable options. The vibrant blue and white colors and the grip’s quality were appreciated, and the paddle was noted for its enhanced control, which some valued over sheer power.

The paddle’s ability to accentuate spin was another key feature that garnered praise from users. However, a notable disappointment was reported by a customer who found a significant flex at the base of the paddle upon unwrapping it, indicating possible damage during shipping.

Despite mixed opinions, the general consensus seemed to favor the product’s quality. The cushioned handle and textured surface were highlighted as notable attributes for enhancing ball control. The paddle’s thickness exceeded expectations, making it forgiving for less precise hits, though it may not be ideal for those who prioritize return speed over control.

One reviewer with a background in racquetball found this paddle to be a perfect fit for their needs, providing the desired level of control while still offering sufficient power for aggressive plays. The overall sentiment was one of high satisfaction with the product’s performance.

A great look and feel were praised by one buyer, leading them to express a desire to order the same paddle again. For those advancing from beginner-level play, this paddle was noted to provide more spin, control, and power, with the lightness of the paddle making it feel like an extension of the hand.

While most users expressed positive sentiments, a rare instance of breakage at the handle was also reported, indicating possible durability concerns. However, many others shared the sentiment of loving the paddle, praising its weight distribution, surface spin capabilities, and attracting the interest of fellow players.

In summary, this product seems to cater to a wide audience, with a balance of positive experiences and minor concerns. Buyers appreciate its unique blend of control, power, and spin, but potential durability issues should be noted. Overall, this paddle offers a satisfying option for those seeking an upgrade from beginner-level equipment.

ProKennex Kinetic Pro Fligh

Best for: Individuals seeking relief from tennis elbow and arm pain while prioritizing control and maneuverability in their pickleball gameplay.

Tennis Elbow Relief: Ideal for those with arm pain issues, providing comfort and reducing strain.
Lightweight & Maneuverable: Easy to handle, enhancing control and agility on the court.
Durable Construction: Sturdy build ensures longevity for extensive gameplay.
Medium Spin Capabilities: Offers effective spin control for versatile shot selection.
Sweat-Resistant Grip Tape: Keeps hands dry, improving grip during intense matches.
Improves Game: Enhances shot accuracy and control for better performance.
Arm-Friendly Design: Reduces the risk of tendinitis and forearm discomfort.
Absorbs Tension: Minimizes jarring impacts, protecting against potential elbow pain.
Grip Issues: Some users experienced grip slippage during play, impacting performance.
Lack of Seller Response: Reported difficulties in getting support for product-related concerns.
Not for Power Players: May lack the pop and power desired by aggressive players.
Costly: Relatively high price point compared to other paddle options.
Limited Slicing/Spinning: May not meet the needs of players seeking advanced slicing and spinning capabilities.
Inconsistent Sweet Spot: Smaller sweet spot can result in inconsistent shot performance.
Thin Handle: Handle size may not suit players with larger hands.
Paint Quality Issues: Some users observed paint peeling off after a short period of use.


This paddle has garnered a significant amount of positive feedback from verified buyers. Many customers who purchased this paddle did so to address tennis elbow issues and were pleased with the results. They found that it significantly reduced strain on their arms and allowed them to continue playing without pain, making it an ideal choice for those with arm discomfort.

The lightweight design of the paddle was a common point of appreciation. Players found it easy to handle and maneuver, and it helped improve their control during games. This feature was particularly appealing to those who prefer a more agile paddle without the bulkier rim found on other models.

The paddle’s grip tape received praise for its ability to keep hands from becoming overly sweaty during play, enhancing the overall playing experience. Additionally, it was noted that the paddle excelled in reducing strain on the arm while providing a medium-grade spin off the carbon face.

While the paddle received many positive reviews, some customers reported issues with the grip slipping after a few hours of play. This was unusual for a paddle of this kind, and concerns were raised about the lack of response from the seller regarding guarantees or support.

Despite the occasional grip issue, this paddle remained a favorite for many buyers, with some even considering buying the newer version for enhanced spinning and slicing capabilities. The paddle’s durability and lightweight construction were also mentioned as strong points, contributing to its overall appeal.

In summary, this paddle appears to be highly effective in addressing tennis elbow and arm pain issues while offering excellent control, lightweight design, and durable construction. While a few buyers experienced grip-related concerns, the positive feedback overwhelmingly supports its reputation as a valuable choice for pickleball players looking for a comfortable and high-performing paddle.

JOOLA Collin Johns Scorpeus CFS 16 Carbon Fiber

Best for: Intermediate to advanced players seeking enhanced control, spin, and precision in their game.

Enhanced Control and Feel: Ideal for players valuing precision and finesse in their game.
Improved Dinking: Elevates your dinking skills for better performance at the kitchen.
Balanced Power and Control: Offers a perfect blend of power and precision.
Ball Spin: Provides a notable increase in ball spin, enhancing your shots.
Responsive and Incredible Feel: The paddle feels extraordinary and responsive, improving your gameplay.
Price Concerns: Some may find it overpriced or question its value.
Edge Guard Issues: A potential manufacturing defect may lead to edge guard problems.
Not for Power Players: If you prioritize power over control, this may not be your best choice.
Grip Retainer Flaw: The plastic grip retainer may be loose, requiring user adjustments.
Price Gouging: Some may consider the price to be too high for the product’s worth.


The product in question has received a range of feedback from verified buyers. Some express concerns about its pricing, stating that it seemed overpriced at $225 and later increased to $250. However, one buyer humorously notes that the money saved could be used for other purposes, like purchasing birth control, adding a light-hearted touch to their review.

Others appreciate the paddle’s qualities, with a focus on control and feel. They describe it as an excellent choice for those seeking precision in their game, with one reviewer highlighting how it has improved their dinking skills. The grip is generally well-received, although some mention a desire to add an overgrip for added comfort. Notably, the paddle is noted for favoring control over power, and this suits buyers who already possess strong hitting abilities.

There are concerns about the edge guard of the paddle, as two buyers mention issues with it coming loose, potentially due to a manufacturing defect. These buyers hope for improvements in this regard.

Despite the varied opinions, many reviewers are quite satisfied with the product. They credit the paddle with enhancing their gameplay, offering more control, spin, and improved accuracy. Some are impressed by the paddle’s feel, with one mentioning that it feels “incredible” compared to cheaper alternatives they’ve used in the past.

A common sentiment among buyers is that the paddle has positively impacted their performance, making it a valuable addition to their equipment. The product is often described as a good balance between power and control, despite minor grip-related issues. Despite the price tag, some buyers are willing to invest in it again, indicating their high regard for the product’s impact on their game.

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