Best Elongated Pickleball Paddles (2023): My Top 5 Recommendations

Engage Poach Infinity MX Elongated  Players with arm or shoulder discomfort seeking a paddle that offers relief and improved performance.
Arm and Shoulder Relief

Improved Performance

Longer Handle


Positive Feedback
Extended Grip Uncomfortable
Personal Preference

Quality Control Issues
Higher Price Point

Limited Adaptation Period
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 Electrum Model E 16mm Graphite Intermediate to advanced players seeking improved control and comfort in their pickleball game.
Enhanced Performance

Comfortable Grip

Balanced Weight

Quick Delivery
Durability Concerns

Inconsistent Condition
Price-Performance Ratio

Paint Quality
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 JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CAS 16  Players seeking improved control and spin without a steep learning curve. Superior Control and Spin

Quick Adaptation

Impressive Sweet Spot

Positive Game Impact

Quality Construction
Durability Concerns
Grip Issues

Inconsistent Quality
Handle Wrap Problems

Pricey Risk
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PickleballCentral Rally PXL Graphite  Beginners and intermediate players seeking an affordable, balanced, and versatile pickleball paddle. Affordable Entry

Balanced Performance

Extended Reach

Excellent Grip

Responsive Spin

Responsive Customer Service

Handle Durability

Color Mismatch

Sweet Spot Challenges
Limited Power

Grip Size
Unsuited for Aggressive Play

Short Warranty
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 GAMMA Compass Graphite Players looking for extended reach and a balanced blend of power, control, and spin. Enhanced Reach

Improved Power

Balanced Control

Responsive Handle

Brand Reputation
Durability Concerns
Short Handle

Small Grip Size
Pricey Investment

Mixed Durability
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Engage Poach Infinity MX Elongated

Best for: Players with arm or shoulder discomfort seeking a paddle that offers relief and improved performance.

Arm and Shoulder Relief: Ideal for players with arm and shoulder issues, reducing soreness and pain.
Improved Performance: Offers excellent power, control, and touch for enhanced gameplay.
Longer Handle: Perfect for two-handed backhand shots, providing added stability and reach.
Customization: Pickleball Central provides options for weight and color preferences to match your style.
Positive Feedback: Users praise its lightness, control, and research-backed design.
Extended Grip Uncomfortable: Some players may find the extended handle uncomfortable or unfamiliar.
Personal Preference: Grip and paddle shape may not suit everyone’s playing style or preferences.
Quality Control Issues: Potential for defects, as reported by some customers on Amazon.
Higher Price Point: Compared to other paddles, it may be on the higher end of the price spectrum.
Limited Adaptation Period: Users may require time to adjust to the 6-inch handle and find the sweet spot.


The Engage Poach Infinity MX Paddle has garnered mixed feedback from its buyers. Some customers have expressed satisfaction with their purchase, highlighting its potential to alleviate arm and shoulder discomfort. They have reported immediate relief and reduced soreness after using this paddle for a short period. The paddle’s design seems to offer an effective solution for those seeking a more comfortable and pain-free playing experience.

On the performance front, many users have praised the Engage Poach Infinity MX Paddle. They emphasize its impressive power, control, and touch, which contribute to an enhanced gameplay experience. Its longer handle has particularly appealed to those with a two-handed backhand, offering added stability and reach for their shots.

While some customers have had positive experiences with customization options, appreciating the ability to choose their preferred weight and color, others have encountered quality control issues when purchasing the paddle from certain retailers. Complaints about defects, such as indents on the paddle’s face and adhesive residue, have been reported, leading some buyers to return their paddles.

For those who may not be accustomed to an extended grip or specific paddle shape, the Engage Poach Infinity MX Paddle might pose a learning curve, with users needing time to adapt to the 6-inch handle and consistently find the sweet spot. Additionally, it’s important to note that this paddle falls on the higher end of the price spectrum, which could be a factor to consider for budget-conscious players.

In summary, the Engage Poach Infinity MX Paddle seems to offer relief for players with arm and shoulder issues and delivers commendable performance for those who adapt to its unique features. However, potential buyers should be aware of quality control concerns and the need for an adjustment period when considering this paddle.

Electrum Model E 16mm Graphite

Best for: Intermediate to advanced players seeking improved control and comfort in their pickleball game.

Enhanced Performance: Improves gameplay with a large sweet spot and excellent ball control.
Comfortable Grip: Ergonomic design reduces fatigue and enhances handling during matches.
Balanced Weight: Suitable for players who prefer a lightweight yet powerful paddle.
Quick Delivery: Expedited shipping and included soft cover for added value.
Durability Concerns: Reports of paddle breakage within a short period raise questions about build quality.
Inconsistent Condition: Some buyers received used paddles despite ordering new ones, indicating potential discrepancies.
Price-Performance Ratio: Priced relatively high for its performance level, not offering a standout advantage.
Paint Quality: Early signs of wear and white spots on the paddle’s face may impact longevity.


The product in question has generated a wide range of opinions among its users. Some customers have praised its high-end feel, comfortable grip, and reduced fatigue during gameplay. They appreciate the paddle’s ability to cut through the air and its large sweet spot, which has helped improve their game. It seems to have exceeded the expectations of some, with one player stating it’s now their everyday paddle and outperforms their previous one.

However, there are notable concerns raised by several buyers. One recurring issue is the paddle’s durability, with multiple customers reporting breakages within a short time frame. This suggests a potential build quality problem that may need attention. Furthermore, some buyers expressed disappointment in receiving what appeared to be used paddles despite ordering new ones, indicating a discrepancy between product descriptions and actual conditions upon arrival.

Regarding the paddle’s performance, opinions vary. While some users are satisfied with its features, such as the comfortable handle and improved control, others find it to be good but not exceptional, particularly considering its price. There is a mixed sentiment about its weight, with some appreciating it and others finding it slightly heavier than claimed.

One user appreciates the paddle’s reach but mentions a need for adjustment due to its thin body. On a positive note, another player highlights the paddle’s excellent balance and ease of control, recommending it for both beginners and pros alike.

It’s worth noting that some buyers have been impressed with the product’s quick delivery and the inclusion of a soft cover. However, there are concerns about the paint quality, as some customers reported early signs of wear and white spots on the paddle’s face after just a few games, which raises questions about its long-term durability.

In summary, this paddle seems to offer a mixed experience for buyers. It has garnered praise for its feel, grip, and performance but also faces criticism for concerns related to durability, potential discrepancies in product condition, and paint quality issues. Prospective buyers may need to carefully consider these factors when deciding whether to invest in this particular pickleball paddle.

JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CAS 16

Best for: Players seeking improved control and spin without a steep learning curve.

Superior Control and Spin: Ideal for players seeking precise ball placement and enhanced spin control.
Quick Adaptation: Easy-to-use design minimizes the usual learning curve associated with new paddles.
Impressive Sweet Spot: Offers a generous sweet spot for more consistent and accurate shots.
Positive Game Impact: Can significantly improve gameplay, especially for those looking to up their skill level.
Quality Construction: Well-constructed paddle provides a durable and solid feel during play.
Durability Concerns: Reports of peeling edges and wear raise questions about long-term performance.
Grip Issues: Slippery grip when hands are sweaty, potentially affecting gameplay.
Inconsistent Quality: Some buyers received used or damaged paddles, which is disappointing.
Handle Wrap Problems: Handle wrap may come loose after a short period of use.
Pricey Risk: Considering potential durability issues, the price may not justify the investment.


The product in question has garnered a mixed bag of reviews from verified buyers. Some users praised its construction and durability, highlighting its overall feel and the control it offers during gameplay. However, a recurring concern among several buyers was the paddle’s questionable longevity, with reports of peeling edges and bowing plastic after just a couple of months of use. Despite these durability issues, others appreciated the paddle’s appearance and received compliments from fellow players.

One buyer, who purchased the paddle in February 2023, was initially drawn to its feel but encountered a significant problem. They discovered that the grip size was larger than advertised, leading to issues with ball control due to the paddle twisting in their hand. The customer’s attempt to address this with the manufacturer resulted in a less than satisfactory response, leaving them dissatisfied.

On the flip side, some purchasers were new to the game and sought a paddle they could grow into. They found the paddle’s surface grip to be excellent, allowing for precise control and spin. However, they were yet to evaluate its long-term durability.

Several buyers were effusive in their praise, describing the paddle as a game-changer. They appreciated its feel and performance right from the start, with improved accuracy and spin. The paddle received nods of approval from instructors and opponents alike, with one player even dubbing it the best they’ve ever owned.

Others were drawn to the paddle due to its ease of use. One buyer, in particular, noted that they didn’t experience the usual “break-in” period associated with new paddles. They found it easy to handle, making their shots go exactly where they intended, enhancing their control and reset capabilities.

Nonetheless, not all experiences were positive. Some customers had concerns about the paddle’s durability, noting that the advertised “grit” had worn off relatively quickly, leaving them with what they described as an average paddle.

There were also mentions of grip-related issues, with some finding the standard grip slippery when sweaty, while others expressed dissatisfaction with the handle wrap coming loose after just a few weeks of use. Despite these concerns, the paddle received praise for its size, weight, and impact on the players’ games.

However, some buyers were less fortunate, encountering issues with paddle breakage. One user experienced a cracked rim and delamination after a month of use, leading to a replacement request and additional costs. Another player noticed the top split in two spots, rendering the paddle useless within two weeks.

In terms of brand loyalty, some buyers were impressed with the paddle, noting that it significantly improved their game. They appreciated the extra weight for neutralizing powerful opponents and highlighted the paddle’s contribution to their control, spin, and overall performance.

While the majority of reviews were positive, a few buyers encountered issues such as chipping on the paddle surface and handle wrap problems. These issues left them disappointed, especially considering the price of the paddle.

In summary, the product has garnered a range of opinions from buyers. Some praised its performance and control, while others had concerns about durability and grip-related issues. Ultimately, the decision to purchase this paddle may hinge on individual preferences and priorities when it comes to pickleball equipment.

PickleballCentral Rally PXL Graphite

Best for: Beginners and intermediate players seeking an affordable, balanced, and versatile pickleball paddle.

Affordable Entry: Ideal for beginners looking for a budget-friendly entry into pickleball.
Balanced Performance: Offers a balance of power and control for versatile gameplay.
Extended Reach: Great for players seeking extra reach to cover more ground on the court.
Excellent Grip: Well-designed grip suits various hand sizes for comfortable handling.
Responsive Spin: Provides a textured surface for enhanced ball spin and control.
Responsive Customer Service: Manufacturer’s excellent customer service ensures satisfaction.
Lightweight: Suitable for players who prefer a lightweight paddle for reduced fatigue.
Handle Durability: Some users reported handle breakage issues after limited use.
Color Mismatch: Occasional discrepancies between ordered and received paddle colors.
Sweet Spot Challenges: A few players struggled to find the sweet spot for consistent shots.
Limited Power: Not the best choice for those seeking a power-focused paddle.
Grip Size: May not suit players with exceptionally large or small hands.
Unsuited for Aggressive Play: Not recommended for aggressive, hard-hitting players.
Short Warranty: Limited one-year warranty may be insufficient for long-term peace of mind.


The Rally PXL Graphite Pickleball Paddle has garnered a loyal following among players of all levels. Many customers appreciate its well-balanced design, combining control and power, making it an excellent choice for newcomers and seasoned players alike. Its affordability is another attractive feature, making it accessible to a wide range of enthusiasts.

One recurring theme in the reviews is the exceptional customer service provided by the manufacturer. Buyers have praised their responsiveness and commitment to honoring the warranty, ensuring a positive experience for users. A few customers did encounter minor issues, such as receiving the wrong color paddle or experiencing handle breakage. Still, the manufacturer’s willingness to rectify these situations left customers impressed.

For those seeking a slightly longer paddle, the Rally PXL has proven to be a valuable choice. This extended length provides players with an advantage, allowing them to reach more balls comfortably, a feature that both beginners and experienced players find beneficial.

The paddle’s grip has received positive remarks, fitting comfortably in the hands of various users. Some buyers, who have transitioned from other racket sports like tennis, appreciate the familiarity of the larger surface area, which aids in control and performance.

Despite some isolated negative experiences, such as handle breakage, the majority of users found the Rally PXL to be a cost-effective option. It offers a good balance of spin, power, and control without breaking the bank, making it a reliable choice for pickleball enthusiasts.

In conclusion, the Rally PXL Graphite Pickleball Paddle has garnered a reputation for its affordability, performance, and excellent customer service. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, this paddle offers a solid option for improving your pickleball game.

GAMMA Compass Graphite

Best for: Players looking for extended reach and a balanced blend of power, control, and spin.

Enhanced Reach: Ideal for seniors or players seeking extended reach on the court.
Improved Power: Offers a lightweight design with added zip for more powerful shots.
Balanced Control: Strikes a balance between power, control, and spin for versatile gameplay.
Responsive Handle: Square grip shape provides better control, especially during intense rallies.
Brand Reputation: Gamma is known for quality products and excellent return policies.
Durability Concerns: Some users reported cracking or breaking, questioning long-term reliability.
Short Handle: The handle may feel too short for players seeking a more extended grip.
Small Grip Size: Not suitable for those with larger hands; sweet spot may feel limited.
Pricey Investment: At $150, it’s considered pricey, especially for casual players.
Mixed Durability: Build quality may not match other major paddle manufacturers.


The Gamma Shard pickleball paddle has garnered a mixed bag of reviews from its verified buyers. Some users have found it to be a notable improvement over their previous paddles, with positive remarks about its feel and sound. The fact that Gamma is based in Pittsburgh, PA, adds to the appeal for some. However, there have been concerns about durability, with reports of paddles cracking or breaking relatively quickly, which has left certain buyers frustrated, given the price point.

The extended length of the paddle has been praised by some older players who appreciate the added reach it provides, enabling them to reach balls more easily. This adjustment has positively impacted their game, making them more competitive on the court. On the downside, there have been comments about the handle being too short and the grip being too small, which could potentially affect the comfort and control for some players.

Despite varying opinions on build quality, it’s clear that the Gamma Shard has found favor among those seeking a balance of power, control, and spin in their game. Its lightweight design and unique handle shape have received commendation, with users noting improved responsiveness during play. However, there have been concerns about its longevity, as some players have reported paddles wearing out relatively quickly.

In summary, the Gamma Shard pickleball paddle has its strengths, including improved reach, power, and control, as well as a responsive design. However, there have been notable complaints about durability issues and handle comfort, which prospective buyers should consider before making a purchase. It appears to be a paddle that suits a specific style of play and player preference, but its price may be a point of contention for some.

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