Best Pickleball Gloves (2023): My Top 4 Recommendations

Franklin Performance  Players seeking enhanced grip and control in pickleball and racket sports, especially those with sweaty palms or grip challenges. Enhanced Grip


Game Improvement

Durable Grip

Single-Hand Purchase

Comfort Fit


Positive Impact

Limited Longevity
Variable Sizing

Thicker Build

Mesh Fabric Concerns
Quality Issues

Not Washable

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 Tourna Hot Glove Mitt  Individuals seeking warmth and grip control during cold weather pickleball or tennis sessions.
Warm Hand, Direct Grip

Cold Sensitivity

Simple Warmth Solution

Versatile Racquet Fit

Easy Grip Transition
Sizing Constraints
Grip Restriction

Advanced Players
Material Twisting

Alternative Gloves
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 HEAD Web Active pickleball players facing sweaty grip challenges, seeking enhanced control and performance.
Enhanced Grip

Breathable Comfort

Durable Design

Versatile Use

Quick Shipping
Grip Variability
Inconsistent Sizing

Stitching Concerns
Aesthetic Limitations

Alternative Preferences
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 HEAD Airflow Tour  Pickleball players seeking excellent grip and sweat management, ideally for moderate usage. Enhanced Grip

Cooling Comfort

Initial Comfort

Versatile Use

Good Price-Value

Quick Break-In

Effective Warmth
Durability Concerns

Inconsistent Sizing
Limited Longevity

Mixed Quality
Fragile Material

Size Mislabeling
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Franklin Performance

Best for: Players seeking enhanced grip and control in pickleball and racket sports, especially those with sweaty palms or grip challenges.

Enhanced Grip: Leather palm ensures secure grip, aiding shot precision and control.
Breathability: Open-finger design offers ventilation, minimizing discomfort during extended play.
Game Improvement: Assists weaker grips, leading to better shots and increased gameplay confidence.
Durable Grip: Resilient leather withstands sweat and play, maintaining grip effectiveness.
Single-Hand Purchase: Convenient choice; no need to buy a pair for single-hand usage.
Comfort Fit: Snug fit and easy on/off design for comfortable gameplay.
Versatile: Suitable for pickleball, tennis, and similar paddle or racket sports.
Positive Impact: Notable difference in grip for those with sweaty palms or grip challenges.
Long-Wearing: Resilient under intense use, stands up to repeated use.
Limited Longevity: Some reported early wear and tears, questionable long-term durability.
Variable Sizing: Sizing may require trial and error for optimal fit.
Thicker Build: Glove’s thickness may be uncomfortable in hotter climates.
Price: Relatively high cost compared to other glove options.
Mesh Fabric Concerns: Mesh may lead to premature loosening over time.
Quality Issues: A few instances of stitching or construction problems.
Not Washable: Leather palm may not withstand washing, potentially accelerating wear.
Warmth: May feel too warm during extended play sessions.
Bulkiness: Thick build might feel bulkier than desired for some users.


The Franklin Pickleball Glove has garnered a wide range of opinions from verified buyers, each highlighting distinctive features and experiences. From the outset, it’s evident that this glove serves a vital purpose for enthusiasts of various racket and paddle sports, particularly pickleball. Its leather palm and breathable design stand out as key attributes, providing a comfortable grip even in the heat and humidity. The glove’s uniqueness lies in its availability for single-hand purchase, breaking away from the conventional requirement of buying pairs.

The glove’s durability, however, has sparked mixed reactions. Some reviewers found it to be exceptionally long-lasting, offering a reliable grip over extended periods of play, particularly under sweaty conditions. For these users, the Franklin glove has proven to be a game-changer, aiding those with weaker grips due to injuries or other factors. It’s clear that the glove can withstand intense use without showing signs of wear or tear.

On the flip side, there have been concerns raised about the glove’s longevity. A few users reported experiencing tears or damage after a relatively short period of use, leaving them dissatisfied with its overall quality. Despite such feedback, there’s a consensus that the glove’s grip-enhancing properties remain effective, enhancing the players’ ability to control their shots even when faced with sweaty palms.

Comfort is another aspect that reviewers have honed in on. Many have praised the glove’s comfortable fit and its open-finger design, which offers a balance between grip and breathability. However, there are instances where individuals found the glove to be too thick or warm, especially in hotter climates. Finding the right size appears to be crucial to achieving a snug and effective fit, with some buyers advising others to refer to their own experiences when selecting a size.

Notably, the Franklin Pickleball Glove’s impact on gameplay has not gone unnoticed. Players who initially struggled with grip or sweaty palms have reported significant improvements in their game after incorporating this glove. It’s recognized as a solution for maintaining control over the paddle, even in the face of challenging weather conditions or personal hand issues.

In conclusion, the Franklin Pickleball Glove boasts a distinctive combination of leather grip, breathability, and comfort. While its longevity has yielded differing opinions, there’s a collective acknowledgment of its game-enhancing capabilities, particularly for those who require reliable grip assistance. However, selecting the right size and considering individual preferences for glove thickness are factors worth considering. Overall, the Franklin glove has managed to carve a niche for itself as a valuable accessory for paddle and racket sports enthusiasts.

Tourna Hot Glove Mitt

Best for: Individuals seeking warmth and grip control during cold weather pickleball or tennis sessions.

Warm Hand, Direct Grip: Keeps hand warm while allowing direct grip contact for better control.
Cold Sensitivity: Ideal for individuals with poor circulation or cold sensitivity during outdoor play.
Simple Warmth Solution: Provides warmth without the bulkiness of traditional gloves.
Versatile Racquet Fit: Works well with a range of pickleball paddles and tennis racket handles.
Easy Grip Transition: Smooth transition between forehand and backhand grips for consistent play.
Sizing Constraints: Inconsistent sizing might lead to discomfort and difficulty fitting certain paddle sizes.
Grip Restriction: Material texture hampers quick grip changes and dynamic paddle manipulation.
Advanced Players: Experienced players needing frequent grip adjustments might find it limiting.
Material Twisting: Inner fabric twists, affecting play, and requiring readjustment during gameplay.
Alternative Gloves: Traditional gloves or mittens might offer better comfort and grip adaptability.


The product under scrutiny, a specialized mitt designed to keep the hand warm while playing tennis or pickleball in cold weather conditions, has garnered a diverse range of opinions from its user base. Some users have found the concept to be promising, appreciating the protection it offers against chilly temperatures, enabling extended playtime. These individuals highlight its efficiency in maintaining warmth, particularly during frosty outdoor sessions. They express contentment with the mitt’s capacity to facilitate gripping the racket or paddle without the hindrance of a conventional glove.

However, the product’s utility has not been uniform across all users. Several reviewers with varying levels of expertise in racquet sports have identified limitations associated with the mitt’s design. A recurring concern centers around the mitt’s sizing, with numerous users noting that it runs small and can be overly constricting. This aspect has proven problematic, as even those with smaller hands find it challenging to maneuver their grip while the racket handle is housed within the mitt. The restrictive fit seems to impede seamless transitions between grips, hampering more intricate maneuvers, particularly for seasoned players who are accustomed to swift adjustments during gameplay.

Inconsistencies in sizing have been coupled with observations regarding the fabric inside the mitt. While some users appreciate the mitt’s warmth, they voice reservations about the inner material’s texture and adherence to the hand. This friction with the hand and racket handle during grip changes, as well as the material’s tendency to twist, has hindered the overall experience for some players. This sentiment is particularly shared by users who prefer dynamic grip adjustments, suggesting that the mitt might be more suitable for those who favor a single, stable grip style.

The product’s adaptability to various types of racquet handles, such as those of pickleball paddles and tennis rackets, has also been questioned. While some individuals find the mitt fitting well and providing the desired warmth, others report difficulties in accommodating certain paddle sizes. The effectiveness of the mitt seems to depend on the handle’s dimensions and the player’s personal preferences.

Interestingly, the mitt’s reception extends beyond its practical attributes, delving into the emotional and sensory aspects of gameplay. A number of users, particularly those with concerns related to circulation and cold sensitivity, express gratitude for the mitt’s contribution in enhancing their ability to participate comfortably in cold weather activities. Some note that the mitt offers a compromise between maintaining warmth and experiencing the tactile sensation of direct grip contact, which conventional gloves might compromise.

In summary, the mitt for cold weather racquet sports has elicited a range of responses from users. While some laud its potential to provide warmth and direct grip interaction, others flag issues related to sizing, material texture, and adaptability. As a solution catering to a niche audience seeking both functionality and comfort during cold weather gameplay, the mitt demonstrates promise, albeit with areas that might benefit from refinement.


Best for: Active pickleball players facing sweaty grip challenges, seeking enhanced control and performance.

Enhanced Grip: Rubberized palm ensures a secure hold, aiding performance during sweaty outdoor play.
Breathable Comfort: Provides ventilation for extended gameplay without causing discomfort.
Durable Design: Stands up to regular use, lasting through hours of pickleball action.
Versatile Use: Suitable for various racket sports beyond pickleball, like racquetball and tennis.
Quick Shipping: Prompt delivery ensures timely access to the product for upcoming matches.
Grip Variability: Grip lessens with increasing sweat, potentially impacting play during intense matches.
Inconsistent Sizing: Some users reported sizing discrepancies, leading to less-than-perfect fit.
Stitching Concerns: A few buyers experienced stitching issues affecting glove durability.
Aesthetic Limitations: Limited color options might not cater to individual style preferences.
Alternative Preferences: Users seeking specific tactile feedback may find the glove less suitable.


The Pickleball glove designed for outdoor play in Florida weather offers a practical solution to the age-old issue of sweaty palms leading to slippery handles. The majority of buyers found the glove to be a snug fit, with its ability to prevent the racket from slipping out of their hands on hot, humid days receiving a resounding applause. While many appreciated its breathability and comfortable fit, a few highlighted an important factor: the glove’s grip tended to decrease as perspiration levels escalated, leaving a performance gap for those who demanded a consistent, tight grip during intense play.

In terms of construction, opinions were divided. While some praised its quality and durability, others pointed out concerns with the stitching and seam placement, which led to premature wear and tear. The design and appearance of the glove were generally well-received, with some expressing a desire for more color options to suit their preferences.

Notably, several buyers compared this glove with their previous experiences using alternative products. Some found it to be effective in preventing their pickleball paddle from slipping, especially when compared to other options they’ve tried. However, a subset of these users still opted for other models they felt offered even better grip performance.

The glove’s utility extended beyond its intended purpose, as a tennis player with sweaty hands attested to its effectiveness in helping maintain a firm grasp on their tennis racket during matches. For those seeking a non-slip solution, the glove proved beneficial in enhancing grip during racquetball as well. However, a few customers received products that were incorrectly labeled as left-handed when they had ordered right-handed gloves.

In terms of fit, the sizing was a topic of discussion. While some buyers found the glove to fit perfectly, others encountered issues with the size accuracy, leading them to order larger sizes than they initially anticipated. Despite the variation in opinions, the consensus leaned towards its functionality, with many users appreciating the glove’s ability to combat sweaty hands and provide reliable grip during their pickleball matches.

Overall, the reviews painted a picture of a Pickleball glove that tackled the challenges of sweaty hands in Florida’s climate with varying degrees of success. While some buyers hailed it as a game-changer, others sought out alternatives that better matched their grip requirements. The glove’s durability and comfort were recognized, though minor issues with construction and sizing discrepancies did surface in the feedback.

HEAD Airflow Tour

Best for: Pickleball players seeking excellent grip and sweat management, ideally for moderate usage.

Enhanced Grip: Offers superior grip for precise shots in sweaty conditions.
Cooling Comfort: Designed to keep hands cool during intense pickleball gameplay.
Initial Comfort: Soft material provides immediate comfort for smooth play.
Versatile Use: Suitable for racquetball and tennis enthusiasts as well.
Good Price-Value: Offers decent quality at an affordable price point.
Quick Break-In: Material adapts swiftly to hand contours for natural feel.
Effective Warmth: Provides hand insulation for outdoor play during colder weather.
Durability Concerns: Prone to tearing and stitching issues, leading to rapid wear.
Inconsistent Sizing: Reports of sizing discrepancies affect comfortable fit.
Limited Longevity: May not endure regular use, requiring frequent replacements.
Mixed Quality: Varied reports on build quality raise doubts about overall reliability.
Fragile Material: Thin leather risks tearing, limiting product’s robustness.
Size Mislabeling: Sizing inaccuracies result in gloves not fitting as expected.


The Airflow Pickleball Glove garnered a range of experiences from verified buyers, showcasing both its strengths and limitations. A common sentiment was the glove’s exceptional grip and cooling properties during play. The reviewers commended the glove’s ability to maintain traction on racquets, particularly in humid and sweaty conditions. Additionally, the glove’s comfort was widely acknowledged, with many appreciating its fit and the comfort it provided to their hands during pickleball matches.

However, a recurring issue emerged around durability. Some buyers expressed frustration with the glove’s short lifespan, reporting instances of rapid wear and tear. Several reviews highlighted concerns over the glove’s thin leather material, which was prone to tearing and holes after only a few uses. The stitching and seams were also cited as areas of concern, with reports of them coming apart, resulting in a lack of longevity for the product.

The sizing of the glove appeared to be inconsistent, leading to discrepancies in fit. While some found the glove to fit perfectly, others encountered sizing issues, with gloves labeled as XL fitting more like mediums. Inaccurate sizing labels and variations in fit led to disappointment among certain buyers who expected a comfortable and secure fit.

Despite these challenges, the Airflow Pickleball Glove had its strengths. Reviewers were particularly pleased with the glove’s grip, comfort, and its ability to combat hand sweat during matches. However, the prevalence of issues related to durability and sizing left some feeling dissatisfied, as the product did not always withstand regular usage over time.

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