Best Gearbox Pickleball Paddle (2023): My Top 5 Recommendations

Gearbox CX14E 7.8 – 8.5 ounces  Enhanced Control and Touch

Extended Reach

Genuine Company Support

Balanced Power and Control

Large Sweet Spot

Spin Potential

Responsive Warranty
Possibility of Used Paddle

Sensitivity for Indoor Play

Initial Condition Concerns
Specific Outdoor Play

Finesse Required
Trampoline Effect Absence

Mixed Feedback for Packaging
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 Gearbox CX14H  7.8 – 8.2 ounces Effortless Shot Execution

Control and Precision

Enhanced Spin

NVZ Finesse

Adjustable Grip Size

Lightweight Maneuverability

Great for Placements

Responsive Touch
Lack of Power
Adaptation Period

Limited Driving Power

Preference for Heavy Paddles
Specific Spin Requirements

Price Consideration
Limited Sweet Spot

Power-Play Preference
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 Gearbox CX11E Power  7.6 – 8.0 ounces

8.3 – 8.7 ounces
Lightweight Advantage

Powerful Performance

Enhanced Spin

Positive Impact on Gameplay

Balanced Feel

Versatile Maneuverability

Quality Build

Varied Model Options
Lightness Might Not Suit Everyone
Thin Design

Grip Size Challenges

Adjustment Period
Preference for Heavier Paddles

Sound Preference
Grip Size Selection

Potential for Lack of Sturdiness
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 Gearbox CX11Q Control 7.6 – 8.0 ounces

8.3 – 8.7 ounces
Balanced Performance

Durable Construction

Control-Oriented Design

Brand Reputation

Positive Feedback from Players

Great for Transitioning Players
Higher Price Point

Mixed Spin Performance
Edge Guard Absence

Competition from Newer Models
Subjective Feel

Off-Center Shot Sensitivity
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 Gearbox GBX Carbon Fiber 8.3 – 8.7 ounces Impressive Performance

Ideal for Playing Styles

Swift Delivery

Customizable Play

Responsive and Engaging
Higher Price Point
Durability Concerns

Handle Length Preference
Limited Fast-Paced Performance

Backup Material
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Gearbox CX14E

Enhanced Control and Touch: The CX14E paddle boasts a unique design that provides players with exceptional control over their shots and remarkable touch on the ball, making it a preferred choice for finesse players.
Extended Reach: The paddle’s design offers players an extended reach, allowing them to effortlessly return difficult shots and maintain control even from a distance.
Genuine Company Support: Customers have reported positive experiences with Gearbox’s husband-and-wife team, who are not only genuinely committed to their products but also continuously strive to improve them based on customer feedback.
Balanced Power and Control: The CX14E paddle strikes a balance between power and control, making it an excellent option for players looking to elevate their game while maintaining precision in their shots.
Large Sweet Spot: The paddle’s design incorporates a large sweet spot, providing players with a forgiving hitting area that helps reduce the impact of off-center shots.
Spin Potential: Buyers have praised the paddle’s ability to generate impressive spin, adding an extra dimension to their gameplay and allowing for more advanced shot techniques.
Responsive Warranty: Gearbox’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their responsive warranty service, as reported by reviewers who had positive experiences with warranty claims.
Possibility of Used Paddle: Some customers have received paddles that appear used or damaged upon arrival, potentially due to packaging or handling issues, indicating a need for improvement in quality control and packaging.
Sensitivity for Indoor Play: Reviewers have expressed mixed opinions regarding the paddle’s suitability for indoor play, citing its sensitivity as a potential challenge in fast-paced indoor environments.
Initial Condition Concerns: The condition of the paddle upon arrival has raised concerns for a few buyers, including issues with grip protectors, torn bands, and beat-up grips, detracting from the expected premium quality.
Specific Outdoor Play: While the paddle has been commended for outdoor play due to its grip and spin potential, it may not be the best option for all indoor and outdoor scenarios, limiting its versatility.
Finesse Required: Some users have mentioned that the paddle’s design requires finesse and precision to be effective, potentially posing a challenge for players who rely heavily on power shots.
Trampoline Effect Absence: Players accustomed to paddles with a strong trampoline effect may find the CX14E’s design less suited to their playing style, potentially affecting the power they can generate.
Mixed Feedback for Packaging: While the paddle’s performance is lauded, there have been complaints about the packaging, which has arrived damaged in some cases, leading to concerns about product protection during transit.


The Gearbox CX14E paddle has undoubtedly made a significant impact on players, garnering praise for its comfortable grip, extended reach, and exceptional control. Buyers have attested to its consistency and effectiveness in their games. The tactile feel of the paddle has been highlighted as a game-changer, allowing players to maintain control over their shots while benefiting from the added reach. Some reviewers noted that the paddle might not always arrive in pristine condition, cautioning potential buyers about the possibility of receiving a used unit, although this hasn’t dampened their enthusiasm for the product itself.

A recurring theme among reviews is the appreciation for Gearbox as a company. The genuine and supportive nature of the husband-and-wife team behind the brand has resonated with customers, and their commitment to product improvement is evident. The CX14E paddle’s unique combination of a thin profile and a surface that offers excellent touch has been particularly well-received. This design compromise appeals to players who desire the classic Gearbox feel, yet desire enhanced control and touch.

The durability of the paddle is a notable point of discussion. While some have experienced wear over time, Gearbox’s responsiveness and warranty coverage have left customers impressed. The paddle’s performance across different styles of play has been appreciated. It has been deemed particularly suitable for power players seeking a balance between control and force.

However, the paddle’s suitability for different ball types and court conditions has sparked discussions. Some reviewers found it to be an exceptional choice for outdoor play, citing its grip and spin capabilities, but it received mixed feedback for indoor play due to its sensitivity. Additionally, the protective tape offered by Gearbox has been suggested for enhancing durability, especially when playing on clay courts.

In summary, the Gearbox CX14E paddle has garnered praise for its unique design, offering a blend of control, power, and touch. While the packaging and initial condition of the paddle have raised concerns for some, its performance, coupled with Gearbox’s customer-centric approach, has left a positive impression on buyers. The paddle’s versatility for different playing styles and its ability to contribute to skill improvement have made it a favorite among pickleball enthusiasts.

Gearbox CX14H

Effortless Shot Execution: Multiple reviews emphasize how the paddle makes shots feel effortless, transforming your gameplay experience.
Control and Precision: The paddle’s design provides exceptional control and shot precision, allowing you to place the ball exactly where you want.
Enhanced Spin: The textured surface of the paddle enhances spin on the ball, giving you an advantage when it comes to creating strategic shots.
NVZ Finesse: Players find the paddle particularly effective in the NVZ area, giving you an edge in close-quarters play and dink exchanges.
Adjustable Grip Size: The paddle’s adjustable grip size ensures a comfortable fit for your hand, enhancing maneuverability and overall playability.
Lightweight Maneuverability: Its lightweight design contributes to quick reactions and improved maneuverability on the court, allowing you to respond swiftly to opponents’ shots.
Great for Placements: If your gameplay relies on accurate ball placement, this paddle’s design is tailored to excel in precisely that aspect of the game.
Responsive Touch: Reviewers highlight the responsive touch the paddle provides, allowing you to finesse shots and adapt to different playing scenarios.
Lack of Power: Players who prioritize power might find the paddle’s performance in this aspect somewhat lacking, requiring more effort to generate driving force.
Adaptation Period: Some reviewers mention a necessary adjustment period to fully adapt to the paddle’s characteristics, which might impact your gameplay in the short term.
Limited Driving Power: The lightweight design, while aiding maneuverability, might not provide the power desired by players who rely heavily on powerful shots.
Preference for Heavy Paddles: If you prefer a heavier paddle for its impact and stability, the lightweight nature of this paddle might not align with your playing style.
Specific Spin Requirements: Depending on your preferred playing style, you might find that the paddle’s spin capabilities don’t align perfectly with your gameplay strategies.
Price Consideration: The paddle’s effectiveness comes at a certain price point, which might be considered expensive by some players, especially if it doesn’t fully meet their expectations.
Limited Sweet Spot: A few reviewers mention that the paddle’s sweet spot might feel smaller than expected, impacting your consistency and shot execution.
Power-Play Preference: If your gameplay heavily relies on powerful shots and aggressive play, the paddle’s finesse-oriented design might not cater to your style of play.


The paddle in question has certainly made an impressive impact on the players who’ve had the chance to experience it. Across various skill levels and playing styles, one common theme emerges: the paddle’s influence on shot execution and gameplay. Reviewers repeatedly express their surprise at the effectiveness of this paddle, highlighting how it has transformed their game and made their shots feel effortless. Its performance shines through various aspects of the game, from delicate dinks to powerful slams.

One noteworthy feature that stands out is the paddle’s ability to provide remarkable control over shots. This control is particularly evident in the NVZ area, allowing players to finesse their shots with precision. The lightness of the paddle, combined with its textured surface, enhances spin on the ball, adding an extra dimension to players’ strategies. The emphasis on placement and accuracy is a consistent thread throughout the reviews, revealing the paddle’s strengths in these areas.

However, the paddle’s impact varies based on individual preferences and playing styles. Some players, particularly those favoring power play, find the paddle slightly lacking in the power department. While it excels in control and finesse, generating driving power might require a bit more effort than with other options. This observation is echoed by a few reviewers who emphasize the need for a slight adjustment period to fully adapt to the paddle’s characteristics.

The paddle’s grip size also garners attention, with some mentioning its perfect fit while others highlight the option for adjustment. A common sentiment is that the grip contributes positively to the overall experience, enhancing the paddle’s maneuverability and feel in hand.

Throughout the reviews, there’s a mix of opinions on the paddle’s weight. For some, the lightweight nature of the paddle provides an advantage, allowing for quicker reactions and improved finesse shots. However, a few players feel that the paddle’s lightness limits their ability to generate substantial power. This highlights the paddle’s suitability for players who prioritize finesse, control, and spin over pure power play.

In conclusion, the paddle has left a significant mark on players who value finesse, control, and spin in their pickleball game. It offers a balanced gameplay experience that caters to various skill levels, with an emphasis on precision and shot placement. While its lightweight design aids maneuverability, those seeking substantial power might need to adapt their approach. Overall, the paddle’s impact on individual playing experiences underscores its effectiveness in enhancing gameplay dynamics.

Gearbox CX11E Power

Lightweight Advantage: The paddle’s lightweight design contributes to improved maneuverability and quicker response times, allowing players to adapt swiftly to different game situations.
Powerful Performance: Users have praised the paddle’s ability to generate power during gameplay, providing a satisfying “pop” upon impact that enhances the overall experience of hitting the ball.
Enhanced Spin: The CX11E paddle’s construction facilitates spin, enabling players to put extra spin on the ball with ease, thus adding a layer of versatility and strategy to their shots.
Positive Impact on Gameplay: Numerous reviews indicate that players, even beginners, have witnessed tangible improvements in their gameplay and results after using the paddle, suggesting that it can contribute to skill progression.
Balanced Feel: The Power version of the paddle is lauded for its balanced and lively feel, offering players a harmonious blend of control and power, which can greatly enhance their performance on the court.
Versatile Maneuverability: The combination of a long handle and a light head enhances the paddle’s maneuverability, allowing players to execute shots with greater precision and agility.
Quality Build: Buyers have consistently noted the high-quality construction of the paddle, indicating that it is built to withstand rigorous play and deliver consistent performance over time.
Varied Model Options: The CX11E paddle offers both Control and Power versions, allowing players to choose the model that best aligns with their playing style and preferences.
Lightness Might Not Suit Everyone: Some players accustomed to heavier paddles might find the lightweight nature of the CX11E unfamiliar and potentially affecting their ability to generate power.
Thin Design: The thin profile of the paddle might not offer the same level of stability or “sweet spot” as some players are used to, potentially impacting shot accuracy.
Grip Size Challenges: While the paddle offers options for grip size, some users with smaller hands have found that the handle’s fit doesn’t align with their preferences, leading to potential discomfort during prolonged play.
Adjustment Period: Switching to a new paddle, especially one with distinct features like the CX11E, might require an adjustment period for players to fully adapt to its characteristics and make the most of its advantages.
Preference for Heavier Paddles: Players who favor the feel and power generated by heavier paddles might not find the CX11E’s lightweight design to be in line with their playing style and personal preferences.
Sound Preference: While many enjoy the “pop” sound upon hitting the ball, some players might have a different auditory preference when it comes to paddle impact sounds.
Grip Size Selection: Choosing the right grip size can be crucial for comfort and control. If not chosen accurately, it might lead to potential issues and discomfort during play.
Potential for Lack of Sturdiness: A few reviews mention concerns about the paddle’s sturdiness, suggesting that it might not be as durable as expected for more intense gameplay situations.


The GearBox CX11E pickleball paddle has garnered a range of opinions from users with varying preferences and playing styles. Some buyers have found that the lightweight nature of the paddle was unexpected, reflecting on their accustomed use of heavier models. While they appreciate the quality and power it offers, it seems that the weight and thinness might not be ideal for everyone. The paddle’s distinctive “pop” sound upon impact is highlighted as a feature that adds to the overall enjoyment of the game, making it a tempting choice for players who seek that auditory feedback.

Others have embraced the paddle’s lightweight design, seeing it as a boon to their performance, especially during tournaments. For beginners, the CX11E has proven to be a valuable companion, aiding in achieving favorable outcomes. It’s been noted that the paddle facilitates spin and offers a satisfactory ball carry, aligning with players’ desires for effective gameplay.

Among the reviews, the choice between the Control and Power versions has drawn attention. The Power version, with its balanced and lively feel, has particularly impressed some users, contributing to improved gameplay and renewed confidence. The contrast between the GX6 and CX11E paddles has further emphasized the latter’s benefits, as players gravitated toward the model that suited their style better.

The versatility of the CX11E paddle is celebrated for its contribution to enhanced maneuverability due to its long handle and light head. However, there have been instances where grip size posed challenges. For some, the handle’s fit didn’t align with their preferences or hand size, leading to the realization that opting for a larger grip might have been more suitable. Nonetheless, the overall performance, feel, and power of the paddle have left a positive impression, compelling buyers to consider it for future purchases.

In a consensus, the GearBox CX11E pickleball paddle has managed to elevate players’ experiences on the court. Whether through its lightweight advantage, distinct sound, or added reach, it has demonstrated its worth in enhancing gameplay. While individual preferences and grip sizes have led to varied impressions, the paddle’s potential to improve performance and overall game quality remains evident across multiple reviews.

Gearbox CX11Q Control

Balanced Performance: The CX11Q offers an exceptional balance of control, spin, and power, making it suitable for players seeking a well-rounded paddle that caters to different playing styles.
Durable Construction: With its seamless design, the paddle eliminates concerns about seams coming unglued over time, ensuring a longer lifespan and consistent performance throughout its use.
Control-Oriented Design: The smaller grip and lightweight build of the paddle provide players with enhanced control, allowing for precise shots and improved maneuverability on the court.
Brand Reputation: The Gearbox brand is well-regarded in the pickleball community, known for producing high-quality products that players can rely on for consistent performance and durability.
Positive Feedback from Players: Many players have reported an improvement in their game after switching to the CX11Q, citing enhanced quickness and better shot execution, leading to positive feedback from fellow players.
Great for Transitioning Players: Former table tennis players and others transitioning to pickleball have found the paddle’s control and feel reminiscent of their previous sport, making it easier to adapt and improve their gameplay.
Higher Price Point: The CX11Q is priced higher than some newer carbon fiber paddles on the market, making it a less budget-friendly option for players who are cost-conscious.
Mixed Spin Performance: While the paddle offers a combination of spin, some players have found the spin capabilities to be less impressive than expected, which might not meet the needs of those who heavily rely on spin shots.
Edge Guard Absence: The absence of an edge guard means you’ll need to invest in edge tape to protect the paddle’s edges from damage, adding an extra cost and maintenance requirement.
Competition from Newer Models: Some players feel that the CX11Q, while a solid performer, lacks the cutting-edge features found in newer T700 carbon fiber paddles, potentially making it feel less advanced.
Subjective Feel: Personal preferences vary, and while some players enjoy the paddle’s feel, others might find it less suited to their individual playing style due to its middle-of-the-road responsiveness.
Off-Center Shot Sensitivity: The paddle’s design might result in less forgiveness for off-center shots, potentially impacting shot accuracy for players who tend to hit the ball off-center frequently.


The Gearbox CX11Q pickleball paddle has certainly made an impression on the players who’ve experienced its unique blend of performance attributes. Delivering a remarkable combination of control, spin, and power, this paddle’s performance on the court has left players intrigued. Its price tag might be on the higher side, but the consensus seems to be that the quality might justify the cost, as it’s built to withstand wear and tear over the long run – notably thanks to its seamless construction that eliminates concerns about seams coming undone.

In terms of design and handling, the CX11Q stands out for its lightweight build and a smaller grip that imparts a greater sense of control to the player. While the absence of an edge guard necessitates the use of edge tape for durability, the paddle’s well-rounded feel contributes to a balanced performance. However, opinions on the spin capabilities seem to vary, with some describing it as merely average or not particularly impressive.

Despite its overall positive reputation, there are differing perspectives on the CX11Q’s value proposition. Positioned at a higher price point than some newer T700 carbon fiber paddles, a few players have expressed the feeling that it might not offer the cutting-edge features of its competitors. Still, personal experiences with the paddle seem to sway the verdict. For some, it has significantly enhanced their game, leading to increased praise from fellow players due to its quickness and responsiveness.

The Gearbox brand itself is recommended by multiple reviewers, further attesting to its quality and consistency across different products. A notable mention is its user-friendly nature, as it’s easy to control even for players of varying skill levels. The balance of the paddle, along with a generously-sized sweet spot, has made gameplay enjoyable for many, elevating the overall experience on the court.

The transition from other paddles to the Gearbox CX11Q has been positive for players with diverse backgrounds, including a former table tennis player who appreciates the control and feel that the paddle offers. The feedback is consistent with the brand’s reputation for delivering exceptional performance.

In conclusion, the Gearbox CX11Q pickleball paddle appears to be a mixed bag of opinions based on these reviews. While it impresses with its control, power, and spin, some aspects like the lack of an edge guard and varying perceptions of its price-to-value ratio have led to differing evaluations. Nevertheless, those who’ve embraced the paddle seem to have experienced an enhancement in their gameplay and shot execution, contributing to the positive reputation of the Gearbox brand in the world of pickleball.

Gearbox GBX Carbon Fiber

Impressive Performance: The product boasts exceptional pop, spin, and softness, elevating your gameplay experience and enhancing your shots on the court.
Ideal for Playing Styles: With the ability to play both softly and with power, this paddle accommodates a range of playing styles, making it a versatile choice for players seeking adaptability.
Swift Delivery: Many customers have reported receiving their orders earlier than expected, showcasing the brand’s efficiency in delivering the product to your doorstep.
Customizable Play: The paddle’s balanced attributes empower you to play strategically – whether you’re a power hitter seeking controlled resets or a finesse player aiming to maximize spin.
Responsive and Engaging: Users have found that the paddle’s performance contributes to a responsive and engaging gaming experience, allowing for more precise shots and greater control.
Higher Price Point: Some customers have found the product’s price to be on the higher side, potentially posing a financial hurdle for those seeking more budget-friendly options.
Durability Concerns: Reports of the paddle’s fragility, including instances of fractures and damage within a short time, raise concerns about its long-term durability and value for money.
Handle Length Preference: While manageable for many players, the slightly shorter handle length might not be optimal for those who are accustomed to or prefer a longer handle.
Limited Fast-Paced Performance: Individuals who thrive in fast-paced games may find the paddle requiring more effort than desired, potentially hindering performance during intense matches.
Backup Material: For players seeking a primary paddle that consistently meets the demands of competitive gameplay, the need to potentially designate this product as a backup could be a drawback.


The product in question has garnered a variety of opinions from its users. It’s undeniable that the paddle’s performance shines through, offering an excellent gameplay experience that can cater to different playing styles. The positive sentiment towards its playability is prominent in the reviews. A notable aspect mentioned by satisfied buyers is its exceptional pop, spin, and softness, which contributes to an enhanced overall game.

However, the sentiment isn’t without its reservations. Some users have expressed concern about the product’s price point, considering it a tad high. The durability of the paddle also appears to be a matter of contention. A reviewer noted their disappointment with its fragility, stating that the paddle fractured and was rendered unusable within a surprisingly short span of time. This experience understandably left them hesitant about making a future purchase.

Another aspect that garnered comments was the handle length. While many found it acceptable, there was a mild consensus that a slightly longer handle would have been preferred. Nonetheless, the reviewers acknowledge that they could adapt to this feature over time.

The feedback concerning the paddle’s suitability for different playing styles is also noteworthy. While some users appreciated the paddle’s attributes that complement a power hitter’s approach, others found it fell short in certain aspects of fast-paced games. A user commented on the need to exert extra effort during intense matches, implying that this paddle might be better suited as a backup option rather than a primary choice.

Shipping and delivery also came under scrutiny. One reviewer expressed pleasant surprise at the product’s timely arrival, even a couple of days earlier than expected. This could potentially contribute positively to a customer’s overall experience, especially when eagerly anticipating their purchase.

In summary, the product appears to offer a mixed experience. While it is celebrated for its playability, including spin, pop, and softness, concerns about durability, price, and handle length have been raised by different users. The paddle’s compatibility with different playing styles is another point of discussion. Depending on individual preferences and priorities, this paddle could either become a trusted asset on the court or find its place as a reliable backup.

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