Best Long Handle Pickleball Paddles (2023): My Top 5 Recommendations

Franklin Pickleball Sweet Spot Training Paddle  15″ Enhanced Precision Training

Authentic Paddle Feel

Improved Shot Placement

Refined Spin Generation

Engaging Practice Sessions

Focus Enhancement

Quality Materials
Used Product Concerns

Unusual Appearance

Lack of USAP Approval
Limited Applicability

Price vs. Features
Preference for Standard Equipment

Alternate Training Options
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 Oneshot Katanashot XL  6″ Exceptional Power and Control

Extended Handle for Improved Grip

Distinctive Design

Enhanced Maneuverability

Quality Construction
White Grip Prone to Stains
Potential Cleaning Hassle

Personal Aesthetic Preferences
Cost Considerations

Specific Gameplay Requirements
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 AvaLee By Selkirk VANGUARD 2.0 Mach6  5 7/8″ Impressive Spin and Control

Solid Build Quality

Versatile Performance

Comfortable Grip and Maneuverability

Attractive Design

Great Value for Money

Positive Feedback from Experienced Players

Made in the USA
Surface Wear Concerns
Rattling and Durability Issues

Inconsistent Quality Control

Limited Accessories
Mixed Customer Service Experiences

Lack of Power and Spin
Price Relative to Performance

Concerns About Factory Second Quality
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 Engage Pursuit MX 6.0 Graphite  5 3/4″ Balanced Performance

Spin Mastery

Elongated Face and Longer Handle

Top Choice for Intermediate to Advanced Players

Quick Delivery and Responsive Seller
Inconsistent Newness
Durability Doubts

Unresponsive Warranty Support
Packaging and Presentation

Questionable Quality Control
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 Selkirk SLK Halo XL 5.75″  Impressive Performance Trio

Balanced Feel with Soft Grip

Enhanced Sweet Spot

Quick Delivery

Versatile Playing Styles

Carbon Fiber Face

Two-Handed Backhand Advantage
Adjustment Period

Minor Imperfections

Varied Power Perception
Size Discrepancy

Value for Spin Enthusiasts
Precise Shot Placement

Power Limitations
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Franklin Pickleball Sweet Spot Training Paddle

Best for Players seeking precise shot control and realistic paddle feel for refined pickleball training.

Enhanced Precision Training: The Franklin Training Paddle’s unique design forces you to focus on hitting the sweet spot, leading to improved accuracy and ball control during actual gameplay.
Authentic Paddle Feel: Unlike traditional hard plastic training paddles, this product replicates the feel of a real paddle, providing a more genuine experience while practicing.
Improved Shot Placement: The paddle’s smaller size encourages you to fine-tune your shot placement, resulting in strategically positioned shots that can catch opponents off guard.
Refined Spin Generation: With its specialized surface, the paddle facilitates better spin generation, allowing you to add more spin and variation to your shots.
Engaging Practice Sessions: The unique design adds an element of challenge and engagement to your practice sessions, making them more enjoyable and effective for skill development.
Focus Enhancement: The paddle’s design requires heightened focus and concentration, which can translate to improved mental discipline during actual matches.
Quality Materials: The Franklin Training Paddle is manufactured to high standards, providing a durable and long-lasting training tool that can withstand consistent use.
Used Product Concerns: Some buyers have reported receiving used paddles with scratches and ball marks, indicating potential issues with quality control during the shipping process.
Unusual Appearance: The paddle’s smaller size compared to standard paddles might draw attention and curiosity from fellow players, potentially affecting your comfort level on the court.
Lack of USAP Approval: This paddle does not have official approval from the USAPA (USA Pickleball Association), which could be a concern if you intend to use it in tournaments or leagues adhering to USAPA regulations.
Limited Applicability: While the paddle is excellent for precision training, it might not be ideal for players seeking a more comprehensive training experience that includes power and control development.
Price vs. Features: Some buyers have expressed disappointment with the discrepancy between the product’s price and the quality of service they received, particularly in cases of receiving used paddles.
Preference for Standard Equipment: If you prefer using traditional training paddles made of hard plastic, you might find the Franklin Training Paddle’s unique design and feel less appealing.
Alternate Training Options: Depending on your training goals, you might find other training tools or methods that suit your preferences and needs better than the Franklin Training Paddle.


The Franklin Training Paddle has brought a new level of precision to my pickleball practice sessions. Unlike other training paddles made from hard plastic, this paddle’s design provides a genuine feel when striking the ball. It’s manufactured like a regular paddle and nearly matches the size of a normal one, which greatly improves the overall experience. Initial skepticism about its smaller size vanished as I practiced with it. The paddle’s design encourages a laser focus on a smaller contact area with the ball, aligning well with the “aim small, miss small” philosophy used by target shooters. I’ve found that my shots are more precise and strategically placed, likely due to the enhanced visual focus. Incorporating this paddle into my training routine has been a valuable decision.

The Franklin Training Paddle’s unique design challenges you to refine your hitting skills, honing in on that sweet spot. It’s a remarkable departure from the standard plastic training paddles that lack the authentic touch. This paddle replicates the feel of a real paddle and plays a role in enhancing your game, whether in casual matches or rigorous training sessions. The paddle’s unusual size might earn you a few curious glances on the court, but its benefits are undeniable. The smaller surface area compels you to concentrate more intently on making contact, leading to improved accuracy and better control. I’ve found it to generate impressive spin and power, offering a refined experience that stands out among other products from Franklin. It’s an excellent addition to any player’s toolkit.

The Franklin Training Paddle has truly set a new standard for training equipment. Unlike the often lackluster hard plastic alternatives, this paddle not only feels like a genuine paddle but also plays like one. It’s been a revelation to play recreational games while focusing on enhancing my sweet spot accuracy. The modern surface enhances the experience, giving a more authentic feel to each hit. While this paddle doesn’t have the official approval of USAP, its performance speaks volumes about its potential impact on your game. One notable aspect is its ability to encourage precise contact with the ball, promoting consistent and calculated shots. The benefits it brings to practice sessions are undeniably substantial.

While the Franklin Training Paddle itself is fantastic, the purchasing experience left something to be desired. Although the product has a remarkable ability to help you hit the sweet spot, my satisfaction was tempered by receiving a used paddle with scratches and ball marks. This unfortunate oversight by the seller tarnished what could have been an impeccable experience. Nevertheless, I must commend the paddle’s design and functionality. It truly stands out from other training paddles made of hard plastic, providing an authentic feel and performance that aids in refining your skills. It’s an investment in your training routine that could lead to significant improvements in your game.

In conclusion, the Franklin Training Paddle is a game-changer in the world of pickleball training equipment. Its unique design and genuine feel set it apart from traditional hard plastic alternatives. While its smaller size might raise eyebrows on the court, it brings undeniable benefits to your game. The emphasis on hitting the sweet spot and precise ball contact can lead to enhanced accuracy and control. Although there have been issues with the purchasing process and product quality, the paddle’s impact on training routines and gameplay is hard to overlook. It’s a worthy addition to any player’s arsenal, offering a bridge between practice and performance.

Oneshot Katanashot X

Ideal for players seeking power, control, and a stylish design on the court.

Exceptional Power and Control: The paddle’s remarkable balance between power and control offers players the ability to dominate the court, delivering powerful shots while maintaining precise placement.
Extended Handle for Improved Grip: The longer handle design grants players added leverage, enabling better control over shots and enhancing overall gameplay performance.
Distinctive Design: The sleek and elegant aesthetics of the paddle make it a stylish choice that stands out on the court, garnering attention and admiration from fellow players.
Enhanced Maneuverability: The paddle’s thoughtful design and construction contribute to improved maneuverability, allowing players to swiftly respond to opponents’ moves and maintain an edge in fast-paced matches.
Quality Construction: The paddle’s build quality ensures durability and longevity, making it a reliable investment for players who want a paddle that will withstand rigorous gameplay over time.
White Grip Prone to Stains: The white grip, while visually appealing, is susceptible to dirt and stains, which might require frequent cleaning and maintenance to keep the paddle looking its best.
Potential Cleaning Hassle: Cleaning the white grip could prove to be a bit challenging, as dirt and stains may adhere stubbornly to the surface, requiring extra effort to restore its pristine appearance.
Personal Aesthetic Preferences: If you prefer a paddle with a more subdued or colorful appearance, the sleek white design might not align with your personal aesthetic preferences.
Cost Considerations: Depending on your budget, the paddle’s premium features and performance might come with a higher price tag compared to other options on the market.
Specific Gameplay Requirements: If your gameplay style favors different attributes, such as a focus on spin or finesse rather than power, this paddle’s emphasis on power and control might not align with your specific gameplay needs.


I recently had the pleasure of using the paddle, and I must say, it truly impressed me with its exceptional performance. The combination of power and control it offers makes it stand out among its competitors.

One of the standout features for me was the longer handle, which provided a comfortable and secure grip. This added leverage undoubtedly contributed to my overall gameplay experience. The extended handle allowed for better maneuverability and a stronger swing, enhancing my shots on the court.

However, the one drawback I found was the white grip. While it looks sleek and elegant, it tends to accumulate dirt quite easily, especially during intense matches. This made it slightly challenging to maintain the grip’s pristine appearance. Additionally, cleaning the white grip proved to be a bit of a hassle, as the dirt seemed to stick to it stubbornly.

Nonetheless, the positive attributes of the paddle far outweigh this minor inconvenience. The power and control it delivers are truly remarkable and significantly impacted my gameplay in a positive way. The longer handle is a notable design feature that sets it apart from other paddles on the market, providing players with a distinct advantage.

In conclusion, this paddle is a top-notch choice for players seeking a blend of power and control in their gameplay. While the white grip’s susceptibility to dirt might be a concern for some, the paddle’s overall performance and innovative design make it a standout option. I highly recommend it to fellow players looking to elevate their paddle experience on the court.

AvaLee By Selkirk VANGUARD 2.0 Mach6

Best for Players seeking spin, control, and versatile performance on the pickleball court.

Impressive Spin and Control: Many users have praised the paddle’s ability to generate exceptional spin on the ball, allowing for precise placement and control during rallies.
Solid Build Quality: Reviewers consistently highlight the sturdy construction and solid feel of the paddle, contributing to a confident and reliable playing experience.
Versatile Performance: Players who enjoy a combination of spin and power find the paddle’s performance to be well-suited to their playing style, enabling a diverse range of shots.
Comfortable Grip and Maneuverability: The comfortable handle grip ensures excellent control and maneuverability, making it easier to handle the paddle during intense exchanges.
Attractive Design: The sleek and eye-catching design of the paddle adds a touch of style to your game, boosting confidence and motivation on the court.
Great Value for Money: As a factory second, the paddle offers a substantial price reduction compared to its original cost, making it an affordable option for experiencing high-quality performance.
Positive Feedback from Experienced Players: Even players with a background in various racket sports have endorsed the paddle, highlighting its superior performance over other models.
Made in the USA: The fact that the paddle is made in the USA has garnered appreciation from buyers who prioritize supporting American manufacturing.
Surface Wear Concerns: Some users have reported that the paddle’s surface wears quickly, potentially affecting spin control and longevity.
Rattling and Durability Issues: A few buyers have experienced issues with rattling and structural defects after limited use, leading to concerns about the paddle’s overall durability.
Inconsistent Quality Control: While many buyers are satisfied with their purchases, there have been reports of minor cosmetic blemishes or defects, raising questions about the product’s quality control.
Limited Accessories: Some reviewers have expressed disappointment with the paddle not coming with a cover, necessitating an additional purchase to protect the equipment.
Mixed Customer Service Experiences: While Selkirk’s warranty service has been praised by some, others have faced challenges with warranty claims not being honored to their satisfaction.
Lack of Power and Spin: A portion of reviewers have noted that the paddle’s performance lacks the power and spin they were expecting, particularly in comparison to other paddle models.
Price Relative to Performance: A few users have commented that the paddle’s performance doesn’t justify the price, especially when compared to other available options.
Concerns About Factory Second Quality: While many buyers find the factory second paddle to be virtually flawless, there is a level of uncertainty regarding potential hidden defects or flaws in some units.


The Selkirk Invikta Vanguard pickleball paddle has garnered an impressive array of reviews from satisfied customers. With its swift delivery and minimal blemishes, this factory second proves to be a fantastic bargain. It offers an excellent balance between spin and power, though some reviewers have noted the surface wear being a concern. Despite this, it remains a great choice for players who enjoy a mix of spins and hard hits.

The feedback on the paddle’s build quality is consistent, with many users praising its sturdiness and solid feel. Some even prefer it over other renowned models like the Vanguard, finding its design and performance superior. Made in the USA, this paddle has caught the attention of buyers who appreciate its American origins and prompt shipping.

For players seeking control and versatility, the Selkirk Invikta Vanguard stands out. Its weight and length seem to suit various playing styles, enabling users to execute stronger serves and power hits while maintaining dink control. The handle grip further adds to the positive experience, making it easy to maneuver during intense exchanges.

While the absence of a cover disappoints some buyers, the overall quality of the paddle remains a standout feature. Even as a factory second, the minor imperfections are hardly noticeable to the average player, making it an attractive option for both beginners and experienced racket sport enthusiasts.

One reviewer, initially hesitant about the purchase due to mixed reviews, took the leap and was pleasantly surprised by the near-perfection of the paddle. This sentiment echoes among many who appreciate the excellent value it offers, allowing them to experience a top-tier paddle at a reduced cost.

On the other hand, there have been instances of paddle issues such as rattling, denting, and even breaking after limited use. While Selkirk’s warranty service has been praised for addressing such concerns, some customers have expressed dissatisfaction when claims were not honored.

Overall, the Selkirk Invikta Vanguard pickleball paddle has proven to be a game-changer for a variety of players. Its ability to generate impressive spin, comfortable grip, and sleek design all contribute to enhancing players’ performances on the court. The paddle’s strengths and weaknesses, as highlighted by these reviews, provide potential buyers with valuable insights to make an informed decision about their purchase.

Engage Pursuit MX 6.0 Graphite

Best for Intermediate to advanced pickleball players seeking balanced performance and enhanced spin capabilities.

Balanced Performance: Many users appreciate the Engage Pursuit 6.0 for its ability to strike a balance between touch, power, and control. This makes it a versatile option for players looking to enhance different aspects of their game.
Spin Mastery: Reviewers have highlighted the paddle’s impressive spin capabilities, allowing players to exert better control over their shots and adding an extra layer of finesse to their gameplay.
Elongated Face and Longer Handle: The elongated face and extended handle of the paddle have garnered positive feedback, granting players greater reach on the court and facilitating a more comfortable grip for a variety of playing styles.
Top Choice for Intermediate to Advanced Players: Several buyers with higher skill levels have endorsed this paddle, suggesting that it offers valuable benefits for players who are looking to refine their techniques and take their game to the next level.
Quick Delivery and Responsive Seller: Some users have experienced prompt delivery of the product and efficient communication with the seller, which is crucial for those eager to start using their new equipment as soon as possible.
Inconsistent Newness: A recurring issue mentioned by buyers is the disparity between the “new” product they expected and the used or marked paddle they received. This raises concerns about the authenticity and quality control of the product.
Durability Doubts: Reports of chipping and even cracking after a short period of use have raised doubts about the durability of the paddle. These concerns might deter players seeking a reliable and long-lasting investment.
Unresponsive Warranty Support: Several reviewers have expressed frustration with the warranty department’s lack of responsiveness. This lack of support adds to the disappointment when facing issues with a relatively high-priced product.
Packaging and Presentation: The paddle’s arrival in less-than-ideal packaging – such as being wrapped in a plastic bag with handwritten stickers – detracts from the premium experience expected at this price point.
Questionable Quality Control: Complaints about grit spots on the paddle face, loose grip bands, and other inconsistencies raise concerns about the product’s overall quality and the level of attention given to the manufacturing process.


The Engage Pursuit 6.0 paddle is a mixed bag of experiences, as reflected in the varied reviews from verified buyers. While some users seem to have hit the jackpot with this paddle, others found themselves deeply disappointed. The common thread running through the reviews is the expectation of receiving a brand-new paddle when paid for as such.

Several users expressed their dissatisfaction with the condition of the paddle upon arrival. Some received paddles with noticeable marks, chips, or signs of use – a far cry from the pristine “new” condition they had anticipated. This inconsistency between expectations and reality led to a sense of letdown among these buyers. The packaging also came under scrutiny, with one mentioning the product being enclosed in a plastic bag with a handwritten sticker number, which further raised doubts about the authenticity of the product.

While some users might be willing to overlook cosmetic issues, the durability of the paddle’s quality raised concerns for many. Multiple reports of chipping and even cracking within a short span of usage cast a shadow over its long-term performance. This raises questions about the overall craftsmanship and durability of the product, particularly given its relatively high price point. The lackluster experiences extended beyond the product itself, as the warranty department’s unresponsiveness left some buyers feeling stranded and unsupported in their efforts to seek recourse.

However, it’s not all gloom and doom. There are voices that celebrate the Engage Pursuit 6.0 as a solid choice in the world of pickleball paddles. A handful of reviewers found the paddle’s performance to be excellent, praising its balance of touch and power. The elongated face and longer handle were noted to provide benefits, enhancing reach and overall gameplay experience. Some users even hailed it as one of their top picks, highlighting its versatility across different skill levels.

Despite its divisive reputation, the paddle has managed to gather a group of devoted fans. The Engage Pursuit 6.0’s ability to deliver a satisfying blend of spin, control, and power has been highlighted by players who value these attributes in their game. For some, it seems to have elevated their performance and given them newfound skills to show off on the court.

In conclusion, the Engage Pursuit 6.0 pickleball paddle has evoked a spectrum of responses from its buyers. The contrasting opinions touch on issues of authenticity, durability, and customer support, making it a product that elicits mixed emotions. While some view it as a trustworthy companion on the pickleball court, others remain skeptical about its value and quality, raising concerns that its performance might not withstand the test of time. As with any purchase, weighing the pros and cons based on one’s personal preferences and priorities is crucial before making a decision.

Selkirk SLK Halo XL

Players seeking versatile control, spin, and moderate power for all-around pickleball gameplay.

Impressive Performance Trio: Buyers have consistently highlighted the paddle’s remarkable combination of power, control, and top spin. This unique blend has elevated their gameplay and overall enjoyment on the court.
Balanced Feel with Soft Grip: The paddle’s soft feel and comfortable leather grip provide a secure hold without sacrificing control. This balance ensures a confident playing experience, allowing players to focus on their shots.
Enhanced Sweet Spot: The strategically positioned sweet spot in the middle of the paddle’s surface offers a larger area for accurate shots, contributing to improved precision and responsiveness during play.
Quick Delivery: Numerous customers have reported that the product often arrives earlier than the estimated schedule, demonstrating efficient and prompt delivery.
Versatile Playing Styles: This paddle has earned praise for its adaptability across various playing styles. It performs well for both controlled shots and spin-heavy techniques, making it suitable for a range of preferences.
Carbon Fiber Face: The carbon fiber face not only aids in shot placement and spin but also adds to the paddle’s durability, ensuring a longer lifespan and value for your investment.
Two-Handed Backhand Advantage: The paddle’s elongated surface and long tennis-style handle have been commended for enhancing two-handed backhand shots, providing players with an improved reach and better shot execution.
All-Around Gameplay: Users have found that the paddle excels in all-around gameplay, making it a reliable choice for various scenarios and skill levels.
Minor Imperfections: Some buyers have expressed disappointment due to receiving paddles with minor flaws like stains or cuts upon delivery, impacting their initial impressions of the product’s condition.
Adjustment Period: A few users have found that transitioning to this paddle from a different type required an adjustment period, potentially affecting their initial gameplay experience.
Spin Expectations: While the paddle generally offers satisfactory spin capabilities, a subset of users had higher expectations in this area, leading to some degree of underwhelming performance.
Varied Power Perception: Power delivery has garnered mixed reviews, with some players feeling that the paddle’s power could be improved for a more forceful gameplay experience.
Size Discrepancy: A handful of players realized that the paddle’s size did not align with their preferences. Some found it slightly smaller than expected, highlighting a personal preference for larger paddles.
Value for Spin Enthusiasts: Players seeking an intense focus on spin might find the paddle’s spin capabilities to be satisfactory but not exceptional, potentially prompting them to explore other options.
Precise Shot Placement: While shot placement has generally been commended, a small portion of users have expressed that it might not be as precise as expected, impacting their confidence in challenging shots.
Power Limitations: For those who prioritize significant power in their gameplay, the paddle’s power output may not fully meet their expectations, potentially leading to a desire for a more powerful alternative.


The paddle has garnered consistent praise for its exceptional performance on the court. Users have lauded its combination of power, control, and top spin, which has led to an impressive gameplay experience. With a soft feel that doesn’t compromise on control and power, this paddle has managed to strike the right balance between these essential attributes. The leather grip adds to the overall comfort and enhances the player’s hold, while the sweet spot located in the middle of the paddle’s surface has been widely recognized for its accuracy and responsiveness.

A notable highlight is the paddle’s delivery, often surpassing estimated schedules, thereby meeting players’ expectations promptly. However, a few customers expressed disappointment upon receiving their paddle due to minor imperfections, such as stains on the surface and a cut in the paddle guard. Despite these concerns, the general sentiment remains positive, especially among repeat buyers who have had satisfying experiences with previous purchases from the same brand.

Adjustment periods seem to be common, with players needing a few games to acclimate to the paddle’s unique features, such as the elongated surface and the longer tennis-style handle. This adjustment is particularly apparent for players transitioning from shorter-handled, lighter paddles. Nevertheless, players have reported that once they’ve adapted, they’ve enjoyed advantages like two-handed backhand shots, improved shot placement, and enhanced spin thanks to the carbon fiber face.

Several users appreciate the paddle’s versatility, as it performs well across various playing styles. Its balance of control and power, along with the distinctive spin capability from the raw carbon face, contributes to an enjoyable all-around gameplay. While a few users found the sweet spot to be slightly smaller compared to their previous equipment, the general consensus remains that the paddle offers a commendable level of control and spin, without compromising on power.

Constructive criticism has been voiced regarding the paddle’s spin capabilities, with some users expecting more from this aspect. However, control has consistently received high marks, showcasing the paddle’s effectiveness in this regard. Power, on the other hand, has garnered mixed reviews, with some players finding it slightly lacking. Nonetheless, for those seeking a primarily control-oriented paddle, this product is highly recommended. The value proposition is also acknowledged, particularly given the use of carbon fiber and the competitive pricing.

In conclusion, the product seems to have met the expectations of many players, offering a satisfying blend of control, power, and spin. Its unique design elements, such as the elongated surface and tennis-style handle, have garnered positive feedback once players have adapted. Despite minor imperfections reported by some customers, the overall sentiment leans towards recommendation, especially for those in search of a versatile paddle that excels in control-oriented gameplay.

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