Best Engage Pickleball Paddles (2023): My Top 5 Recommendations

Engage Pursuit EX 6.0 Graphite  Players seeking a well-balanced paddle with control, power, and spin capabilities to enhance their gameplay.

Enhanced Control

Balanced Power

Spin Capability

Responsive Performance

Comfortable Grip

Improves Gameplay

Durability Concerns

Handle Wrap Issues

Material Quality
Price Point

Limited Options
Mixed Reviews

Not Ideal for Spin
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 Engage Pursuit MX 6.0 Graphite Players seeking a versatile, all-around paddle with an emphasis on spin and power.  Versatile Gameplay

Enhanced Spin

Anti-Vibration Technology

Extended Reach

Quality Grip

Diverse Shot Options

All-Around Performance

Paddle Shape
Inconsistent Quality
Misleading Condition

Customer Support Issues

Price vs. Durability
Mixed Durability

Quality Control
Lack of Value

Limited Feedback
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 Engage Encore Pro Composite  Intermediate players seeking enhanced spin and balanced power-control performance. Enhanced Spin Potential

Balanced Performance

Improved Accuracy

Positive Gameplay Impact

Short Handle
Build Quality Concerns

Small Sweet Spot

Comfort Issues
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 Engage Encore MX 6.0  Players seeking a high-performance paddle with power, spin, and control for advanced gameplay. Enhanced Performance

Balanced Design

Lightweight Comfort

Renewed Passion

Wide Reach

Smooth Transition
Advanced Players Only
Scuffs Easily

Initial Adjustment
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 Engage Encore EX 6.0 Tennis players seeking control-focused performance on the pickleball court.  Game-Changing Performance

Tennis Transition

Balanced Design

Generous Sweet Spot

Durable Craftsmanship

Responsive Touch
Dead Spots

Mixed Packaging
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Engage Pursuit EX 6.0 Graphite

Best for:  Players seeking a well-balanced paddle with control, power, and spin capabilities to enhance their gameplay.

Enhanced Control: Offers precise shot control for players seeking better command over their gameplay.
Balanced Power: Strikes a balance between power and control, catering to a wide range of playing styles.
Spin Capability: Allows players to apply spin effectively, adding strategic complexity to matches.
Responsive Performance: Provides quick and responsive performance, enhancing overall gameplay dynamics.
Comfortable Grip: Features a well-designed handle with a comfortable grip, reducing fatigue during extended play.
Improves Gameplay: Elevates game performance, making it suitable for players aiming to boost their skills.
Tournament-Ready: Proven success in tournaments, suitable for competitive players seeking an edge.
Durability Concerns: Reports of trim delamination and wear raise concerns about long-term durability.
Handle Wrap Issues: Some users observed early handle wrap damage, potentially affecting gameplay.
Material Quality: Scratches and lumps have been reported, possibly affecting paddle performance and aesthetics.
Price Point: High cost, particularly for used paddles, may be prohibitive for budget-conscious players.
Limited Options: Limited variety in handle sizes and weights due to high demand could limit choices.
Mixed Reviews: Varied experiences, with some users expressing dissatisfaction over certain aspects.
Not Ideal for Spin: While offering spin, the paddle’s spin capability might be slightly above average for some players.


The Engage EX pickleball paddle has garnered a range of opinions from its diverse user base. Some players have found this paddle to be a significant upgrade over their previous ones, praising its comfortable grip and manageable handle length that ensures optimal control during play. Its easy shot control and responsiveness have particularly stood out, making it a favorable choice for those seeking enhanced gameplay.

However, not all experiences have been entirely positive. Some users have reported issues with the trim delaminating after just a few months of use, despite having enjoyed the paddle’s impressive features. Additionally, concerns have been raised about the durability of the paddle, with instances of detachment and wear observed even after protective measures like extra grips and tape were employed.

Nonetheless, the general consensus suggests that the Engage EX paddle lives up to its promises. Players have applauded its attributes such as a generous sweet spot, remarkable grip, and an appealing balance between power and control. For many, the paddle has proven to be a valuable asset, contributing to improved gameplay and performance on the court.

The paddle’s design has been commended for its simplicity, favoring functionality over distractions. Users have expressed satisfaction with its playability, with some even noting their success in tournaments while wielding the Engage EX. Its ability to generate spin and provide a satisfying pop has been acknowledged as an advantage, adding an extra layer of complexity to matches.

While there have been comments about minor imperfections like scratches and lumps affecting performance, the overall sentiment remains positive. Players across skill levels have found the Engage EX to be a reliable tool that enhances their gameplay experience. Its contribution to power, control, and spin capabilities has garnered appreciation, although there have been some isolated incidents of handle wrap damage.

In conclusion, the Engage EX pickleball paddle has garnered favor among many players who appreciate its reliable performance, enhanced control, and balanced power. While there have been occasional concerns about durability and material quality, the paddle’s overall impact on players’ games has been largely positive, making it a preferred choice for those aiming to elevate their performance on the pickleball court.

Engage Pursuit MX 6.0 Graphite

Best for: Players seeking a versatile, all-around paddle with an emphasis on spin and power.

Versatile Gameplay: Balanced power and control make it suitable for players of various skill levels.
Enhanced Spin: Standout spin generation for players seeking to add spin to their shots.
Anti-Vibration Technology: Reduces strain on wrists and elbows, aiding players with joint sensitivity.
Extended Reach: Elongated face design provides extra reach for better court coverage.
Quality Grip: Offers solid grip, enabling precise ball placement and control.
Diverse Shot Options: Ideal for those looking to refine their touch, power, and spin techniques.
All-Around Performance: Combines elements of power, finesse, and spin, catering to versatile playing styles.
Paddle Shape: Oblong shape contributes to improved ball control and shot accuracy.
Inconsistent Quality: Reports of chips, cracks, and defects raise concerns about product durability.
Misleading Condition: Some buyers received used or marked paddles despite ordering new ones.
Customer Support Issues: Negative experiences with the warranty department and lack of responsiveness.
Price vs. Durability: Premium price point versus reported issues with paddle’s longevity.
Mixed Durability: Grit chips appearing prematurely, questioning the paddle’s overall build quality.
Quality Control: Varied grip conditions and discrepancies between different units received.
Lack of Value: Questionable durability for a higher-priced paddle, dampening long-term investment.
Limited Feedback: Lack of unanimous satisfaction raises uncertainty for potential buyers.


The Engage Pursuit 6.0 pickleball paddle has certainly garnered mixed reactions from its users. While some have praised its overall performance, finding it to be an excellent option for players of various skill levels, others have expressed disappointment in its quality and durability.

A handful of buyers voiced concerns about receiving paddles that appeared used rather than new. These customers were disheartened by the presence of marks, chips, and cracks on the paddles, contrary to their expectations of receiving pristine new equipment. This discrepancy between the promised condition and the actual state of the product left a negative impression.

However, not all experiences have been marred by quality issues. Many users found the Engage Pursuit 6.0 to be a standout choice in terms of gameplay. Its balance of power and control, along with its elongated face design, impressed players seeking enhanced reach and performance on the court. The paddle’s ability to generate spin was particularly noteworthy, leading some players to affectionately refer to it as the “Spin Doctor.”

Despite its strong gameplay features, the quality of the Engage Pursuit 6.0 raised concerns for some users. Reports of chips and cracks appearing after a relatively short period of use prompted disappointment, especially given the product’s price point. These concerns were compounded by negative experiences with the warranty department, where difficulties in communication and lack of responsiveness led to further frustration for some buyers.

In contrast to these concerns, positive reviews highlighted the paddle’s grip, touch, and power. Some players considered it a marked improvement over other paddle models they had tried, praising its ability to enhance ball placement, control, and spin. The Engage Pursuit 6.0 was also favored for its anti-vibration technology, which alleviated strain on players’ wrists and elbows.

The range of opinions on the Engage Pursuit 6.0 pickleball paddle underscores its dual nature – a product with promising gameplay benefits but notable quality inconsistencies. While it has garnered praise for its performance features, prospective buyers should be cautious about the reported issues with durability and customer support. As with any product, individual experiences may vary, and players should consider their own priorities and preferences before making a decision.

Engage Encore Pro Composite

Best for: Intermediate players seeking enhanced spin and balanced power-control performance.

Enhanced Spin Potential: Small handle diameter aids in generating effective spin on the ball.
Balanced Performance: Offers a blend of power and control for intermediate players.
Improved Accuracy: Expanded sweet spot minimizes misses, aiding precision in shots.
Positive Gameplay Impact: Notable improvement in returns and shot consistency reported.
Convenient Return Policy: Engage’s 30-day no-questions-asked return policy ensures buyer satisfaction.
Short Handle: Handle length may not suit players seeking a longer grip.
Build Quality Concerns: Reports of loose tape, scuffing, and wear raise durability questions.
Small Sweet Spot: Transition from sweet to sour spot limits responsive area.
Risk from Third-Party Sellers: Difficulty in returns when purchased from non-Engage sources.
Comfort Issues: Instances of tennis elbow problems after usage have been reported.


The product in question has garnered a diverse range of opinions from its users, with both positive and negative aspects coming to light. A common sentiment among buyers is the convenience of the 30-day return policy offered by Engage, providing a no-questions-asked option for those dissatisfied with their purchase. This policy seems especially reliable when buying directly from the manufacturer, though caution is advised when purchasing through other channels, such as Amazon sellers, due to potential return difficulties.

One consistent feature that has caught users’ attention is the paddle’s handle design. While some found the handle to be uncomfortably short, others, particularly those with smaller hands, praised its small diameter, suggesting that it enhances their ball-spinning capabilities. However, the recurring desire for a slightly longer handle reveals a preference among users for a more extended grip.

In terms of performance, the product has managed to leave both positive and negative impressions. A number of players have found it to be a favorable choice for intermediate use, noting its commendable balance of power and control. The presence of a satisfactory sweet spot has been highlighted as a factor contributing to its appeal, enabling players to achieve precise shots with ease.

On the other hand, criticisms about the build quality have surfaced. Complaints regarding loose tape around the handle and a small sweet spot that transitions quickly into a less responsive area have been noted. Some users have even reported receiving paddles with noticeable wear and tear, casting doubts on the product’s newness.

Despite these discrepancies, the product’s impact on gameplay has been notable for many. Some buyers have attested to its positive influence on their game, with improved returns and enhanced spin becoming apparent after transitioning to this paddle. The reduction in misses and the expansion of the sweet spot have been particularly appreciated by players seeking accuracy and consistency in their shots.

It is worth noting, however, that a few users have experienced physical discomfort while using the paddle. Tennis elbow problems emerged for one user after a relatively short period of usage, in contrast to their previous experiences with other paddles that did not lead to similar issues.

In summation, the product garners a range of responses from its users. While it appears to excel in aspects such as its small handle diameter, potential for improved spin, and positive impact on gameplay, concerns regarding build quality, sweet spot limitations, and possible discomfort for some users have also come to the fore. As with any product, individual preferences and needs will ultimately dictate whether this paddle is a suitable choice for potential buyers.

Engage Encore MX 6.0

Best for: Players seeking a high-performance paddle with power, spin, and control for advanced gameplay.

Enhanced Performance: Improved accuracy, power, and spin elevate your pickleball gameplay.
Balanced Design: Combines power and touch for versatile shots and better control.
Lightweight Comfort: Gentle on arms and shoulders, suitable for extended play sessions.
Renewed Passion: Rediscover love for the game with newfound power and finesse.
Wide Reach: Extended handle aids shots, granting an advantage at the net.
Smooth Transition: Adjust quickly; suitable for players upgrading from other paddle models.
Customer-Centric: Outstanding service, hassle-free returns, and reliable buying experience.
Advanced Players Only: Might overwhelm beginners with its powerful dynamics.
Scuffs Easily: Edge guard prone to damage, requiring extra care during use.
Initial Adjustment: Requires familiarization for optimal control and spin utilization.


The reviewed pickleball paddle has undeniably proven to be a game-changer for its users, reflecting a unanimous sentiment of satisfaction and improved performance. With a commendable blend of power and finesse, the paddle’s lightweight design has been especially kind to players’ arms and shoulders. The positive impact on gameplay has been consistent across the board, as it has elevated the accuracy, reach, and scoring capabilities for players.

The appeal of this paddle goes beyond just its enhanced power, showcasing a balance of touch and control that has reignited players’ passion for the game. Transitioning from other paddle models, enthusiasts have found this upgrade to be a significant step forward, evident in their newfound abilities to deliver powerful long shots with accuracy and finesse. The rave reviews underscore its effectiveness in creating the perfect synergy between power and control, thus contributing to an overall winning strategy.

A standout feature of the paddle is its ability to facilitate excellent spin, catering to players who want to add finesse to their shots. This paddle’s spin potential is not just limited to experienced players; it accommodates a spectrum of skill levels. This adaptability is demonstrated in the preference shown by young players who favor the paddle’s design due to the size of its paddle face. This adaptability is also evident in the smoother transition that players experience upon switching to this paddle, alluding to the ease of adjusting to its dynamics.

The manufacturer’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the experiences shared by purchasers. Their positive interactions with the company, marked by efficient service and understanding of specific needs, reinforce a sense of trust and loyalty. The durability and quality of the paddle have also garnered praise, with the unique combination of attributes contributing to an all-around enjoyable experience on the court.

In summary, this pickleball paddle emerges as a clear favorite among enthusiasts, delivering a potent mix of power, control, and spin. It has succeeded in rekindling passion for the sport, enhancing gameplay for players of various skill levels. With accolades extending to both its on-court performance and exceptional customer service, this paddle unquestionably solidifies its position as a top-tier choice in the realm of pickleball equipment.

Engage Encore EX 6.0

Best for: Tennis players seeking control-focused performance on the pickleball court.

Game-Changing Performance: Unleashes control, spin, and power, transforming your pickleball game.
Tennis Transition: Seamlessly caters to tennis players, amplifying their skills on the pickleball court.
Balanced Design: Strikes an ideal equilibrium between power and touch for versatile gameplay.
Generous Sweet Spot: Offers a forgiving area for consistent and accurate shots.
Durable Craftsmanship: Quality build ensures longevity and enduring performance.
Responsive Touch: Lightness quickens responses, particularly advantageous at the net.
Customer-Centric Service: Excellent customer support with rapid issue resolution.
Dead Spots: Some paddles developed dead spots prematurely, affecting gameplay quality.
Delivery Delays: Instances of shipping delays impacting prompt availability.
Mixed Packaging: Potential for inadequate protection due to delivery in a bag instead of a box.


The pickleball community’s diverse experiences converge upon a singular sentiment – this paddle, a beacon of accessibility, has elicited satisfaction in players of various backgrounds. While some initial hiccups in delivery and packaging prompted slight consternation, the MX version’s prowess on the court overshadowed these trivialities. The weighty concern of potential damage during transit was aptly mollified by the paddle’s craftsmanship, which spoke of durability.

In the realm of gameplay, its metamorphic impact shines through. For tennis converts, a harmonious transition unfolds, with the paddle aligning seamlessly with familiar skills. Control, that elusive mistress of the court, found a true ally here, boosting confidence to unfurl intended shots. Yet, amidst the praise, a chorus of dissent emerged, as a few paddles bore the weight of “dead spots” prematurely, casting shadows on their brief court tenure.

The chorus of affirmation crescendos with tales of transformation, the once-chaotic court now a theater of refined play. Spin, power, and control danced in symphony, underscoring this paddle’s symmetrical design. A parental legacy passed down, igniting youthful ardor on the court – it captures hearts across generations. Seasons of play have yet to wane its effectiveness, remaining steadfast companions through each volley and rally.

Amidst such ebullience, criticisms flutter as feathers, weighed against the scale of endorsement. Yet, even amidst mild discontent, the enduring themes of balance and touch persist. A bridge between power and control, it facilitates nuanced maneuvers in the delicate game of pickleball. The bane of inclement weather barely deterred players from their rendezvous with this paddle, a testament to its unwavering appeal.

A tale of virtuous customer service weaves into the fabric of its narrative, encapsulating promptitude and excellence in resolution. But no product journey is without its tribulations – delivery delays marred a few tales, reminding that even in the realm of sport, external factors can influence the game. Throughout, this paddle stood tall, a symbol of versatility, leaving players with one resounding consensus – it’s a prized companion on the path of pickleball prowess.

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