Best Onix Pickleball Paddles (2023): My Top 5 Recommendations

ONIX Z5 Graphite  Novice to intermediate players seeking a budget-friendly paddle with control and accuracy improvements. Affordable Entry

Control & Balance

Wider Sweet Spot

Lightweight Design

Progressive Play
Durability Concerns
Noise Level

Performance Variances
Handle & Grip

Potential Quality Issues
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 ONIX Evoke Premier Composite  Intermediate to advanced players seeking a versatile paddle with power, spin, and control attributes. Powerful Spins

Ample Sweet Spot

Extended Handle

Responsive Customer Service

Versatile Gameplay

Enhanced Gameplay

Textured Surface
Durability Concerns

Grip Quality

Weather Sensitivity
Pricey Investment

Build Variability
Handle Design

Risk of Defects
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 ONIX Outbreak  Intermediate to advanced pickleball players seeking improved control, power, and placement in their gameplay. Enhanced Performance

Ergonomic Grip

Effective Upgrades

Decent Power

Competitive Price

Game Improvement
Handle Durability

Surface Imperfections
Uncomfortable Grip

Build Quality
Manufacturing Defects

Shortevity Concerns
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 ONIX Evoke Graphite  Players seeking a paddle with power, control, and agility, particularly suited for dynamic baseline play. Powerful Baseline Play

Improved Spouse’s Game

Lightweight & Comfortable

Control & Spin

Swift Action & Quick Net Play

Prompt Delivery & Packaging

Responsive to Different Elements
Durability Concerns

Defects in Hitting Surface
Lack of Textured Surface

Subjective Design Discomfort
Mixed Longevity Feedback

Limited Net “Feel”
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 ONIX Evoke XL Composite  Intermediate players seeking a balanced paddle with spin control and power-enhancing features. Value for Money

Responsive Design

Decent Spin Surface

Comfortable Handle

Control and Touch


Powerful Hits

Versatile Gameplay
Occasional Dead Spots

Potential Breakage

Limited Sweet Spot
Weight Discrepancies

Intermediate Play
Mixed Durability

Weight Preferences
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ONIX Z5 Graphite

Best for: Novice to intermediate players seeking a budget-friendly paddle with control and accuracy improvements.

Affordable Entry: Ideal for newcomers seeking a reasonably priced step up from beginner paddles.
Control & Balance: Offers good control, balance, and maneuverability, aiding accurate shots for advancing players.
Wider Sweet Spot: Forgiving sweet spot enhances shot accuracy, boosting confidence during gameplay.
Lightweight Design: Easy-to-handle weight facilitates quick adjustments and gameplay adaptability.
Progressive Play: A suitable choice for those advancing from novice to intermediate pickleball players.
Durability Concerns: Some users reported premature wear, grip issues, and internal rattling affecting long-term usage.
Noise Level: Known to produce more noise than comparable paddles, possibly impacting gameplay comfort.
Performance Variances: Inconsistent reviews about overall performance compared to paddles from other brands.
Handle & Grip: Reports of handle unraveling and grip quality concerns impacting player experience.
Potential Quality Issues: Instances of cracked handles and broken internals suggest manufacturing inconsistencies.


The Onix Graphite Z5 pickleball paddle has garnered a range of opinions from verified buyers. While some enthusiasts appreciate its qualities, others find it lacking in certain aspects. It’s evident that the paddle has been met with a mix of praise and criticism, ultimately offering a balanced perspective for potential customers.

Among the commendations, several players laud the Onix Z5 for its potential as an introductory paddle. It’s recognized as a fitting option for those seeking a step up from beginner paddles. Its lightweight design and approachable adjustability make it an attractive choice for players making progress in their game. The paddle’s wider sweet spot is also praised, allowing for more forgiving shots and boosting confidence among learners.

On the other hand, there are valid concerns voiced by users regarding the paddle’s durability and performance. Some buyers have expressed disappointment with the handle and grip quality, reporting instances of premature wear and unraveling. In addition, there have been remarks about the noise generated by the paddle, as well as performance concerns, suggesting that it might not match up to the offerings from other brands in terms of noise levels and overall effectiveness.

Despite these reservations, the Onix Z5 has found its advocates. Players who appreciate the paddle highlight its attributes, such as its control, balance, and responsiveness. It’s been described as an instrument capable of delivering precise hits, spins, and pop when utilized effectively. There’s a general consensus that this paddle serves as a viable option for players seeking an upgrade from entry-level equipment, providing better maneuverability and allowing for improved shot accuracy.

However, the product isn’t without its detractors. Some users have encountered issues with the paddle’s build quality, with reports of cracked handles and broken internals. These instances suggest potential inconsistencies in manufacturing. Additionally, there have been comparisons with more advanced and expensive paddles, leading to criticisms of its overall performance.

In conclusion, the Onix Graphite Z5 pickleball paddle offers a mixed bag of experiences to its users. It’s evident that the paddle is favored by some for its qualities as a stepping stone from beginner equipment and its potential for enhancing gameplay for less experienced players. However, there are valid concerns raised by others regarding its durability, noise level, and overall performance. Prospective buyers may need to weigh both the positive and negative aspects before making an informed decision based on their individual preferences and needs.

ONIX Evoke Premier Composite

Best for: Intermediate to advanced players seeking a versatile paddle with power, spin, and control attributes.

Powerful Spins: Offers excellent ball spin capabilities for dynamic shots.
Ample Sweet Spot: Provides a large sweet spot, enhancing shot accuracy and control.
Extended Handle: Longer handle for improved reach and maneuverability during play.
Responsive Customer Service: Swift assistance and warranty coverage for defects or damage.
Versatile Gameplay: Suitable for players seeking a balance of power and control.
Enhanced Gameplay: Elevates play for those transitioning to a higher level of performance.
Textured Surface: Grip-enhancing surface allows for effective shot placement.
Durability Concerns: Instances of unexpected breakage or detachment of rim reported.
Grip Quality: Default grip may require replacement for optimal handling.
Weather Sensitivity: Performance may vary in cooler temperatures, affecting sweet spot responsiveness.
Pricey Investment: Considerable cost; potential concerns about value for money.
Build Variability: Mixed reports on longevity, with some paddles lasting significantly shorter periods.
Handle Design: Slightly square handle might be noticeable or uncomfortable for some players.
Risk of Defects: Reports of rattling, dead spots, and defects impacting overall play.


The Onix Evoke Premier pickleball paddle has garnered a mix of sentiments from its users, ranging from delight to frustration. Many have found this paddle to be a game-changer, delivering a satisfying combination of power and control. Players praise its surface for generating impressive ball spin and its ample sweet spot, ensuring effective shots when needed. A number of users also appreciate the extended handle, attributing it to improved reach and maneuverability on the court. For those seeking to elevate their play, the Evoke Premier seems to have provided a welcomed boost.

Nonetheless, the paddle isn’t without its downsides. Some buyers have experienced issues with its durability, with instances of the paddle breaking unexpectedly during gameplay, causing both frustration and embarrassment. There have been reports of the paddle’s rim detaching or breaking, which is a significant concern considering the product’s price point. It appears that the build quality may vary, as some users encountered problems relatively soon after purchasing, while others found the paddle to last for an extended period.

Customer service also plays a role in the overall experience with the Evoke Premier paddle. Several customers have praised Onix’s responsive and helpful customer service team, particularly in cases where the paddle exhibited defects or damage. The one-year warranty, a notable feature for this product, has been positively acknowledged by some who were able to receive replacements or assistance in a timely manner.

The grip on the paddle seems to be another area of contention. Many users expressed dissatisfaction with the default grip, suggesting that regripping is necessary to fully enjoy the paddle’s potential. Furthermore, some players have observed that the paddle’s performance can be influenced by weather conditions, with cooler temperatures potentially affecting the responsiveness of the sweet spot.

Overall, the Onix Evoke Premier pickleball paddle offers a mix of performance attributes that cater to various playstyles, from powerful shots to delicate spins. While it’s lauded by those who’ve experienced enhanced gameplay, concerns about durability and grip quality raise cautionary flags. Potential buyers might consider the product’s features and drawbacks, as well as their own playing preferences, to determine whether the Evoke Premier aligns with their expectations for a pickleball paddle.

ONIX Outbreak

Best for: Intermediate to advanced pickleball players seeking improved control, power, and placement in their gameplay.

Enhanced Performance: Improved control, power, and shot placement for elevated gameplay.
Ergonomic Grip: Lightweight design with comfortable handle for extended play sessions.
Effective Upgrades: Upgrade from previous models for added thickness and improved performance.
Decent Power: Offers substantial power for effective shots and improved game dynamics.
Competitive Price: Attractive price point for the features and performance it provides.
Game Improvement: Users report game enhancement and positive impact on skill progression.
Handle Durability: Recurring issues of handle breakage under normal gameplay conditions.
Surface Imperfections: Reports of paint chipping, dents, and imperfections affecting the paddle’s appearance.
Uncomfortable Grip: Square grip design causing discomfort and detracting from gameplay experience.
Build Quality: Some customers perceive the product as lacking premium materials and construction.
Manufacturing Defects: Instances of defects impacting functionality, such as rattling or bulges.
Shortevity Concerns: Long-term durability doubts given handle and surface quality issues.


The product in question has garnered a diverse range of feedback from its verified buyers, painting a vivid picture of its strengths and weaknesses. A sizeable portion of the users seem to find the paddle to be a game-changer, attributing their improved performance to its attributes. A sense of disappointment, however, arises from a recurring issue: handle durability. Several reviews lament the paddle’s handle breaking under what they consider normal gameplay circumstances, with some pointing to defects in the manufacturing process as the likely culprit.

The design and grip of the paddle appear to be mixed bag. Some customers express admiration for its light weight, ergonomic grip, and the improvement it brings to their game. Yet, others note discomfort and dissatisfaction with the square grip, finding it less than ideal for extended play sessions. The aesthetic value of the product also receives commentary, with certain reviewers disappointed by the appearance of marks and damages on the paddle’s face upon delivery.

While the paddle’s performance is generally commended, with reports of enhanced control, power, and placement, instances of paint chipping and surface imperfections raise concerns about its long-term durability. However, it’s worth noting that Onix, the manufacturer, attempts to alleviate these worries by asserting that such issues shouldn’t impact performance, leaving users to test this claim over time.

The paddle’s pricing strategy seems to be a point of consideration. Some buyers find the cost reasonable for the features they’re getting, while others are disappointed given the perceived quality of the materials used. A few reviews mention alternatives they believe offer better warranties and handle construction, hinting at potential competition in the market.

Ultimately, the product evokes a wide range of experiences and opinions. While there are enthusiastic endorsements from those who feel the paddle transformed their gameplay, others are disillusioned by issues of build quality and handle durability. Potential buyers are advised to carefully weigh the various reviews and consider their individual preferences and priorities before making a decision.

ONIX Evoke Graphite

Best for: Players seeking a paddle with power, control, and agility, particularly suited for dynamic baseline play.

Powerful Baseline Play: Offers notable “pop” and power from the baseline, enhancing shots’ effectiveness.
Improved Spouse’s Game: Transformed gameplay for a user’s spouse, enhancing serves and cross-court shots.
Lightweight & Comfortable: Light design and large grip suit older players, reducing strain and discomfort.
Control & Spin: Provides control for short game and effective spin on shots.
Swift Action & Quick Net Play: Facilitates fast actions and agile net play, improving overall game dynamics.
Prompt Delivery & Packaging: Received quickly with undamaged packaging, ensuring a positive initial experience.
Responsive to Different Elements: Exhibits responsiveness to power, touch, and spin, enhancing versatility.
Durability Concerns: Instances of cracking and snapping reported, raising doubts about long-term resilience.
Defects in Hitting Surface: Noted defects on paddle’s hitting surface, indicative of possible quality control issues.
Lack of Textured Surface: Some users wished for more textured surface to enhance spin.
Subjective Design Discomfort: Teardrop shape and design disliked by a portion of users.
Mixed Longevity Feedback: Varying longevity experiences reported, potentially impacting product’s value over time.
Limited Net “Feel”: Some users found the paddle lacking in “feel” at the net.


The product under review has garnered a spectrum of opinions from its verified buyers. Some have lauded its prowess at the net, praising its capacity for swift plays and potent power. It seems to offer a balance between deep shots and serves, while also accommodating cut shots and topspin when the situation demands. Nevertheless, after a few months of play, some users have noted the emergence of worn or smooth spots on the paddle’s surface, which they perceive as typical wear and tear.

A recurring theme in the reviews is the distinctive “pop” and power the paddle provides, particularly from the baseline. While the paddle’s prowess is evident, a common sentiment echoes a desire for a more textured surface to facilitate spin. Despite this minor qualm, the product surpasses previous experiences with other paddles, demonstrating its superiority.

The product’s effectiveness is also exemplified by a user who gifted it to their spouse. Despite initial struggles, the spouse’s gameplay has notably improved, marked by deeper, lower serves and a formidable cross-court shot that leaves opponents astounded. This serves as a testament to the paddle’s capacity to elevate one’s skills.

However, not all reviews are wholly positive. Some users have reported issues with the product’s durability, with instances of cracking and snapping after relatively short periods of use. While the majority commend the paddle’s control, lightweight, and handle comfort, there are cases of edge ungluing, posing a concern about the product’s longevity.

In terms of delivery and packaging, the general consensus is positive, with prompt deliveries and undamaged packaging. Despite this, one user encountered a notable defect on the paddle’s hitting surface, which raised questions about the quality control process.

The paddle’s weight, grip, and playability are recurring focal points. Its lightness is appreciated for reducing strain, especially for older players, while its large grip circumference finds favor among those seeking enhanced comfort. The product’s responsiveness to different game elements, such as power and spin, garners praise from various reviewers.

However, the reviews also reflect the subjective nature of personal preferences. A couple of users felt that the paddle lacked the desired “feel” at the net, while others found the teardrop shape and design not entirely to their liking. Some users expressed reservations about the product’s value for money, considering the observed durability issues.

In summary, the product in question appears to offer a dynamic mix of advantages, including power, control, and improved gameplay for those willing to embrace its features. It demonstrates the ability to cater to varying playing styles, although concerns about durability and certain design aspects remain. The reviews showcase a range of experiences and perspectives, underscoring the product’s multifaceted nature.

ONIX Evoke XL Composite

Best for: Intermediate players seeking a balanced paddle with spin control and power-enhancing features.

Value for Money: High-quality paddle with great performance at an affordable price.
Decent Spin Surface: Provides effective spin control for enhanced shot versatility.
Responsive Design: Balanced weight and thickness for improved maneuverability and gameplay.
Comfortable Handle: Adequate grip size and length for comfortable handling and precise shots.
Control and Touch: Offers excellent control and touch, enhancing soft game finesse.
Durability: Solid construction and durability for prolonged use on the court.
Powerful Hits: Allows for powerful shots with minimal effort, boosting gameplay performance.
Versatile Gameplay: Ideal for both beginners and intermediate players looking to improve skills.
Occasional Dead Spots: Some users noted inconsistent performance due to dead spots on the surface.
Potential Breakage: A few instances of breakage near the handle have been reported.
Limited Sweet Spot: Sweet spot can be small, requiring precise hits for optimal performance.
Weight Discrepancies: Paddle weight might deviate from stated specifications.
Intermediate Play: May not suit advanced players seeking specialized features or pros seeking top-tier performance.
Mixed Durability: Reports of varied longevity, though most find it durable.
Weight Preferences: Not suitable for players with specific weight preferences or preferences for elongated handles.


The Onix Evoke Pickleball Paddle stands as a remarkable choice within the world of pickleball equipment, consistently receiving praise from a wide array of users. Its well-balanced attributes are a definite highlight, offering a surface with decent spin capabilities, a medium weight, and an agreeable thickness. As numerous satisfied players have noted, the paddle’s overall quality surpasses its reasonable price point, making it an exceptional value for money.

However, among the chorus of positive feedback, some reviews do bring to light a few concerns. The existence of dead spots on the paddle’s surface has been mentioned, indicating occasional inconsistencies in its performance. While many users report being content with the paddle’s longevity and responsiveness, a handful have encountered issues such as breakage, particularly at the juncture where the handle meets the paddle itself. Despite these occasional gripes, the majority of users continue to express their fondness for the paddle’s design, with its teardrop shape and grip dimensions earning favor for providing a comfortable and responsive playing experience.

The Onix Evoke Pickleball Paddle has managed to cultivate a loyal following, with many players finding it to be a notable choice for their regular matches. Its capacity for control and spin, coupled with its amiable price tag, has garnered it a reputation as an excellent option for those seeking a competitive edge without breaking the bank. Some users who transitioned from different paddles have also remarked on the positive impact the Evoke had on their gameplay, enhancing their shot control, power, and spin.

While a few critiques touch on weight discrepancies and minor manufacturing flaws, the general consensus among buyers remains one of satisfaction. The paddle’s performance on the court, the ease of maneuverability, and its resilience to wear and tear are recurrent themes that continue to draw praise. In a landscape where a plethora of pickleball paddles vie for attention, the Onix Evoke has managed to carve out a respectable niche, catering to a diverse spectrum of players, from beginners to experienced enthusiasts.

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