Best Graphite Pickleball Paddles (2023): My Top 5 Recommendations

ONIX Z5 Graphite Budget-conscious beginners seeking a lightweight paddle with control and an enlarged sweet spot.
Affordable Entry-Level Option

Lightweight and Maneuverable

Enlarged Sweet Spot

Decent Performance

Comfortable Grip
Durability Concerns
Limited Advanced Play

Inconsistent Quality
Handle Size

Weight Not Ideal for All
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PickleballCentral Rally Graphite Power 5.0
Intermediate to advanced players seeking power and spin in their gameplay.
Powerful Strikes

Balanced Design

Lightweight Advantage

Spin Generation


Durability Concerns

Limited Touch
Short Handle

Inconsistent Performance
Not Ideal for Beginners

Grip Size Matters
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 PickleballCentral Rally PX Graphite Budget-conscious beginners seeking an affordable, versatile paddle for improving their pickleball game.
Affordable Entry-Level Option

Lightweight and Balanced

Good for Diverse Shots

Comfortable Grip

Decent Spin Control

Positive Impact on Game
Durability Concerns

Inconsistent Quality
Lacks Premium Packaging

Noisy Play
Misleading Weight Perception

Limited Grip Size Options
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 Engage Pursuit MX 6.0  Intermediate to advanced players seeking an all-around paddle with spin capabilities.
Versatile Performance

Elongated Face

Anti-Vibration Technology

Spin Doctor’s Choice

Durable Build
Quality Concerns
Handle Size

Grit Chips
Mixed Warranty Experience

Price Tag
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 JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CAS 16 Graphite Intermediate players seeking control, spin, and precision in their pickleball game.
Excellent Control and Spin

Positive Initial Feel

Large Sweet Spot

Satisfying Weight and Grip

Competitive Pricing
Durability Concerns
Inconsistent Grip Size

Handle Wrap Problems
Lack of Longevity

Quality Assurance Issues
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ONIX Z5 Graphite

Best for: Budget-conscious beginners seeking a lightweight paddle with control and an enlarged sweet spot.

Affordable Entry-Level Option: Ideal for beginners on a budget.
Lightweight and Maneuverable: Allows for easy control and quick movements on the court.
Enlarged Sweet Spot: Forgiving for players still refining their accuracy.
Decent Performance: Offers reasonable power and spin for an introductory paddle.
Comfortable Grip: Handle design suits those seeking a comfortable hold.
Durability Concerns: Reports of chipping and handle issues raise durability doubts.
Limited Advanced Play: May not satisfy experienced players looking for higher-end performance.
Inconsistent Quality: Some buyers received paddles with scuffs or manufacturing defects.
Handle Size: Grip may not suit those with specific preferences for handle thickness.
Weight Not Ideal for All: Some users found it too heavy; not suitable for everyone.


The Onix Graphite Z5 Pickleball Paddle has garnered mixed feedback from verified buyers. Some customers express dissatisfaction with the product’s durability, noting issues such as chipping and handle grip problems. One user mentioned that the handle unraveled quickly, while another claimed that the paddle broke after only 20 uses. Such experiences raise concerns about the paddle’s longevity and build quality.

However, other buyers appear to have found redeeming qualities in the Onix Z5 paddle. Some consider it a suitable choice for beginners, praising its lightweight design and control. They appreciate the comfortable grip and the improvement in their game accuracy. Several users mentioned the enlarged sweet spot, which is advantageous, especially for those still developing their skills in pickleball.

Despite the mixed reviews, the Onix Graphite Z5 Pickleball Paddle appears to offer an attractive option for players at different proficiency levels. It may not be without its flaws, but for some, it strikes a balance between affordability and performance, making it a decent choice for those looking to enjoy the game without breaking the bank. However, potential buyers should carefully consider their preferences and requirements before making a purchase.

PickleballCentral Rally Graphite Power 5.0

Best for: Intermediate to advanced players seeking power and spin in their gameplay.

Powerful Strikes: Offers impressive power, ideal for players seeking strong, aggressive shots.
Balanced Design: Well-balanced for a blend of power and control during gameplay.
Lightweight Advantage: Lightweight construction aids agility and swift court movement.
Spin Generation: Provides effective spin, enhancing ball control and placement.
Cost-Effective: Offers good value for money compared to high-end paddles.
USA-Made: Proudly made in the USA, supporting local manufacturing.
Durability Concerns: Handle may break prematurely, affecting long-term use.
Limited Touch: Lacks finesse and control for delicate, finesse shots.
Short Handle: Handle length may not suit players with larger hands.
Inconsistent Performance: Some players experienced unpredictable performance issues.
Not Ideal for Beginners: May be challenging for novice players to master.
Grip Size Matters: Ensure you select the correct grip size for comfortable play.


The Rally Graphite Power 5.0 pickleball paddle has garnered mixed reviews from a diverse group of players. Some players, like the 3.5-4.0 player, appreciate its unique combination of power and control. They find the paddle to be well-balanced and capable of delivering both powerful and precise shots. However, durability appears to be a concern, with three players experiencing issues with the handle breaking at the head attachment point. Despite this, the vendor’s prompt replacement for one player was a positive note.

The grip size also appears to be a critical factor, with players emphasizing the importance of selecting the correct grip size for comfortable play. Additionally, several reviewers highlight the paddle’s lightweight design, making it suitable for players who value agility and maneuverability on the court.

Some players, like the 78-year-old woman, have had unusual issues with the handle breaking, raising questions about the paddle’s overall durability. Others, like the player who upgraded from a beginner paddle, found the Rally Graphite Power 5.0 to be powerful but lacking in touch and control for finesse shots.

On the positive side, there’s praise for the paddle’s ability to generate power and spin, with some players mentioning that adding an overgrip improved their game. Players who enjoy a lively face and a solid sound when hitting the ball have found the paddle satisfying.

However, not all players have had a positive experience with this paddle. Some players found it lacking in control, especially for touch shots and finesse play, making them consider alternative options. The paddle’s handle length has also been a point of contention, with some players finding it too short for their liking.

Overall, the Rally Graphite Power 5.0 pickleball paddle seems to offer a mixed bag of attributes. It provides power and spin for those who prefer an aggressive style of play but may not be the best choice for players seeking precise control or touch shots. Additionally, concerns about durability and handle length should be considered when making a purchasing decision.

PickleballCentral Rally PX Graphite

Best for: Budget-conscious beginners seeking an affordable, versatile paddle for improving their pickleball game.

Affordable Entry-Level Option: Ideal for beginners seeking a budget-friendly pickleball paddle.
Lightweight and Balanced: Offers a comfortable, well-balanced feel for versatile gameplay.
Good for Diverse Shots: Suitable for players who want both power and finesse in their shots.
Comfortable Grip: Features a comfortable grip, making it easy to hold during extended play.
Decent Spin Control: The textured face allows for effective spin manipulation.
Positive Impact on Game: Many users experienced improved gameplay with this paddle.
Durability Concerns: Some users reported breakage and construction issues, raising durability doubts.
Inconsistent Quality: Quality control issues were noted, affecting grip tape and edge guard.
Lacks Premium Packaging: Packaging may not meet expectations for a paddle in this price range.
Noisy Play: A few users found certain areas of the paddle produce an undesirable sound.
Misleading Weight Perception: Some buyers expected a lighter paddle but found it similar to their previous ones.
Limited Grip Size Options: Not suitable for those requiring specific grip sizes.


Based on the reviews from verified buyers, the Rally Graphite Pickleball Paddle appears to be a mixed bag of opinions. Some customers found it to be a decent choice, while others had less favorable experiences.

Several reviewers mentioned positive aspects of the paddle, such as its lightweight design and comfortable grip. They appreciated the paddle’s balanced feel and its suitability for both power shots and finesse play. Some mentioned that it helped improve their game and found it to be a good value for the price.

However, there were also notable drawbacks mentioned by other buyers. One common issue was the durability of the paddle. Several customers reported that the handle broke or the paddle itself split apart during use, which was a significant concern. Others noted issues with the quality of construction, with some components like the grip tape unraveling or the paddle’s edge guard wearing down relatively quickly.

Packaging and presentation also received criticism from some buyers, who expected better packaging given the price point of the product. The absence of a cover in some packages disappointed a few customers.

In summary, the Rally Graphite Pickleball Paddle seems to offer a mix of benefits and drawbacks. It appears to be a reasonably priced option that suits some players well, but there are concerns regarding its durability and construction quality that potential buyers should consider.

Engage Pursuit MX 6.0

Best for: Intermediate to advanced players seeking an all-around paddle with spin capabilities.

Versatile Performance: Offers excellent power, control, and spin for all-around gameplay.
Elongated Face: Provides extended reach, enhancing your game’s versatility.
Anti-Vibration Technology: Reduces strain on joints for a comfortable playing experience.
Spin Doctor’s Choice: Ideal for players who love adding spin to their shots.
Durable Build: Sturdy construction for extended paddle life.
Quality Concerns: Some buyers reported issues with paddle quality, including marks and cracks.
Handle Size: The handle may not suit players with specific grip preferences.
Grit Chips: Grit texture may chip off prematurely, affecting performance.
Mixed Warranty Experience: Difficulties in reaching the warranty department were reported.
Price Tag: Pricier than some alternatives with potential quality concerns.


The Engage Pursuit 6.0 pickleball paddle has garnered mixed reviews from verified buyers. Some customers expressed disappointment with the quality of the product they received, noting signs of wear and tear that were unexpected for a new purchase. They found marks, chips, and even cracks on the paddle, which raised concerns about its durability. Additionally, some buyers reported difficulties with the warranty department, highlighting a lack of responsiveness.

On the other hand, there were positive remarks about the paddle’s performance. Several users appreciated its all-around capabilities, stating that it offered excellent touch, power, and control. They found it suitable for players of various skill levels, with some ranking it among their top paddle choices. The elongated face and longer handle were praised for improving reach and grip.

In terms of playability, the paddle received favorable comments regarding its ability to generate spin, control, and power. Some users noted that it helped them focus on the sweet spot and reduce vibrations, making it easier on their joints. However, a few buyers mentioned that the handle size didn’t suit their preferences.

Despite some concerns about the quality of the paddle’s construction, it seems to have found a dedicated fan base among players who appreciate its performance characteristics. The Engage Pursuit 6.0 is commended for its power, control, and spin capabilities, making it a noteworthy option for those seeking an all-around pickleball paddle.

JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CAS 16 Graphite

Best for: Intermediate players seeking control, spin, and precision in their pickleball game.

Excellent Control and Spin: Ideal for players seeking precise ball placement and enhanced spin control.
Positive Initial Feel: Buyers appreciate its comfortable grip and immediate gameplay improvement.
Large Sweet Spot: Offers forgiving play for those looking to minimize off-center hits.
Satisfying Weight and Grip: Suited for players who prefer a balanced, comfortable paddle.
Competitive Pricing: Provides value for its performance features compared to other brands.
Durability Concerns: Some users experienced premature wear and quality issues.
Inconsistent Grip Size: Reported grip size variations may not suit all players.
Handle Wrap Problems: Handle wrap may come loose quickly, impacting gameplay.
Lack of Longevity: Some found the paddle’s performance deteriorated over time.
Quality Assurance Issues: Reports of receiving used or damaged paddles from sellers.


The pickleball paddle in question has garnered mixed reviews from verified buyers. Some customers praised its initial performance, describing it as well-constructed and durable, appreciating the feel, control, and spin it offered. They also highlighted positive remarks from fellow players who admired the paddle’s appearance and performance.

However, there were several concerns raised by other buyers regarding the durability of the paddle. Some reported issues like peeling of the paddle face and bowing of the plastic edging after just a few months of use. One customer expressed dissatisfaction with the grip size, finding it larger than advertised, leading to a negative impact on their gameplay. The customer’s attempt to address this with customer support resulted in an unsatisfactory response.

On the flip side, some buyers had a more positive experience, praising the paddle’s control, spin, and sweet spot, which improved their gameplay. They found it to be a good choice for their skill level and expressed satisfaction with the purchase.

Unfortunately, there were also reports of quality issues, such as the handle wrap coming loose within a few weeks and the paddle surface chipping prematurely, which left some buyers disappointed. Additionally, some mentioned concerns about the paddle’s longevity, as it did not seem to maintain its performance features over time.

In conclusion, while this pickleball paddle seems to have garnered a range of opinions from verified buyers, with some enjoying its performance and others encountering durability and quality issues, it is essential for potential buyers to carefully consider their specific needs and preferences before making a decision.

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